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  1. haylau

    PayPal USA/Canada v1.3.9 prestashop

    We continued to have those issues with the Prestashop module on thirty bees. However we recently switched to the ThirtyBees paypal module and we have not had any of those issues - Yet. I say "'yet" becaause the issues were random and we could go weeks without it happening previously. So fingers crossed it is now ok. I do believe the way the ThityBees module works is different to the Prestashop one so hopefully all is OK
  2. haylau

    Customer password when Admin Created

    It is really funny that people are often happier to phone and give card details to someone they do not know rather then enter them into a secure wesbite :)
  3. haylau

    Customer password when Admin Created

    You type in their card details onto your checkout? What if 3D kicks in and asks or their password details (Visa / mastercard) We were warned not to do that. Apart from anything you need to be fully PCI compliant. Even so, you will not be able to do that after Semptember as that extra check will be much more widespread
  4. haylau

    Customer password when Admin Created

    Hmm, good question I will ask them. Is SCA not just for online sales though? Perhaps if someone is talking to us directly on the phone / in person then it is not the same system
  5. haylau

    Customer password when Admin Created

    We tend to create the order on the front, not back office. Our welcome email says "if this account has been created for you please use the forgot password link to re-set the password" For payment we have an "office use only" payment. We take the card details over the phone and use Paypal virtual terminal for this situation.
  6. haylau

    Editing Products

    Yep - hopefully that will help someone to help you. do you have any modules installed that add functionality to the product page in admin? For example we have PRODUCT EXTRA TABS installed by the Panda Theme Try disabling all those modules which will show if it is a conflict. Not sure Panda has been certified yet
  7. haylau

    Editing Products

    Any clues in the browser console?
  8. haylau

    Strong Customer Authentication - SCA

    It has 3d checks -is that not the same? When I enter card details it does ask for postcode as a check and also the 3d Mastercard page appears) However if we use the checkout form rather than the card form then it goes to the stripe checkout page so that should cover it? I will also talk to the devs and see what they say - Damn Paypal for spoiling my life !
  9. haylau

    Strong Customer Authentication - SCA

    Yes we are use a third party OPC module (PRESTEAMSHOP)- and the Panda theme. I have rolled bacl by deleting module and re-installed the earlier version and that seems to be working (touch wood)
  10. haylau

    Strong Customer Authentication - SCA

    With stripe checkout enabled, customer can click the button in the cart without filling in any details such as name , address, choosing carrier etc Also now getting this VM680:37 custompayments <p class="payment_module">…</p> VM680:37 stripe <p class="payment_module" id="stripe_payment_button">…</p> v_55_e5d76424a76f0ac34aaa82e1467f2b8d.js:4 [Deprecation] Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user's experience. For more help, check https://xhr.spec.whatwg.org/. send @ v_55_e5d76424a76f0ac34aaa82e1467f2b8d.js:4 quick-order:1 Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token at v_55_e5d76424a76f0ac34aaa82e1467f2b8d.js:3448 at window.checkOffer (v_55_e5d76424a76f0ac34aaa82e1467f2b8d.js:3439) at callback_placeorder (v_55_e5d76424a76f0ac34aaa82e1467f2b8d.js:3447) at callback_load_address (v_55_e5d76424a76f0ac34aaa82e1467f2b8d.js:3465) at Object.complete (v_55_e5d76424a76f0ac34aaa82e1467f2b8d.js:3466) at Object.complete (v_55_e5d76424a76f0ac34aaa82e1467f2b8d.js:2812) at j (v_55_e5d76424a76f0ac34aaa82e1467f2b8d.js:2) at Object.fireWith (v_55_e5d76424a76f0ac34aaa82e1467f2b8d.js:2) at x (v_55_e5d76424a76f0ac34aaa82e1467f2b8d.js:4) at XMLHttpRequest.b (v_55_e5d76424a76f0ac34aaa82e1467f2b8d.js:4) i want to cry
  11. haylau

    Strong Customer Authentication - SCA

    Actually the stripe checkout does not work either as it bypassess all of the log in systems.
  12. We are in the process off working with Stripe. Looks good. Just a shame we are having to say goodbye to £4000 a month turnover in Ebay!
  13. haylau

    Strong Customer Authentication - SCA

    Installed. We only had the STRIPE CREDIT CARD FORM enabled. When customers make payment it is not processed. Our website just says "submitting" continually. But I can see the log (not payment) in Stripe. I have switched that off and enabled Stripe checkout and that seems to be fine { "payment_method_types": [ "card" ], "amount": "67", "currency": "gbp" } Response body { "id": "pi_1EvMDdIPi9KHxLDypCzeLcDL", "object": "payment_intent", "amount": 67, "amount_capturable": 0, "amount_received": 0, "application": null, "application_fee_amount": null, "canceled_at": null, "cancellation_reason": null, "capture_method": "automatic", "charges": { "object": "list", "data": [ ], "has_more": false, "total_count": 0, "url": "/v1/charges?payment_intent=pi_1EvMDdIPi9KHxLDypCzeLcDL" }, "client_secret": "pi_1EvMDdIPi9KHxLDypCzeLcDL_secret_M2YQlC21Rgs3rRZEmpedj8wph", "confirmation_method": "automatic", "created": 1562928193, "currency": "gbp", "customer": null, "description": null, "invoice": null, "last_payment_error": null, "livemode": true, "metadata": { }, "next_action": null, "on_behalf_of": null, "payment_method": null, "payment_method_types": [ "card" ], "receipt_email": null, "review": null, "setup_future_usage": null, "shipping": null, "source": null, "statement_descriptor": null, "status": "requires_payment_method", "transfer_data": null, "transfer_group": null }
  14. Because we started selling on Ebay then to our own website we have PayPal - and they are (were) our only payment processor. They have switched us off! No warning, no discussion, just an email this morning saying they did not want to work with us any more. Apparantly we are too risky. Obviously we are not risky at all, we sell nuts and bolts. We have never had a claim against us and keep over £20000 in the account and a monthly turnover of around £30000 I am of course trying to appeal, but it is difficult to appeal when they have not told us why we are too risky and there is no real appeal process and we are not allowed to talk directly to the reiew team. Only standard support are allowed to send them a message andthe review team "might" respond. But probably not I actually think this is a PayPal website glitch. They asked us to apply for their new debit card which we did and they asked for some documents to upload which we can't because everytime we try their site crashes (multiple browsers, multiple computers) So that is it. With no prior warning we are stuck with over £20000 in the account that is on hold for 180 days. We have to effectively close our £5000 per month ebay account as you cannot sell on Ebay unless you offer PayPal Our website also naturally takes a hit. Luckily a very quick review of thirtybees modules pointed me to Stripe and that is now installed and up and running. So we do have some consolation (actually liking the look of stripe anyway and will probably keep that even if payPal come back to us. And the Thirtybess module is great So really just wanted to say a couple of things 1) Sorry for the grumbling but I am well and truly pi**ed off after a very trying day 2) Thanks for a great Stripe module 3) To advice you all to "Be Prepared". Make sure you all have a fall back plan should your payment processor decide to put you under suspension for no reason
  15. haylau

    Analytics tools

    The problem is the logical conclusion of that avenue is that no one will see adverts. So companies won't pay for adverts so they will loose trade - and quite likely Google et al will cease to exist You have to laugh though, do a search for adblockers and they all pay for ads to be top of google.