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    An ecommerce store owner with Prestashop and ThirtyBees for over10 years. Now retired I am research module / theme compatibility with ThirtyBees (https://blog.haylau-4-thirtybees.co.uk/)
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  1. Both installations run about the same speed for me. May be that the cache just needs to catch up
  2. We have solved the problem, shown here in case it helps anyone else: “Available to order” needs to be ticked
  3. We use to have this issue, but it seemed to go away. Never found out the reason. I did create a bug report but it never got anywhere https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/1120
  4. Could you DM some back office log in details I could have a look around see if I can spot any differences between our installations?
  5. Have all groups got this enabled? - Also is the site live can you give the URL?
  6. Check Modules & Payments > Payment and ensure the PayPal module is ticked for all groups / currencies/ carrier restrictions and countries as appropriate
  7. Check Preferences > Products and ensure catalog mode is off
  8. That is likely, and also means using the same domain name / IP address with a different cart software will probably not help. I agree with datakick, use offsite payment systems. We used stripe and paypal and never had this issue once in 10 year. Also, PCI compliance is a nightmare
  9. Talk to @Smile and @datakick
  10. Installing modules direct from github can be tricky because of folder structures. I did it manually. So downloaded the zip file then extracted locally on my computer. Then I went to cpanel (or you could use ftp client) and went to the modules folder. There I created a folder called only18plus and upload the files from the zip I had downloaded So that these files are directly inside the modules/only18plus folder Alternatively once you have downloaded the zip file locally, and extracted , navigate the extracted folder system until you see the files shown above. Move back up one folder and rename it to be only18plus). Then ZIP that folder and you should then be able to install using the new zip If you still struggle let me know and I will do a few screen shots or a video to show you
  11. I have found a free age verification module. Very simple and works fine. You can check it out and test it here: https://blog.haylau-4-thirtybees.co.uk/free-age-verification-module/
  12. Seems to work OK - you can test it here: https://blog.haylau-4-thirtybees.co.uk/free-age-verification-module/
  13. Or this one https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/952775-only18plus/ I’ll test it later on our test server
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