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  1. Sorry, don't know the answer. But perhaps it will help others if you review this help page carefully and let us know if every step you take is exactly the same and the screens look the same as this: https://thirtybees.com/migrate-from-prestashop/ There does seem to be a redirect from https://www.swimitalia.it/ to https://www.swimitalia.it/it/ I wonder if that is getting in the way some how Or perhaps you are running into timeout or memory issues, try increasing max_execution_time memory_limit
  2. Looking great, when complete could you make into a module to share? Or a short tutorial showing exactly what you changed and where?
  3. I have seen this before, a log time ago and can't remember what the issue was. I will put my thinking cap on Have you tried uninstalling the cart block. Delete the cart block. Re-install the cart block? Just to ensure all files have been updated correctly
  4. Sorry, this was the page on my website https://u-bolts-r-us.co.uk/1206-series-munsen-rings-bossed-pipe-clamps/12248-munsen-type-bossed-pipe-clips-t304-t316-stainless-steel.html#.YeiE1IGnyfA
  5. We get a similar effect with combinations. We use this module https://mypresta.eu/modules/front-office-features/product-page-combinations-table.html It is very configurable, and you can see how we use it here(Scroll down and click the “Product filters / options tab” https://mypresta.eu/modules/front-office-features/product-page-combinations-table.html By default it overrides the normal combinations drop down menus at the top of the page, but we prefer it on this separate tab
  6. Have you checked that the image sizes are correct and regenerated them all? (Preferences > Images - and of course to remember to clear all caches afterwards) URL for us to see the issue?
  7. haylau

    module Viva Wallet

    Have you asked the module developer if they have a version of the module for Prestashop 1.6? That should be comparable with TB
  8. No, it doesn't. It is recognised that certain websites need certain cookies to function. With such cookies an ecommerce website will not work. Therefore turning them off is not an option. Your bank website needs coookies to ensure you are still logged in. So there is no option to not accept those. Ecommcere websites need cookies to maintain the shopping cart and take payments, so there should be no option to not accept them Certain types of cookies are exempt from infomred consent based on the "strictly neceesary" exemtpion. I think it is more about PECR than GDPR: https://www.cookieyes.com/cookie-consent-exemption-for-strictly-necessary-cookies/ That's my opinion anyway
  9. I use cookiehub.com - the free version. It scans your website and shows you what cookies are there, and also has a good go at categorising them. You can then manually categorise each one also. So categorise the main paypal ones as essential for example which means the customer can not reject them, and categorise others as analytical or marketing
  10. By the way. Your website takes a long time to load "Please wait while we check your Browser" and then after a while there is a double recaptcha asking to identify pictures I would not hang about, I would go elsewhere, which is probably fine as then there is a small message at the top saying you won't accept orders from my country Hopefully the time issue is just while you are getting set up
  11. Usual way is to disable all modules then enable one at a time till you find the culprit - But I think it may be to do with blockreassurance Perhaps it's positioning I tried deleting that module CSS using the inspect window and see what happens:
  12. What version of TB do you have? I thought multiple value for features is now part of core? Check this thread as I am not sure it has been released yet:
  13. Using chrome. Right click on page and choose inspect. Allows you to mess about with code and css, see errors etc.
  14. Looks like a css issue. If I change the font colur to white it shows:
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