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  1. @dynambee had a module developed that helps with this. He was considering releasing but not sure if he did. Not quite the same, but it allows you to set a cart value over which the carrier is not available
  2. Which modules? Where did you get them from? Did you read the instructions? Some modules come zipped but you need to unzip and upload only certain folders via ftp Some are zipped which you unzip and inside there is another zip file to upload Some are zipped and you unzip and rename the folder then zip and upload
  3. We use the Presta-addons module for that. Not free, but affordable. https://www.presta-module.com/en/3-prestashop-addons/6-merchandising/8-multiple-features.html
  4. That is weird that the link does not work. From that page use the menu on the left hand side > Native Modules > Custom Payment methods The documentation is there, which strangely does have that URL that does not work
  5. It works for us. We don't use it for the same reason. But you can configure it to do things like If order status is "Ready for delivery" then create a csv file with orde number, name and address and email to deliveryperson@yourcompnay.com I am fairly certain you could also use @datakick's module also. Which is perhaps a better option because you can test it for free! https://www.getdatakick.com/ That can be configured with endpoints which are great. So everytime your delivery person clicks a specific URL up pops his list
  6. Something like this perhaps https://www.netvianet.com/prestashop-export/20-export-orders.html
  7. @Kashir2000 I know. This thread is over a year old and we have moved on. TB OnePage cache does not work. However upon testing we now do no caching at all and find the website faster and more stable (because of the way our advanced search filter module works I think)
  8. I know nothing about linnworks, but their help page suggests it is simply adding the prestashop api details. so it should work out of th ebox with a module? https://www.linnworks.com/support/settings/channel-integration/channels/prestashop-linnworks-integration/adding-prestashop-to-linnworks/
  9. Is it possible to stop the emails about badbots?
  10. Solved it - Sort of The problem is the Move JavaScript to the end settings I have added it to github as an issue https://github.com/thirtybees/cookiebot/issues/1
  11. How did you get the javascript to run. I can see the javascript on the page source but no cookie banner Console give this error: Error: Can't read data values from the cookie script tag - make sure to set script attribute ID. log @ uc.js:1 process @ uc.js:1 init @ uc.js:1 CookieControl.Cookie @ uc.js:1 (anonymous) @ uc.js:1
  12. You could try one ofthe one page checkout modules as payment methods are shown without this problem. I use @datakick's Chex module and it is fab (and cheap)
  13. We use Stripe and PayPal with Chex and it works perfectly
  14. All sorted and looks great 😁 Changed the CSS white-space to pre-line .chex-cart-item-title { white-space: pre-line; overflow: hidden; text-overflow: inherit; }
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