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  1. Huh, that does work - thank you very much!
  2. 😁 Thank you for being patient with me! Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any Preview or Response for that red request...
  3. Okay, network request details here. I turned on debug mode but it didn't seem to add anything extra to the logs and turned itself off when I ran the update...
  4. Oh, sorry, I'm an idiot (was thinking it meant the log on the right)...javascript console error here.
  5. Hi folks. I've tried to update from 1.1.0 to Bleeding Edge to see if it fixes an issue in my last question (discounts not stacking correctly). When I run the update to 1.1.x I get this message: So there's no visible error in the console window, but the "request failed" seems to suggest it hasn't worked? And the Finalize button can't be clicked. The version in the top left corner reads as follows until I reverse update back to 1.1.0: Is the update actually failing? And if so, is there somewhere I can get more information on why?
  6. Hmmm...that seems to have failed without much information - it's going well! 😄
  7. Thanks @Wartin - I've just tried that, but now both With Cup and Without Cup are showing up as £0.54 for 10+ 🙂 It looks like the quantity discount is applied to the base price and the combination price is disregarded?
  8. Hi folks, I'm new to Thirty Bees so I'm probably missing something but I've been round the houses and done a few searches and I can't figure this out. I'm selling tealights with a base price of 60p, and I've set up two Combinations - with and without the aluminium cup, with a 1p discount for Without: Then I've set up a Pricing rule for a 5p discount for orders of 10+, and applied it to All Combinations: But for some reason orders of 10+ with no aluminium cup are 55p, not 54p. Can you advise why this might be?
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