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  1. Is that not jsut a translation? Change "State" to "State / County". Actually we have states switched off for uk and have zones that contain postcodes so we can do the differnet courier costs. Unfortunatley not compatable with Chex 😞
  2. The download latest version link in the module goes to a page that does not exist: https://www.getdatakick.com/extras/chex-one-page-checkout/?utm_campaign=chex&utm_medium=web&utm_source=support
  3. I am SOOOOO jealous that you guys have got this work. I can't get it to work on our store because of the way our shipping is based on zones (postcodes). @datakick is an absolute star and an outstanding coder - but more - his visual presentation is second to non Do you know what. I am going to buy this module anyway. I will leave it in test mode so that I can see and follow progress and help supoprt this brilliant developer
  4. Just went to report a bug, and the menu link gets a 404 error
  5. We pay less than 3%, I was making the maths easy, I was more pointing out that online sellers are always losing out on returns. We loose money, pure and simple. And also we do not like giving our products services away for free so why should PayPal? I would like them to of course, Just opinions
  6. I don't think Stripe refund fees. I thought it was just PayPal So in the EU now. A customer purchases aan item includng shipping from us for £10. From this £10 we pay shipping cost £1, and Stripe / PayPal fees say 20p + 3% so, 50p (not even considering our monthly fees) So we make £8.50 Customer asks for a return / refund. We have to accept, no questions asked. We have to give them the full £10 back, but we loose outgoing shipping fees and now the gateway fees also. So we are out of pocket £1.50. Wonderful. I don;t think not refunding the fees is a rip off (but it is disappointing) because why should they offer their service for free? In a payment / refund you have use PayPal systems twice, why should they not be paid for that service?
  7. @michael - Yes that is my understanding. Customer enters card data on your website - problem. Customer enters card data on PayPal site - they sort it out so all oK
  8. You may want to change the slide on the thirtybess module store
  9. Looking good. Any sign of the order message field any time soon - essential for us. Also we would like to be able to add fields tothe cart (we would need perhaps product reference rather than produt name, and current stock level, and Displayed text when in / out of stock
  10. Are you using the TB paypal module, or the PS module? The issue in the PS module i think is to do with differences in rounding. Whatever your store does with rounding PayPal uses it's own rounding. Any discrepeancy causes the error Have a look in Advanced Parameters > Logs There will probably be level 3 errors when the cart is not converted to an order. Set the log by email level to 2, and at least you will get an email when it happens We have upgraded to the TB module and have not had the issue since (fingers crossed)
  11. I don't want to divert this thread because it is about the module not about GDPR. So I will simply say everyone can make their own minds up about GDPR. I am just giving my understanding based on the compliance pack be purchaced from an award winning legal expert who is regulary called on TV and Radio to discuss GDPR. I trust her advice
  12. Disagree. I do not think you need a tick box about GDPR - IF you are only collecting data relevant to the sale. We only collect name and adress. Without that we could not post the order. So we have information about GDPR but not a specific tick box. There is no point. If they do not consent they can;t make the purchase BUT we do not do any marketing at all. So the data is ONLY for posting the order and nothing else So we only have the standdard terms and conditons tick box ( I agree to the terms of service and adhere to them unconditionally. (read)) When clicking read they get: You can read all of our terms here: Terms of Service Our GDPR Compliant Privacy Notice is Here: Policy Our Cookie Policy is Here: Cookies
  13. I think I have sorted it out for us now. The problem is that our shipping methods are based on post/zip code. The shipping options and costs in the UK vary considerably by postcode So, we use a brilliant module called "Shipping Costs Based On Zipcodes Pro v3.0.0 - by ProQuality" which basically creates new zones that contains the various postcodes. So, we disable the United Kingdom Zone, and enble postcode1Zone, postcode2zone etc Problem is that in OPC the default country is United Kingdom for the address which in not in a zone, hence the problem Simple solution ( i am furious it has taken me so long to realise this). I simply keep the United kingdom zone enabled (with associatd carriers). So as soon the OPC is active, the zone is United KIngdom and the customer sees some options. They add their postcode and the options are revised Perfect
  14. So for example: We have modified our Panda theme so that it shows current stock level on the product.TPL file. (I add a few lines of code) Everytime we upgrade the theme I have to go back to that file and do the changes again. Using your module will enable us to upgrade the theme but the product.tpl file will remain unchanged? Or the file will be changed but your module will over ride just those lines of code we have added?
  15. Correct. It is actually a micture of a third party OPC and a thrid party module for postcodes. I am actively looking at ditching the post code system and switching to your module! It will mean is some cases the customer will not pay enugh postage, but I will look at the overall picture. And your OPC is gorgeous!
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