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  1. haylau

    Shipping Issue?

    I think we will need some real examples. Which product? Show us the screen prints from the carrier settings page etc
  2. I don't think it is CSS Check Preferences > Themes > Advanced settings Is the default right column enabled? Is right column enabled on the Index page? Also, Block CMS is not really used for the center column it is usually for left / right column and footers For text there, you need a different module - Home Text Editor I think it is called ( i don't have it anymore) - EDIT Sorry I think the module is now Front office Features HTML Block v1.0.1 - by thirty bees Add custom html or code anywhere in your theme -
  3. Looks OK to me. The logo is supposed to be like that. It is the responsive theme. Goes full width on mobiles but stays top left on larger screens. All the product pages and category pages look OK, so i think it is just the configuration of the main page and the modules you have installed
  4. No system is perfect and that includes google re-captcha . It is not the necessarily the module or the programming or shop system, but that people have many ways to circumvent the system (including, yes, human farms. I am sure I can speak for datakick when he and I suggest people we did not mean one person doing it all, but lareg groupd being paid to target) https://www.perimeterx.com/resources/blog/2020/captchas-hard-for-humans-easy-for-bots/ So, the any module is only part of the armoury. Have you installed the bad bots module? Have you scanned all the files on the server for issues? Have you utilised cloudflare like suggetions on the other threads?
  5. Have you tried clearing all caches in TB and your browser. Also I suggest you share the URL so others can have a look
  6. Probably best to stick with one thread. How do you know it is the recaptcha that is not working? Are you using v2 or v3? How do you know it is not a bank of people really creating the accounts to test? Have you checked the IP’s are they all one country? Can you block that country Stick to one thread then it is easier to piece it all together
  7. Check out @datakick’s module : https://www.getdatakick.com
  8. As mentioned, this is not about me, or my specific password manager. I am more than capable of sorting out my passwords. I was asking if this is something that thirtybees needed to address going forward. Conventions change over time and I was just checking of this was going to be a problem going forward for customers
  9. Yes i know. But for sharing between people and devices many companies and individuals use password storage systems. I was not looking at this from a personal point of view, but wider. If users are going to start having problems because of these browser changes..................
  10. I use a password locker to automatically insert my usernnames and passwords as required (Dashlane, but there are many out there) It has recently stopped working on ThirtyBees so i am investigating why. Dashlane themselves have made lots of recent changes so it could be them, but when I looked at the browser console on the ThirtyBees log in page, I noticed this warning [DOM] Input elements should have autocomplete attributes (suggested: "current-password"): (More info: https://goo.gl/9p2vKq) <input class="is_required validate account_input form-control" type="password" data-validate="isPasswd" id="passwd" name="passwd" value required data-kwimpalastatus="alive" data-kwimpalaid="1620204369758-0"> Is this something ThirtyBees needs to address? The link suggests: Use autocomplete attributes Autocomplete attributes help password managers to infer the purpose of a field in a form, saving them from accidentally saving or autofilling the wrong data. A little annotation can go a long way: some common values for text fields are “username”, “current-password” (login forms and change password forms) and “new-password” (registration and change password forms). See a detailed write-up with examples.
  11. + was all it took 😉 So it needs to be if(+combination.price ==1000) Or for us, because we wanted anything more than £1000 we used if(+combination.price >=1000)
  12. A hacking solve! Module > templates > Hooks > hookDisplayProductPriceBlock.tpl I changed <Span class="aeuc_from_label"> {$smartyVars.before_price.from_str_i18n|escape:'htmlall'} </span> To <div class="aeuc_from_label"> {$smartyVars.before_price.from_str_i18n|escape:'htmlall'} </div> And used translations to change the word "From" Just need to remember yet another change after every upgrade
  13. I have located a great blog giving some code changes to enable this https://premiumpresta.com/blog/display-free-instead-0-00-product-prices-prestashop/ It's a little old so may need the odd tweak, but the part I am struggling with is the combinations in product.js: We must also change the way it displays prices for products which have combinations with different products. To do this edit /root/themes/default-bootstrap/js/product.js and change line 756: 1 $('#our_price_display').text(formatCurrency(priceWithDiscountsDisplay, currencyFormat, currencySign, currencyBlank)).trigger('change'); Into: 1 2 3 4 5 if(combination.price == 0) { $('#our_price_display').text("Free").trigger('change'); } else { $('#our_price_display').text(formatCurrency(priceWithDiscountsDisplay, currencyFormat, currencySign, currencyBlank)).trigger('change'); } We check whether the combination is 0 and if it is display a text on change event. This works great IF the price is 0 but I need a different price. I want it to be if the price > 100 the display "Please ask for a price" So the key line is "if(combination.price==0 { If I change this to anyting apart form 0 then it does not work. So I am guessing that the 0 actual signifies null rather than a numeric value? Can anyone suggest how to mod this so it works for my scenario??
  14. I came across this the other day. Not cheap but may be what you need? These are the instructions and it does talk about using different fractions of weights I have never used it and not done anything more than read the first few lines of this link https://psandmore.com/docs/user_guide_16.pdf
  15. haylau

    Presta modules

    Sorry. I did not mean tweaked to work with thirtybees. What I meant was I often find any module for any platform needs tweaking to work with your specific shop because of the unique combination of themes and modules you have installed When I bought ps1.6 modules to work on prestahop they often needed small tweaks same with thirtybees the module devs usually do the tweaking as part of the purchase price I just meant no module for thirtybees or prestahop is guaranteed to work out of the box.
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