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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts @datakick. I think we agree on this, the goal is not to provider some "page builder" like in WordPress, but to make a good looking, modern, responsive theme which makes the best starting point for developers to customize it. Still, having a well developed base theme would probably be good for TB. So maybe focus on the theme framework + base implementation so potential users don't feel like the base theme is outdated. It doesn't seem necessary to update the base theme too often. If we build something OK for 2021, this would already be a huge change compared to the current one 😉 In my mind, the goal isn't to build a "totally fancy for 2021 trends" theme ; it's more to create a sensible default with all best practices (accessibility, responsive, performance, frontend development toolkit...) but that can totally look "generic for 2021", if this seems like a good approach. This is great to read! We know you're probably busy with the upcoming release, but don't hesitate to let us know if you can spend an hour or two after that. Your help would be very useful to get us started.
  2. OK seems Google auth is broken, using my Email it worked !
  3. Good question. Either we want to stay fully compatible with Bootstrap 3, which would be a lock-in to an outdated (and bloated) framework, with the advantage of keeping compatibility intact. Or we work on something to mimic Bootstrap 3 styles, which would be a horrible amount of work. Or we load it (BS 3) asynchronously, so it doesn't impact the page load time but still makes things compatible (while not looking the same at all than the rest of the frontend). Or we ditch this compatibility and build styles for widely used PS 1.6 modules (and bundle them with the base theme maybe, so merchants don't have to copy CSS code and such). Anyway sticking with Bootstrap v3 and making it the de-facto framework for a new theme wouldn't be compatible with building a new, modern, properly responsive website. Definitely worth discussing
  4. It's linked on https://thirtybees.com/ => Contribute => Chat on Gitter
  5. Hey there, full stack (PHP - JS - HTML/CSS - DevOps) developer here. I'd be happy to collaborate with you in order to build this new theme. I used PS for many years in the past, and was quietly waiting for the announcement about TB's future. Now that I'm (quite) reassured about it, I'm ready to spend some time on it, as I'll probably offer it to future clients as their e commerce platform. I agree 100% with the fact that starting from scratch would be best: no "tweaks", "fixes" or "adjustments", but something clean from the ground up ; also I believe this would be a plus for TB's new era. And as we can "scope" then purge the un-used CSS, we could have a) theme styles that don't conflict with module's styles, and b) a good starting point for a nice PageSpeed/Lighthouse score, which matters in terms of SEO, thus in terms of income for merchants using TB. Last year I've been working intensively with Tailwind CSS and I think this would be amazing to provide a Tailwind-based theme, as shop owners would need just a bit of help customizing tailwind.config.js to get a custom theme, without having to write a single line of HTML or custom CSS. But this is open to discussion of course! The only condition for me to spend time on this, is that we pick a license that's really FOSS and we commit to making it 100% free. I wouldn't be against earning a few bucks, say by helping show owners to customize said theme, but the theme itself must be 100% free, no freemium BS. I can give part of my free time (evenings/weekends) to this project ; I can also spend 2 more days per month if my company's name is mentioned (something like "Development sponsored by ...") but it's not mandatory. @jollyfrog could you PM me so we decide where and when we could have a first chat about this? People, how do you feel about a Tailwind CSS based theme? Agreed 100%. The mobile version should have the info we need, the desktop version should show it differently with more space, but that's it. It should be a RWD'ed theme Cheers,
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