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  1. I got it working. I created it all the fields manually and now it works. Thanks!
  2. That table doesn't exist, so I've just tried to create it with that code, but it won't create it. It says: MySQL returned an empty result set (i.e. zero rows). (Query took 0.0226 seconds.) CREATE TABLE `tb_stripe_review` ( `id_stripe_review` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `id_order` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL, `status` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `id_review` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL, `id_payment_intent`varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL, `id_charge` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL, `captured` tinyint(1) DEFAULT NULL, `test` tinyint(1) DEFAULT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id_stripe_review`) ) ...but the table is still not there?
  3. I've just installed this update and tested it. It won't work at all with any of the stripe test cards. No matter which one I use, it says declined straight away. So I tried it with my card and it seemed to process it, but then went to a page saying this: An error occurred: Failed to create stripe review object And the order has not come through. Any idea what could be wrong? I'm using the standard thirty bees 5 step checkout.
  5. When I try that the page is blank and a red box comes up saying: There is 1 error Product not found There is 1 error Product not found
  6. Yes. I have another one page checkout module which I am currently using though, so do I need to disable that first, or should your module take priority? I don't really want to disable my current one on a live site.
  7. Yes, like I said in my original post, I already did that.... How does it know which checkout version to use? Will your module be the default when it is installed and my IP address is whitelisted? It's just it doesn't seem to be doing that.
  8. So the thirtybees stripe module will be updated before this date and will work with the new changes?
  9. Dumb question....so I've installed the trial of the module, but the standard checkout is still showing. I've cleared cache and enabled my IP address in the module configuration. How do I force my shop to use your module instead?
  10. I've fixed it. There seems to be a lot of files missing from /publichtml/vendor/paragonie/randomcompat/lib/ which were there previously. As soon as I uploaded them from 1.0.3 then it works. Is this a bug which needs fixing?
  11. This is the only error I can see in the logs: [Fri Oct 05 08:45:56.644386 2018] [:error] [pid 833] [client] PHP Warning: requireonce(/home/admin/domains/ageasbowlshop.co.uk/publichtml/vendor/paragonie/randomcompat/lib/bytesafestrings.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/admin/domains/ageasbowlshop.co.uk/publichtml/vendor/paragonie/randomcompat/lib/random.php on line 57 [Fri Oct 05 08:45:56.644444 2018] [:error] [pid 833] [client] PHP Fatal error: requireonce(): Failed opening required '/home/admin/domains/ageasbowlshop.co.uk/publichtml/vendor/paragonie/randomcompat/lib/bytesafestrings.php' (includepath='/home/admin/domains/ageasbowlshop.co.uk/publichtml/vendor/pear/archivetar:/home/admin/domains/ageasbowlshop.co.uk/publichtml/vendor/pear/consolegetopt:/home/admin/domains/ageasbowlshop.co.uk/publichtml/vendor/pear/pear-core-minimal/src:/home/admin/domains/ageasbowlshop.co.uk/publichtml/vendor/pear/pearexception:.:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/admin/domains/ageasbowlshop.co.uk/publichtml/vendor/paragonie/randomcompat/lib/random.php on line 57 Is that what is causing the problem?
  12. HELP! I have just upgraded from 1.0.3 to 1.0.7 using the upgrade module. The upgrade completed successfully but as soon as I refreshed the page, I have lost access to both the backend and the frontend. It just comes up with a 500 server error and this message: This page isn’t working www.ageasbowlshop.co.uk is currently unable to handle this request. Any idea what could be wrong and how to fix it? I will have a look at the server logs and post again if I find anything in there which may help.
  13. @datakick I've just checked out your latest demo. Looks great, but I really think when people enter their address you need the zip code first and then use an automatic address lookup to complete the address. People make so many mistakes when typing their address manually and it also takes a lot longer which leads to higher abandonment. If you could allow compatibility/option to use an address lookup system I think it would improve it tremendously. I personally use https://craftyclicks.co.uk at the moment.
  14. @datakick Love it. I think having the shipping options first is brilliant.
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