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  1. This is exactly why I called it a flaw: internal invoicing is turned off because we use a proper accounting software. TB is there to what it is good at: collect online orders. Displaying a menu saying "orders profit" and then displaying "invoiced profit" is just ... what was the expression I used? 🙂 "I guess the best approach would be to have this as a preference, or possibility to switch during report generation" I would love to see a toggle switch to do that or at least to replace 'invoice_date' with a variable within the files.
  2. There is a fundamental logic fault in the design of stats modules' queries. The (original?) programmer presumed that each order will have an associated invoice but for many it's not the case (I am one of those many). The queries use 'invoice_date' where they should use 'date_add'. The solution is simple: search and replace the first with the latter and number will appear. Use the quotes too, there is at least one function name containing invoice_date in one of the stats*.php files, you don't want to mess it up.
  3. https://www.sunnytoo.com/forums/topic/webp-images-missing/#post-66902
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