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  1. haylau

    Analytics tools

    The problem is the logical conclusion of that avenue is that no one will see adverts. So companies won't pay for adverts so they will loose trade - and quite likely Google et al will cease to exist You have to laugh though, do a search for adblockers and they all pay for ads to be top of google.
  2. haylau

    Analytics tools

    I believe knowing what is an actual visitor is not an exact science because bots get in the way (perhaps also things like multiple tabs from same user, ignoring your own specific IP addresss) So for a few reasons I don't think thwo systems will ever give the same results as it may depend on which bots are being ignored (and whether those lists of bots are up to date) This i about wordpress, but principles remain the same I suppose https://www.monsterinsights.com/docs/why-google-analytics-stats-different-from-jetpacks-stats/
  3. haylau

    What is in the progress?

    Agree - there are other platforms for auctions and so probably better for being specific. For me, I don't think TB needs to be any different to what it is other than improving existing features and appearance in line with current trends. (I would personally like the faceted search (Block layered navigation) to be much better implemented (perhaps to allow ranges and multiple choice)
  4. Been using PS / TB for a good fews years and never even looked here :) So how does "send both" work. Does the customer actually get two emails?
  5. haylau

    Cache 'warmer'

    We are using a third party module for caching. But even without that the Advanced Search module seems to use smarty cache and their own sql tables
  6. haylau

    Cache 'warmer'

    I have seen various cache warmers that can be run to visit all the pages in your sitemap which then adds that page to cache so that the next time a customer visits they get the cached version. Great - works a treat - for standard pages Our problem is that some (most) of our pages are accessed via the Advanced Search filter system. Basically customers use filters based on features and the URL is effectively created on the fly (Ajax??) See here: https://u-bolts-r-us.co.uk/125493-u-bolts So that link is the main page that is cached by the warmers. But when I select a filter the page Url changes to perhaps https://u-bolts-r-us.co.uk/125493-u-bolts/s-5/distance_between_legs_of_u_bolt-10:15 Or https://u-bolts-r-us.co.uk/125493-u-bolts/s-5/material_finish-t316_stainless_steel_a4/distance_between_legs_of_u_bolt-10:15 And the URL's can be quite random depending on the choice the customer makes So those pages do not exist for the cache warmer looking at the sitemap While the advanced search module do use a cache, everytime the product is updated (price, stock levels) or the search index is reset the cache is refreshed. Unfortunaltey we update stocks and prices 4 times a day. Even if I reduce this to once per day it does mean the cache is effectively useless So looking for a solution. I do have a couple of warmers I am working with https://canonicalized.com/prestashop-speed-optimization/?section=cache-module (not sure how to actually activate this one yet) and the one I am actaully using: https://github.com/khromov/sitemap-cache-warmer But can anyone advice if it is possible with any of these (or something different) how to make them visit the "filtered" results . Perhaps this could be with the URLs manually added to the program or manually added to sitemap Looking for inspiration
  7. haylau

    What is in the progress?

    Thanks - So bleeding edge is safe to update to on working stores? Just thet "bleeding edge" sounds right on the limit as though it may still be dodgy. But you are saying no problem, bleeding edge is safe?
  8. haylau

    What is in the progress?

    So for us non techie types wondering how and when we should upgrade. I checked our BO and see three modules. I "think" thirty bees updater v 1.4.1 is the original updater. Git based and Core updater (are they actually the same??) Are we now supposed to use Core Updater V1.01 and choose the bleeding edge option
  9. haylau

    Limit Shipping Type by Cart Total Value

    Two reasons. 1) Because there are hundreds / thousands of products and would not want to go through each one in turn (and how would that work with combination orders) But mainly: 2) Because the examples were very simple examples. In reality it is a lot more complex. Where for example product 3 may be only 10g and cost £10 each so OK to send 1 by the cheap slow carrier 1, but if the customer purchase 100 we would not want to use carrier 1 even though the weight would still fall in this bracket. In that case carrier 1 may be £1.50, where as carrier 2 with tracking would cost £10 so customer would always choose the cheap carrier and we loose money. Again this is an simple example, reaility is more complicated with perhaps 10 carries and different postcodes. So carrier 1 may be £5 for postcode 1, and £20 for postcode 2 I know the OP has not mentioned tracking. They did not need to I was only giving an exaple of how and when a combined weight / price limit was appropriate. It is the kind of thing where country, product types make a difference. So I dont know what you sell or where you sell it. All I can say is that I know what solution I need (and I guess the OP) because of our particular business operates. Anyway enough to say that it is very complex and that there is a genuine need for a combined weight / price limit scenario - believe me I have been trying to get this right for over 7 years!
  10. haylau

    Limit Shipping Type by Cart Total Value

    @Brent Dacus - No. You have misunderstood. It has to be a combination of both Example Product 1 weighs 100g and costs £1 . Carrier 1 and Carrier 2 can be shown . Carrier 1 is slow, cheap and does not have tracking, carrier 2 is exensive but quick and with tracking Product 2 weighs 100 g and costs £100 - carrier 1 is no good becuase it does not have tracking carrier 1 should be disabled and only carrier 2 is available
  11. ¿Catálogo de moda? Catalogue Mode?
  12. haylau

    Limit Shipping Type by Cart Total Value

    This seems to be the "holy Grail" I have been looking for a solution for years and not found anything yet. It is difficult when products are a mix of high weight / low value, and low weight / high value products.
  13. haylau

    What are these ip:s

    Probably robots just trawling the site to index it. YO ucan use the bad bot module to kill them if they are not following the rules. But could also be more invasive. There are always "hacking" bots out there every minute of every day trying to find the looholes to let them in. If you have your own server - is it protected? For example we have CSF installed to help block these
  14. haylau

    [Free Module]Revws - Product Reviews

    Answer: Yes. It is in the paid version, though not obvious. I did not spot until after doing some database updates :) Fab module!
  15. haylau

    Module review for PS 1.6 module

    Which module is it? Perhaps it is known to one of us