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  1. haylau

    Price update

    Looks great. Any reason why it should not work with the Panda theme? Compatable with @datakick's chex OPC module?
  2. Hi, and welcome aboard We like the fact that our customers are sent to PayPal / Stripe to enter their details, means we do not have to be PCI compliant with our servers I seem to remember that the TB Paypal module is not compliant with the UK version of 'website payment plus' - just the european version so are you UK based?
  3. @datakick: Just noticed this error while 'inspecting' the page DevTools failed to load SourceMap: Could not load content for https://u-bolts-r-us.co.uk/modules/revws/views/js/front-2_2_2.js.map: HTTP error: status code 404, net::ERR_HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE_FAILURE I have checked the folder and that file does not exist I am using bleeding edge TB, and paid REVWS module 2.2.2 Anything to be concerned about?
  4. We have disabled states and PayPal works just fine for us. So perhaps it is “if states are enabled then they have to be the correct coding@
  5. You could try @datakick’s module https://www.getdatakick.com or I use the praotec one http://www.praotec.com/category/prestashop/nvn-export-orders/ (not sure it is still available though. - shop is offline And there are a few modules on the prestashop site https://addons.prestashop.com/en/search?search_query=export orders&compatibility=1.6.1&
  6. Well you won’t get help like that. This is a community support forum, main contributors are other sellers like you just trying to help in their spare time. You will not get instant answers, and sometimes no help at all. You need to have some patience Most visual things are in the modules section. Look there for sliders.
  7. So they are saying the same as I did really. It is an SSL issue. What version of ThirtyBees do you have. I seem to remember the earlier version there was a separate setting to enable SSL on ALL pages (preferences > General)
  8. I think Andy means in the back office when adding the tracking code to be able to CHANGE the carrier. For example, sometimes a customer chooses Royal Mail for delivery, then when we get the parcel ready we decide to send by Parcelforce instead. So when we add the tracking code we need to be able to change the carrier at that point otherwise they get the wrong tracking URL
  9. I might have solved this. I forgot my routine after an upgrade to go through and make all the manual changes (teach me to work late at night). One of which is the product reference length in the database and a few files. Our product references are quite long so I change to 128 - and I forgot. No changes to database this time, but there were some file changes in the bleeding edge update. So that is why it seemed random because some references are short (so worked) and some are long so threw an exception when creating the actual order Still need some orders to come in to check - but fingers crossed.
  10. I though this was just the stripe module, but has now happened on the paypal module also This is random, usually all is OK, but happening once or twice a day there is a problem. The money is taken, logs on stripe look fine, order is created in TB - BUT it is empty and the order status is 'awaiting payment' but is actually no status define - rather than payment accepted. The shopping cart is fine and contains the products Bleeing edge TB (just a couple of days ago - co-incidence??) PHP 7.4 but that was updated a week or two ago ideas?
  11. Yes, that now works. Should adding that code change the order status automatically to shipped (it doesn't)?
  12. Just started playing with this and it does not work for me On bleeding edge I have enetered the URL where it needs to go (copied from above for Royal Mail so I know it is correct). When I enter the shipping code and save it does send the email , but the tracking info is missing The order was already marked as shipped manually. Does it matter WHEN you add the tracking code?
  13. Is there a way of combining this with the thirtybees html blocks so I can put reviews anywhere on the site?
  14. haylau

    Mail Alerts

    Have you tried restarting the server? I read on the prestashop forum a similar issue with that error code. Perhaps a server restart will sort it. It uninstall the zip module from apache. Restart. The reinstall the module and restart again
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