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  1. Thanks for your inputs, at this point, I don't really care about the prestashop site, as it has been to much worked on and modified. I want to start fresh with TB as the migration did not work for me, even if it showed successful, the backoffice site crashed immediately after I refresh the Backoffice page. I have a question for you, is it possible to have 2 sites sharing the same database with one in maintenance mode? Thanks for all your help.
  2. My current website is in Catalog mode now (No shopping options) since September 22nd, because of the bug with my payments modules caused by my host changing to PHP 7.3. So this is why I have to move it to the new Host that support older PHP versions so to have my shop running again... Right now, I can take orders via email from my existing customers who are contacting me to place orders and I create PayPal invoice that I send to their emails. But the site won't work for new customers... Also, I use a separate invoicing system for all orders, online is just a way to accept orders and I supply receipts to customers via my offline invoicing system. Cheers
  3. I agree, but what is better, having a shop open for business with and EOL PHP version, or a shop that is currently not operational and loosing thousand $$$ per week? As I said, this will give me time to setup a brand new ThirtyBees shop with new refresh theme and modules while still being able to operate my shop...
  4. I think for now, I will have my site moved to the new host where PHP 7.2 is supported. This way, I will be back online to take orders. I will deal with the other stuff later... Cheers
  5. I am using a Paid Canada Post and a Paid FedEx modules for my shipping, I think from Prestochangeo...
  6. Ok, but do you know if I can use copy_shopdata from a Prestashop to a thirtybees directly if they are on the same Host?
  7. Ok, but can copyshop_data be use if the new install of Prestashop ( is on a different host? My current shop is with JustHost (they are no longer offering PHP 7.2 and switch my site automatically to PHP 7.3 causing my payment modules to no longer work properly) and I am moving to a new host "Hostpapa" where I can choose PHP version down to 5.4 I think.
  8. Isn't thirtybees able to import data exported by Prestashop? My current Prestashop as to many installed/unused module, some coding were modified, so the reason why I wish to do a fresh install. So I think I will do as mentioned above instead... Cheers
  9. No, no change when I deleted the file, it was recreated automatically and my problem is still there. I think the best thing, to avoid all bugs, is to install a new install of ThirtyBees on my new Host. I have obtained a new URL with a .ca, my existing site is a .com. So I will have my current Hosting company restore my site to september 3rd, then move it to the new Host company and select it to work with PHP 7.2. This should bring back my shop to a working condition while I am working to bring the new thirtybees website under .ca with new theme, modules and all the rest. I will install thirtybees in a subdirectory so to not interfere with the existing site file transfer (.com) Once thirtybees is all set to my licking, I can import the customers, sales, catalog... data from prestashop to it to test everything, then make the proper changes to move it to the .com url. Do you think I should proceed like this?
  10. What to you really mean by "clearing the class_index.php file in cache folder"? I backed up this file, then deleted all the code inside the file. The result was a blank Backoffice and front office. Restored the file from the backup I just created and back online. Edit: Ok, I deleted the file and it recreated itself after doing a refresh...
  11. One more thing, I currently have all those files in the Module Folder: .htaccess canadapost.php carrier.jpg CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md composer.json config.xml CONTRIBUTING.md CONTRIBUTORS.md de.php error500.html error500.phtml error500_debug.phtml es.php footer.php fr.php header.php images.inc.php index.php init.php it.php LICENSES logo.gif logo.png README.md sql-install.php sql-uninstall.php SUPPORTERS.md xml-package.tpl xml.tpl Is this normal, or should it be only the .htaccess and index.php files as in what's included in a new Prestashop install?
  12. Thanks a lot for your help the.rampage.rado, much appreciated. ... restoring Modules folder now...
  13. ...Also, I just created a business account with hostpapa.ca Hosting company here in Canada, at least, with them, you can choose what PHP version to use on your site down to 5.4, I think. With my current hosting "JustHost" they simply decided to switch my website from PHP 7.1 to PHP 7.3 without notification and no way to go back to PHP 7.1, because it is no longer offered on their packages... I think now, my only choice, is to have them restore my site to September 3rd, test if all is there, than move my site to HostPapa.ca and choose PHP 7.2 version for my site. At least, if all good, my site should work again, knowing that I will loose almost a month of transactions. I have Export all that I can using the Export feature of PS so I can import later on my new Host if needed. Do you think this is what I should do? If everything works after all this, I will SUE those #$@?#$@W% for my lost.
  14. Ok, here's what I did, I downloaded a new Prestashop zip file and unzip to look at what modules are included in the folder. I backed up the Modules folder with FTP. Then, at first, I deleted one by one the non-native modules from the server and check to see if I was still getting a blank page making sure to do "Ctrl F5" every time to not load the page from cache. After doing this for a couple hours and still getting blank page on Modules tab, I compared the modules included in the Prestashop zip file then deleted all modules from my server not included in Prestashop zip file in one go. Result is... Still blank white page when accessing the Module tab. So, it seems that the problems isn't cause by a module not being compatible with PHP 7.3, but is caused by something else... What now!!!
  15. Thanks, doing FTP backup of modules folder now and will try what you said... Going to all tab in Prestashop backoffice, I also get white page for: Price Rules/marketing Blank Module Module/Payment Probably Payment modules are the bad ones... fingers crossed... Cheers
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