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  1. No, it is the cost of the shipping that is not showing on the credit slip although it is refunded to the customer
  2. haylau

    Stripe API

    Jut noticed on the Stripe website that they have upgraded the API - should we be upgrading or do we need to wait for the module to be upgraded first?
  3. When I run a Gmetrix test I get poor scores for minify javascript and it offers optimised versions So the rather simple question is: Is it safe to download those optimised versions and replace the originals (i know if we update anything we would need to repeat the process. But is this an acceptable thing to do?
  4. haylau

    Payment Method

    Either or. But remember if they are entering card details in your site you have to be fully PCI compliant.
  5. haylau

    Payment Method

    Which theme? This any help?
  6. haylau

    Payment Method

    Oh, Supercheckout from Knowband. Used that also. Seem to remember it has a ship to pay system which may need to be configured correctly. It links payment methods to shipping methods We recently switch to Chex and we are LOVING it. Nothing comes close. Is there something holding you back from using chex?
  7. haylau

    Payment Method

    For now, I would add LOGIN OPTIONS ( PAYMENT MEATHOD WILL SHOW ONCE YOU SAVED DETAILS) Where it shows the paymetn method also.
  8. haylau

    Payment Method

    I think I have used that module (PresTeamShop??) and it worked properly for me. BTW your checkout page is showing quite a few errors in the browser console - and it keeps asking me to allow my location. Why would that be? Could the payment method be linked to location somehow??
  9. haylau

    Payment Method

    One of the main purposes of the one page checkout modules is that you DO NOT have to create account before seeing the payment methods so something is definitely wrong somewhere. Have you talked to the module devs
  10. haylau

    Payment Method

    It should not be like that using the checkout module you are Have you got all the payment methods lnked to all the customer groups?
  11. I haven't seen duplicate before. But you can create a new order in back office. Select the customer, then switch to the "orders" tab to "use" an existing order Or StoreManager has a clone order feature
  12. I think MORE likely bug in core as not using any modules at all apart from back office. As I did create one of these orders in the back office. All was perfect. Created the order in the back office. Customer received email with order confirmation and saw the address was wrong. Really weird
  13. TB: 1.1.0 Two customers created orders fairly close in time scale to each other but not instantly. But the address are crossed. When I click into the order (say john@order1.com) and then click into the address to edit the address, the address belongs to jane@wrong.co.uk I thought this was a checkout module issue or perhaps a payment module but now I think not. It has happened again, and this time we created one of the orders in the back office within a couple of minutes of another customer creating an order in the front office. When I click into the order I created it now has the address of the other customer. So that means two differnet cart systems and two different payment systems used at the same (ish) time cross the addresses over We do not use ANY caching https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/1120
  14. Just an update. This has occured again and I am now confident it is nothing to do with the payment system or the check out module so I will raise another question about it and post a report on gith
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