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  1. Hope it works for you, keep us informed. If you are collecting card data on site I assume then you need to be fully PCI compliant?
  2. What rounding are you using? There is an issue in that PayPal expect rounding in a certain way, where as in TB we can adjust it I can’t quite remember but something like they insist on rounding per line - and they do their own calculation. If you are using discounts and more than 2 decimal places and the wrong type of rounding then the future PayPal calculates does not match what TB / Prestashop is sending to them so the report back fails There are a few discussions on the prestashop forum about this So then it would not be a bug but more a configuration Caused us issues because we have low value items with qty discounts so the prices never matched
  3. Thanks, but i think that is for contact forms which the TB module does anyway, This is specific to comments on the blog pages
  4. If you are selling direct from your own website than it is the importer (buyer) who has to worry about import taxes. Amazon are different in that they insist the customer should always pay exactly what they see on screen, So on your own website all you have to do is set the VAT rate to whatever it shiould be and then post as normal. Unless you want to pay those taxes on behalf if your customer
  5. Hi Using the Panda Theme blog @Jonny , but I think it is the same for the TB blog. Comments are enabled for guests, but is there a way to add a recapture to the comments form? I’ve tried the TB NoCaptacha recaptha module but that does not appear ideas?
  6. Yes, I have found using Prestashop / TB for nearly 10 years that this is a thing. It is sporadic, and using different modules / payment systems. Never got to the bottom of it as infrequent errors and next to impossible to track down. I suspect that it is caused by a momentary 'down time' of either the payment api or prestashop itself. For example when the server software is updating itself or something
  7. haylau

    One page checkout

    We use Chex and it is great. I think those having problems have quite complex shops in terms of extra fields and customisations. I think Chex if nigh on impossible to modify though. So for example on some modules you can just dig in to a tpl file to change things ( add new database fields, change layout etc), but chex it is done with scripts (i am probably wrong here) But there is a trial version so you can download and test
  8. It is only limited. In the Panda theme settings I played with switching off add to cart, changed the length of the title and number of columns. The main thing was product title length. Limiting to one line means all the boxes are the same size I would like much more control though, and ideally make it so they are displayed as list rather than grid, but I don't think that is possible as I think the theme use a slider to show accessories
  9. Sorted - it is the main product display section. So you have to adjsut the main produt display and that influences this section. So it is a bit of a trade off
  10. Using the Panda theme ( @Jonny) but not sure if this is adjustable in the theme The layout of accessories on the product page (and also pack contents if we use packs) looks really poor. Is there a way in TB, or Panda to adjust this, or is it down to modifying the tpl? We would want to remove add to carts, adjust fonts, widths etc
  11. haylau

    M4PDF module

    Yes we still use it and it works for us. Not sure if it is classed as compliant with TB or not. Check with the seller for the status
  12. I'm sorry. Just realised you areusingthe customer privacy block. We don't use that
  13. For what it is worth, in my opinion ditch the re-captcha & ditch the privacy tick box wording (far too lengthy, we have “I agree to the Terms of Service and will adhere to them unconditionally ” then it fits on the same line as the tick box Personally I would ditch the tick box for reviews also Too much getting in the way for potential customers, who tend to be a fickle lot
  14. Never looked at this previously, but now have a need to analyse more carefully Noticed that product views are not recorded. Any ideas?
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