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  1. Hi guys. So i just realized that when someone subscribes to my newsletter on my store, the email address doesn't go across to Mailchimp. However, when I add a subscriber directly to Mailchimp, it syncs to the list on my store. How do I get the store subscribers to go across to mailchimp? I've tried importing my contacts from the Mailchimp configuration page and still nothing.
  2. I added some new products to my store and then realized the images needed some more editing. I changed the images and tried regenerating the product thumbnails but I get a successful and unsuccessful message simultaneously and the images are only showing in the BO. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?
  3. @nik Did you ever receive an answer to this?
  4. Hey. When I check my TLS settings in the PayPal module it tells me that my server doesn't support v1.2 and that I won't be able to process payments. However, when I check my server, v1.2 is enabled. I also checked with CDN77 TLS checker and everything seems fine. Can someone please help me with this? Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks. I never looked at it that way. 🙂 My original question was about finding an easy way to integrate Klaviyo (I'm not a fan of MailChimp). I'm a shop owner migrating from Shopify and had been using Klaviyo for my marketing emails. I was advised to check out PrestaShop add-ons (outside this post) for any similar services and found that Carts Guru matched up nicely. So, I have successfully integrated it on my TB store and will be using it for my abandoned cart and other marketing emails going forward. So those of you who might be interested in a MailChimp alternative and don't need landing pages can check out Carts Guru. They even have a freemium plan (which was a major plus for me).
  6. Can someone please tell me why I am unable to save changes to my products in back office? I've tried changing the short descriptions (some are too long) and attributes for a few products. If I click "Save & Stay", the change seems to stick. But once I click "Save" of navigate to another product, I realize it wasn't saved at all.
  7. Thank @zen. I tried editing the code and adjusting the shopping-cart.tpl file and got good results. It's just a little bit wonky on smaller screens after the edit to the shopping-cart.tpl file.
  8. The URL is https://ellosbabyandmore.com/admin/index.php?controller=AdminThemes&token=9a16ad3b181f55506239d544044c4aa5 with admin section removed. No. I would have no clue how to move it 🙂 Successfully changed name. Thanks!
  9. Hi there. I'm brand new to Thirty Bees and have been trying to change my store icons under preferences -> themes, but each time I select the file and click save I am redirected to a non-existent page on my front-office. I also have not figured out how to change my store name. I appreciate any help with figuring these out.
  10. Thanks. Softaculous Support resolved this for me. Here's the explanation: "thirty bees need an encryption key, Softaculous generate that key by CURL call.For some reason curl call failed and that issue occurred."
  11. Hi guys. I am a newbie with absolutely no programming skills. I've been trying to install Thirty Bees using Softaculous and shared hosting by Namecheap. After what seems to be a successful installation, I keep getting an HTTP Error 500 when i navigate to my domain. Any help to get past this is appreciated.
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