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  1. haylau


    Not sure, perhaps even install over the top. because it was not working I contact them and they did the update so not sure what was involved
  2. haylau


    We have used Knowband OPC and presteam OPC with the panda theme. TB 1.08 seemed to break knowband but they have now fixed it and upgraded to 5.06 version. All seems to be well now But while they were fixing that I tried the prestateam one and it is fab https://www.presteamshop.com/en/modules-prestashop/one-page-checkout-prestashop.html Both support teams have been excellent to help with our specific needs, and also done small alterations as part of the general support. For example they have embedded the crafty clicks address lookup module for us, and put the current stock level of items in the cart Impressed with both, but I think we are sticking with presteams now
  3. haylau

    [solved] A very slow site

    Can you explain more? I would have thought the installaion would automatically set all the correct indexes. Our site is a little slow, so how would i check those indexes and correct them?
  4. haylau

    Display Tax

    You could as if this module is compatable https://www.sunnytoo.com/product/second-price-prestashop-module-show-tax-included-tax-excluded-price
  5. haylau

    Google Search Console

    We are only slighly seasonal. We manufacture pipe support systems such as u-bolts. So yes, busier in the warmer days, but not seen a drop like that before. Unfortunately our OPC module has just bombed so in a bit of a panic 😞
  6. haylau

    Google Search Console

    So it looks like the consenus is Google have changed something and probably nothing we can do. It must just be how they are collating the data because I don;t see any drop off in real terms on the site
  7. haylau

    Google Search Console

    URLs are the same structure - all the pages are still indexed and work correctly from there No social links really. SEO data was carried across and is the same. Template is a little slower - probably because of the Advanced Search 4 module which is not strictly TB compatable and I find this is slower. On PS we hade expresscache installed but this is not compatable with thirty bees so stuck with the speed as it is really
  8. haylau

    Google Search Console

    So, is this coincidence or cause and effect? We migrated from PS1.6 to thirtybees on the 4th December Since that date we have seen a drastic reduction in Google websearch. Sitemaps are all OK, and the webpages are still indexed. We have never paid for clicks so that is not relevant. As far as I can tell, we have not lost any visitors. Any ideas? clicks
  9. haylau

    Display Tax

    Is that not just to DISPLAY the label? It does not alter the price being seen. For that you need the group setting??
  10. haylau

    Display Tax

    Hi Simon By default it one or the other (using the customer group). I think you will need a modification or module to display both The difficulty though that even with group a visitor will see the vistitor price. Existing customers will only see the group price when logged in
  11. haylau


    Has anyone come across a module for PS1.6 or preferably tested on thirtybees for the onbuy marketplace? onbuy.com
  12. haylau

    Payment methods after sign in

    We use knowband one page checkout. It shows all the relevant payment methods and carriers which automatically change. So for example as soon as the potential customer chooses "Japan" for the country then everything changes to be relevant to them. Switch the country to UK and add a postcode and everything changes again. This is all done live and does not require any account creation first. If you want to have a look to see how it works go to our website at www.u-bolts-r-us.co.uk add something to cart and then on the cart page you can play with the address at the left hand side to see what changes. To be honest I have not tried with different payment methods linked to countries, but works just fine for carriers
  13. Yes, I agree. Whenever I visit a website with sliders the first thing i do is scroll down the page to see what I really came to see
  14. haylau

    Upgrade error 1.07 to 1.08

    Weird - but it has worked. Many thanks for your help
  15. haylau

    Upgrade error 1.07 to 1.08

    Thanks for the reply I have done that but when I save I get this error message Email template must contains {subject} placeholder