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  1. I know nothing about linnworks, but their help page suggests it is simply adding the prestashop api details. so it should work out of th ebox with a module? https://www.linnworks.com/support/settings/channel-integration/channels/prestashop-linnworks-integration/adding-prestashop-to-linnworks/
  2. Is it possible to stop the emails about badbots?
  3. Solved it - Sort of The problem is the Move JavaScript to the end settings I have added it to github as an issue https://github.com/thirtybees/cookiebot/issues/1
  4. How did you get the javascript to run. I can see the javascript on the page source but no cookie banner Console give this error: Error: Can't read data values from the cookie script tag - make sure to set script attribute ID. log @ uc.js:1 process @ uc.js:1 init @ uc.js:1 CookieControl.Cookie @ uc.js:1 (anonymous) @ uc.js:1
  5. You could try one ofthe one page checkout modules as payment methods are shown without this problem. I use @datakick's Chex module and it is fab (and cheap)
  6. We use Stripe and PayPal with Chex and it works perfectly
  7. All sorted and looks great 😁 Changed the CSS white-space to pre-line .chex-cart-item-title { white-space: pre-line; overflow: hidden; text-overflow: inherit; }
  8. Using the file manager.php I have managed to add product reference, title and current stock level to the cart By: 'name' => $prod['reference'].PHP_EOL." - ".$prod['name'].PHP_EOL." - Current Stock Level: ".$prod[stock_quantity], 'name' => $prod['reference'].PHP_EOL." - ".$prod['name'].PHP_EOL." - Current Stock Level: ".$prod[stock_quantity], It looks great on the tooltip pop up But in the normal view, I can adjust wrapping so it is all displayed but the line breaks are not being adhered to. Is there a way of forcing the line breaks in CSS to show like the tooltip? Possible?
  9. I can't follow the logic here. Can you do some mock screen prints to show how your idea should work?
  10. No, it is the cost of the shipping that is not showing on the credit slip although it is refunded to the customer
  11. haylau

    Stripe API

    Jut noticed on the Stripe website that they have upgraded the API - should we be upgrading or do we need to wait for the module to be upgraded first?
  12. When I run a Gmetrix test I get poor scores for minify javascript and it offers optimised versions So the rather simple question is: Is it safe to download those optimised versions and replace the originals (i know if we update anything we would need to repeat the process. But is this an acceptable thing to do?
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