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  1. Thanks so much for this. It worked. pb4sc
  2. Pellet, You are the man. That worked. So simple, but for a newbie, so complicated. I really appreciate your help. pb4sc
  3. Hi, I appreciate your guys help, but when I went to Associations for the Black Cherry, the CoinOp category was not checked. (Capture1) Then I went to the coinop page, and the Black Cherry was showing along with a trade stimulator on the CoinOp category, when I want it to only show in the sub category, not the main category of CoinOp. So basically the Black Cherry is showing on Coin Op, and Slot machines. I only want it to show on Slot Machines. Thanks for your time and help, pb4sc
  4. Hi, I have a category called Coin Op. In it I have two sub categories. Slot Machines, and Trade stimulators. When a user goes to the Coin Op category, all the products from the two sub categories show. I would like the main category to not show any products, so the user has to go either to the Slot Machines, or Trade Stimulators to see the products. How can I prevent the products from the two sub categories, from showing up in main category of Coin Op? Any help would be appreciated. pb4sc
  5. Solved: I fixed the issue by going to the block categories module, and making the Maximum Depth 2. pb4sc
  6. Hi, How can I prevent Sub Categories from showing up in the block categories footer module? For example, I have a parent category called Silver, then two sub categories called Silver and Silver plated. I only want the parent category to show up in block categories footer, but the sub categories are also showing. I have searched the forums, but do not see an answer. Can anyone help? Thanks for your time. pb4sc
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