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  1. I have the same issue and Google calls them invalid items due to the error. I use Niara too.
  2. 1 does not work for me. For 2 - I was looking for the code in classes. I will now look for it in the controllers. Thanks much!
  3. Will do, thanks. Edit, here it is: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/1156
  4. Well, I still need the customer to be able to login and view the invoices (in any order status, actually). All I need switched off is the pdf in order confirmation.
  5. It is already set that way. Let me explain. Customer creates cart. Customer chooses either COD or Online payment module and confirms order. If COD -> Order status is 'Processing in progress'. If Online paid -> Order status is 'Payment Accepted'. Both statuses have been set to not attach invoice to order confirmation email. However, both order confirmation emails have attached pdf. Hope that clarifies.
  6. Thanks all. In my head, a new order meant an order status change from nothing to one of Processing/Payment accepted/Awaiting check payment etc. Hence I had thought the pdf checkbox would be respected. My view is that it should be an option to be respected, even if it defaults to yes since you reckon most merchants want it that way. To me, having the same content in the email body and the pdf is no additional value to the customer. I note the pdf delays order process by a few seconds (you will remember I was trying separately to make it faster by queuing up emails even). Sorry you had to take the trouble. Please see my explanation above on why I thought/think it should be related to the status. Disabling invoice for a status does not let the customer download it. I only think it makes sense to have an option to not to email it by status when the same info is in the email body. If it is the design, I request we review it.
  7. I still have the invoice attached to the customer email. I have reconfirmed Attach invoice PDF to email is unchecked for the order status. Code base: up to date (bleeding edge) DB: Up to date Overrides: None relevant I have mailalerts module installed if that is of any significance @datakick @toplakd @wakabayashi Can any of you give me a hand on which file generates the email so I can dig a bit. I looked up the classes folder - Order related php files and did not find code that actually sent the email. Thanks.
  8. This is always zero for COD/Bankwire orders in my case. Online payments show correctly. As @toplakd mentioned in this thread, you may need to update payment on each order for manual payments. I have not tried it yet myself.
  9. Good plan. I never got to set them up but will do shortly.
  10. Not many related ones, really. Now I will stop to bug you and report back once I have the next order.
  11. DB and Consistency all clear. Now waiting for an order to come 🙂
  12. Thanks @toplakd and @wakabayashi I had zero db differences when I ran core updater against 1.1.0 yesterday I updated to bleeding edge overnight and have a clean code base from that sense. I ran the db diff of Core Updater and see a bunch of diffs, mainly field lengths and autoincrements. I have applied all changes - let me test this further on bleeding edge and post back.
  13. https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/1155
  14. Indeed, the collaboration on TB is pleasing. I have updated my prod shop to bleeding edge and will test this over the next few days.
  15. The issue is that the invoice shows the original amount on the left in the payment information box while the bottom total would be the updated amount. Especially a problem with COD if amount is collected based on the invoice.
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