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  1. I moved on to Woocommerce a few months ago. I did not have to port order history so it was painless. I miss a feature or two from TB/PS that I was used to, but overall, it has been a very positive change. I can't comment too much on the technological pros and cons, though.
  2. Here, @lesley, I think the functionality is broken. And in another module thread since this is a problem not limited to this module: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/1422-free-modulerevws-product-reviews/?do=findComment&comment=32962 Thanks.
  3. Hi, I am the author of the module and this works without issue on my own TB site. I suspect you have tried installing the github zip file that is not packaged as a module and hence will not work. The TB marketplace is supposed to automatically create the module based on the github code but it stopped working. I raised this many months back but nobody is taking care of it. Try installing the attached module zip. P.S.: I am a merchant and not really a developer, so expect limited support. blockinstockproducts-2.2.2.zip
  4. If you are looking for a configurable popup message, this module works beautifully. http://prestacraft.com/custom-popup-notification/
  5. You could hide them on mobile from the front end from the modules dropdown easily. No need of code.
  6. I think the translation is addressed in bleeding edge. You may also disable or uninstall the popular/featured products module.
  7. It is just how you read it and seems correct. 'Extension enabled' is the the required checkpoint and fail is the result.
  8. We produce and distribute farm produce whose yields/stocks are very variable. Hence day to day stocks and orders are in ecommerce, with summary order entries posted to erp. We use the erp for everything else - accounts, finance, assets, inventory of inputs, hr, ops, projects, tasks etc.
  9. We run our accounting, finance, hr, ops, projects etc. on it but our kind of business does not let integrating erp stocks to ecommerce, not being proper manufacturing. Hence we had erpnext+presta/tb
  10. I honestly don't know what you mean but I can tell you I have run their erp on my own vps for a few years without issue. It is my favorite open source project besides tb. Why is it that I get the feeling that you are someone's sock again? Just kidding! 😊☺️ Edit: I am not much of a techie but 2 commits per second over 4 days should be 691,200 commits per your calculation and not 885? In any case, i am not sure what you want to prove.
  11. Thanks. Would it be worth if their ecommerce runs independently?
  12. My thread back from 2017 https://discuss.erpnext.com/t/erpnext-ecommerce-where-to-do-what/27579
  13. Chandra


    All, I have put forth an idea/option in the below thread. Please comment and vote. Thanks.
  14. While we explore options on the future of Thirtybees on the Goodbye thread, here is one idea I wanted to explore community interest on. I use an elegant open source Python based ERP software called ERPNext and wonder if we could leverage ERPNext for the shop functionality. My experience with ERPNext is that they are 'truly open source' and the entire product is free, no paid modules or enterprise editions. Shopping Cart in ERPNext is integrated to the rest of the ERP. While their cart seems quite basic in comparison, if we have considerable interest from the community here, I should be able to invite key folks from the company to join us to discuss. If we influence the company to build a TB-> ERPNext connector and build any missing features, we may have a nice migration path. Please leave your comment and vote on the poll too. https://erpnext.com/ Edit 2: A connector would theoretically migrate the current tb site onto the ecommerce system of erpnext and also allow use of other erp features.
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