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  1. Hi We are using this fabulous module by @datakick - we have an obscure situation We have products that can be purchased as a single item and as part of multiple combination products So, Product 1, Product 2, Product 3 are standalone items Product 4 is a combination product where a customer could also choose Product 1, 2 or 3 It is vitally important from a price / stock control / picking point of view to ensure that Products 1, 2 & 3 have the same SKU / Reference code when as a standalone product AND as part of the combination reference also Currently not a problem, we import price and stock using the datakick module "Import" system. The import XML file contains a simple list of SKU and Stock / Price. So, we import and update prices based on product reference and that updates the standalone product, we then run it again based on combination update, and that updates the combinations still based on the product reference - perfect! We now have the complication - enter product 5 Product 5 is also a combination product where a customer could choose Product 1, 2 or 3 Now, because the import system above has already identified a match in Product 4, the combinations in Product 5 are not updated - they are skipped So, the question is there a way we can ensure that when reference = product_Reference instead of stopping, the loop continues and looks for the next match? Hope that makese some sense 😉 - Perhaps an analogy, Milk - Milk could be purchased as astandalone drink, but also as an accessory (or combination in TB language) of a coffee, a tea, a milk shake etc. This is not about deciding whether we should use accessories or related products etc. They system is fixed, it is just whether the import routine can be configured to find all matches rather than just stopping at the first match
  2. Or Rather than re-inventing the wheel, could the 'owners' of thirtybees have conversations with some of those theme developers (only the best / most configurable themes) and offer a one off payment to adopt that theme as the new default theme and simply port it across and adopt it as the standard theme when TB is installed making it effectively open source. Perhaps the theme (Panda? @Jonny?) could actually supply a slightly cut down version with big advertising within their theme for the extra modules so they gain even more? I am sure some of us would financially support that one off payment - I am sure it would not be too much as they won't really be getting many sales from ThirtyBees customers anyway. Many of these themes are highly configurable and work with templates which can be imported and exported, then: @jollyfrog could dessign some standard templates with help from users such as @Mark and @led24ee and @cienislaw who have perhaps some specific design features in mind And them some development of the theme would be down to devs like @datakick, as part of the thirtybees environment, but other great devs like @wakabayashi, @yaniv14 are more likely to submit improvements and bug fixes on Github? Win/Win??
  3. There seems to be a big push these days for 'Elementor' / Page builder style themes, there are some for PS1.6. (https://themeforest.net/search/elementor?platform=PrestaShop 1.6.0.x#content) Is this doable for Thirtybees? If you 'just' design a new theme then nothing much will change - it has to have : 1) Compatability with existing systems / modules 3) Mobile friendly 2) Functionality and most important adaptability / configurability
  4. Can you share a screen shot of what happens when you go to that URL?
  5. Can you look at the files and folders on the server (FTP perhaps, or Cpanel?) you should be able to see the admin folder there, and what it is called. Could be something like admin12345
  6. So it does not show the admin page - what does it show? Is the main website OK? Perhaps ythe name of the admin page URL is differnet as the advice is that it should not be 'admin' but something more obscure
  7. I am not aware of any hacks or modules that could enable that I am afraid. I am not sure I would make a purchase on a website without knowing the delivery cost up front. Perhaps a workaround is when you know the transport cost, create a new order in the back office and send the customer the payment link?
  8. Not sure I understand. Do you mean that I go to your website and purchase a product for £100, delivery will cost an additional £10, making £110 in total At the time of the order I pay £100 then after the order is delivered I have to make another payment of £10?
  9. URL to test? What theme are you using? Has it never worked, or just stopped working? Recent changes / modules installed etc ?
  10. CSS only required. I use this: In preferences > custom code /* change cart edit to always on in chex */ .chex-edit { flex-grow: 0; flex-shrink: 0; font-size: 14px; transition: opacity 400ms ease; opacity: 1; color: red;}
  11. We have configured @datakick's data manager module for a mass update - to change orde state of multiple orders when clicking the endpoint URL When we do this, it changes the status in the PS_orders table, but not the PS_order_history table. Is there a way to do both at the same time (Some of our other modules react on the status in the history table) - and of course when we change the status manually it changes in both locations So basically, is it possible to add the status in the PS_order_history table into this :
  12. If you click on the customer, one of the sections is Last Connections
  13. We have just implemented a great little module from Vekia (mypresta.eu) which allows a pop up on when the visitor goes to the cart page if the item is short of stock (we allow back orders) It works brilliantly, we have 10 items, customer adds 12 to the cart. When they go to the cart page they get a pop up advising them, and letting them know how long the lead time will be However, and this will be outside the scope of the module, if the stock quantity is changed on the cart page then the pop up is only triggered if the page is refreshed On CHEX by @datakick, to change the cart quantiy the customer has to click "edit" then change quantity, then click "finished editing". This change the prices etc, but not with a full page refresh (JS?) Is there a way to force a page refresh (and therefore the pop up will appear) when they click the finished editing button - or would this have other unforseen consequences?
  14. I don’t know specifically about those modules, i suppose it would be best to either 1) Reach out to the developers of the specific modules and ask it it works with ThirytyBees And / or 2) Install thrirtybees in a test environment and have a go and see what happens, In theory, every module / theme that works with PS 1.6 should work with ThirtyBees, but there are always exceptions
  15. TB is based on prestashop 1.6. So if the modules you have also work on PS 1.6 then they should work, but if they are PS1.7 only then there could well be issues. Hard to be specific without knowing the exact modules / or the purpose of those modules
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