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  1. Chandra

    Bug in Custom Payments - order total is zero

    I can confirm prices are not zeroed in tb_order_details This leads me back to the 'total_paid_real' field in tb_orders that is not getting updated in custom payments. I shall research a little more.
  2. Chandra

    Bug in Custom Payments - order total is zero

    @Traumflug Hi, I am guessing the rounding issue is not at play here since the order gets calculated correctly. I think it is a bug in Custom Payments module. I looked up the values in the tb_orders table for the custom payment method (where the issue shows up) compared to a payment method that works correctly. The deduction from my analysis is that custom payment method does not update the field 'total_paid_real' in tb_orders table, while other payment methods do. It appears this field value is used in listing/displaying order values. I am not sure why the order amount is duplicated in this field and where it is used. Is there an easy way to have this module update the field in question?
  3. Noticed this in two tb installations. Order total always shows zero on dashboards, customer page etc. for orders using custom payment methods. Notice the cart total shows correctly on the screen but all order totals are zero.
  4. Absolutely no related entries in the thirtybees log accessed from backoffice. Were you thinking another log?
  5. When some products are added to the cart and then the '-' button is clicked to reduce quantity of a product, a technical error pops up sporadically. Technical Error: unable to save update quantity Details: Error thrown: [object Object] Text status: error It appears this happens when there is more than one product in the cart. Please see screenshot. I think this is an important bug since it affects the customer experience and the merchant loses money also. We have had some issues with customers ordering below the minimum order quantity for free shipping and claiming the bug affected their order.
  6. Chandra

    Make certain products orderable only by certain groups

    Why can't you only put in available stock after deducting reservations? And then enable preorders?
  7. Customer profile image in backoffice Online visitors screen refers to /modules/statslive/logo.gif This module folder does not exist.
  8. Oh oh, feature request submissions are closed! 😞
  9. Thanks @datakick Mautic and Phplist have a queuing mechanism that I thought should work well for the tb scenario. I see mautic creates emails and dumps them in a folder within the mautic installation. A cron runs periodically to pick and send out a configurable number of those emails through any standard mail server. We have cron functionality in tb for a variety of tasks anyway. Thinking about it, even Amazon does not send order emails immediately these days.
  10. Why not separate out email sending process to some kind of queue mechanism so it is not on the critical path for order confirmation? Having this feature allows using SMTP authenticated email that is delivered more reliably, and does not delay order confirmation by many seconds either.
  11. Chandra

    How to change the address bar color

    Good one! You could also add a single line to preferences - custom code - extra metas section as: <meta name="theme-color" content="blue" />
  12. I have opened a bug. https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/824
  13. Chandra

    When installs theme presta 1.7

    My view is that the community theme is decent, at least for folks like me who are happy with a neat design, a slider or two etc. If the theme configurator itself could be enhanced for a few more options for fine grained control on colors and fonts, to me that would cater to most merchants' needs.
  14. Just created a feature request that i think would be very useful. Please upvote if you agree. Thanks. https://thirtybees.com/suggestions/attribute-price-impact-as-of-base-product-price/
  15. Requesting help from any sql guru: I am updating the table tb_stock_available from the backend with stocks of various product attributes. I would like to update the total stock row (attribute=0) of each product with the sum of the attribute stocks. Is there a single sql query that I can run at the end of attribute updates to update the totals? Thanks.