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  1. Hi, I have the same problem, with HTMLPurifier turned off the page still just says "The content field is invalid" when I try to paste in Javascript (trying to embed a Paypal subscription button in a CMS page).
  2. That's awesome, thank you so much for sharing! I'll have a play around with it shortly.
  3. Okay, I'd argue that giving the user access to this fundamental data, which is already in the form of a database and relatively trivial to export, and could allow so much useful analysis or other functionality (dumping into a pick list, for example) would be a very basic function. But I guess not as many other people have a use case for that as I'd expect 🙂 Fair play.
  4. You're joking - you have to pay £45 or more for a third party module just to export your orders? 😮 This is basic functionality for a webshop!
  5. This may be really obvious but I've searched all over the place including the forums (maybe I'm just using the wrong terminology?) - how do I export a set of orders *including the actual items ordered*, ideally to a CSV?
  6. Thank you for that - I'm fine, have used the above solutions to fix the the problem, I just think it's poor that Niara is still shipping as a "Responsive theme" without proper responsiveness in the shopping cart.
  7. You guys are complete legends - what a relief to have a fix for this! I'll be honest though, the fact that this is still an issue on one of the two primary themes for a modern webshop is kind of shocking - I know for a fact (because two of them finally told me) that I've been losing sales over this.
  8. No, that's very helpful actually, thank you! 🙂 Weirdly it seems to be inserted into the other pages (it shows up in the Live Edit) but then disabled, and there's no option in the module configuration to enable it...
  9. Hiya folks. Is there a way to display the Block Image Slider on all pages? I've got customers landing on various categories for different reasons and I'd like to show them all banners about postage dates and other priorities.
  10. Okay, seem to have found the solution - it was an out of memory PHP error. Discovered while debugging a different problem (with the Paypal module) - once PHP memory was increased from 32M to 64M the update went through.
  11. Okay, problem solved - I had debugging on but PHP error reporting was off. Turned it on and found this was a low memory error, the return from Paypal was just scraping over the limit of 32M. Increased the limit and it works fine.
  12. I'm getting a 500 error on return from Paypal, both using the Sandbox or Live. The payment and order seems to go through. From the look of it, the return is being directed to the wrong page - the return URL I've set, as per documentation, is: https://silverknife.co.uk/uncommonworks/index.php?fc=module&module=paypal&controller=logintoken It's then redirecting to, for example: https://silverknife.co.uk/uncommonworks/module/paypal/expresscheckout?id_cart=9&paymentId=PAYID-L6TNF7A04T47837T5547525W&token=EC-4AA84427V2577484V&PayerID=DU9R3T77F9C8G However, looking at the file structure via FTP, the module seems to be in /modules, not /module. Is something out of date maybe?
  13. This update process is still not working. Does anyone have any further suggestions, or response to what I provided above, please?
  14. 😁 Thank you for being patient with me! Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any Preview or Response for that red request...
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