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  1. Do the shop (from) and customer (to) email ids look alright?
  2. @SLiCK_303 @datakick Hi. It appears the product review links in the email need to change somehow. The current link for any product does not open up product review page. Further the link does not show existing reviews - the section under reviews is blank and the button to write a review is hidden too. I see the current link in email is like: https://example.com/cat1/prod1#post_review
  3. Maybe an issue with email links, posted in the other thread:
  4. No, it is enabled. Works correctly on mobile chrome browser. Doesn't work on gmail's default browser.
  5. @datakick I noticed reviews don't show up in the default android gmail browser, neither the existing reviews/ratings nor the button to write a review. I was signed in. Works correctly when the link is opened in chrome on mobile. Please take a look.
  6. Thanks @toplakd Per the issue discussion on github, this is indeed an issue on 1.0.8 and is fixed in the current release. Will test and post back.
  7. I don't remember the tables. You could dump the database structure to SQL and look for presence of shop id in the tables.
  8. I would create a test copy of the front end and the database, disable multistore, manually remove all other shop data from tables in the database and then do a migration. We did something similar successfully but don't have the steps written down now.
  9. @datakick Is it correct that one user can post a review on a product and edit it afterwards? Would it not be nice for one user adding more than one review periodically on a product, somewhat like votes? In shops that have limited products that get resold often, it would be quite useful.
  10. I think I found the solution. I can confirm this is an nginx setting and not a thirtybees issue. For anyone who has this issue, try adding the following lines to the nginx configuration within the server section: fastcgi_buffers 16 16k; fastcgi_buffer_size 32k; Thanks all.
  11. Hello @Traumflug Found this in nginx logs - does this provide any direction? Looks like an nginx config that needs tweaked?
  12. This continues to be a recurrent issue. Please see attached. My tb is fairly stock and I am community theme - can anybody guide on trouble shooting this. Thanks.
  13. I can confirm prices are not zeroed in tb_order_details This leads me back to the 'total_paid_real' field in tb_orders that is not getting updated in custom payments. I shall research a little more.
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