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  1. We used to use this module Shipping Costs Based On Zipcodes Pro v3.0.0 - by ProQuality
  2. Thirtybees is based on Prestashop 1.6 it is unlikely modules will work on Prestashop 1.7
  3. You might want to ask the question on the Prestashop forum, this is ThirtyBees
  4. haylau

    Tax done right?

    https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/consumers/shopping/pricing-payments/index_en.htm Price discrimination As an EU national or resident you can't be charged a higher price when buying products or services in the EU just because of your nationality or country of residence. It does allow for currency rates and different shipping costs, but the way I read it is the base cost of the product must be the same
  5. haylau

    Tax done right?

    Might or might not be relevant but in the EU is it not illegal to charge different prices based on nationality or country of residence? To me it is not clear whether that means same net price or same gross price. So, if we assume the same gross price then the OP has a point. He needs to set a gross price and the shop software needs to do the background calculations Pleased we have physical products, so much easier (ahem)
  6. What a great module - I hope you manage to get it working. I'm very interested myself I do note that it has not had any updates for a couple of years, and that was for PHP 7.2 bugs. what PHP version are you using? Perhaps frop to 7.2 to check? Did you ask it it is TB compatable? I know in theory it should be.....
  7. Where did you get the module from - can you link?
  8. Yes, this module Not sure what you mean about modifying default theme, works exactly like PS that you are used to. We purchased the Panda theme tough which is great
  9. haylau

    New To This

    There is an add to cart button for me, so try clearing your browser caches Also, PayPal fires up and goes to sandbox so seems ok.
  10. haylau

    Tax done right?

    Yep, forgot that bit. Tax is soooo complex. They should do away with all tax - HAHAHA
  11. haylau

    Tax done right?

    And inter EU VAT is also awkward So if you are in Danmark and your customer is in Cyprus with a valid VAT number then they should not pay tax (obviously they can only have a vat number if they are a business)
  12. https://www.presta-addons.com/en/prestashop-modules/3-pdf-extensions-prestashop.html Been using it for years. Fab!
  13. Some other thoughts 1) Are payment options linked to the the correct groups, carriers and countries? (Modules > payment)- I had this very problem over the weekend after upgrading to blueing edge, some options had been ‘changed’ 2) Can you check your database table ps_configuration to see if your PS_CATALOG_MODE 3) make sure that your products are "available to order"
  14. Prices being shown is also part of groups. Check the settings in Groups
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