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  1. Hi - I want to hide the edit/update address button when delivery and billing addresses are the same. I think having two update buttons there is confusing for the customer as it wont update just the invoice address in t6hat scenario, but will change both! There is s similar old post on the Prestashop forum here: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/58713-solved-hide-the-address-modify-button/?tab=comments#comment-3256460 Where editing order-address.js hid it - this doesn't work now. Is there a method that will work? I only want to show edit buttons on delivery and invoice address when there are two different addresses. Thanks Baz
  2. Hi when using different delivery and invoice addresses in One page checkout, the validate check for missing fields only works one-time on the invoice address. if missing fields on delivery address the validation continues until all fields are filled in. On the separate invoice section if more than the missed fields alert displays, but - if any fields still blank after resubmission it creates an account using just the delivery address! Is there a fix for this? Using version 1.1.0. on PHP Thanks Baz
  3. Hi on a test install I am getting the following message in Configuration Information: CHECK YOUR CONFIGURATION Required parameters: OK Optional parameters: Please fix the following error(s) Install TLS v1.2 support on your server. Test result: fail I've run a test on SSLlabs and it's showing: Protocols TLS 1.3 No TLS 1.2 Yes TLS 1.1 Yes TLS 1.0 Yes SSL 3 No Any idea why I'm getting this - and how to fix it?
  4. I have a website on a crappy host that has just forced a PHP update on all servers to v 7.2 I was running Prestashop on there on 7.1 previously Now site not working - having been unable to upgrade successfully to Prestashop v as that screwed up the modules access I'm wondering if I can migrate to thirtybees on php7.2? Thanks Baz
  5. Reason I ask is I'm trying THirtyBees as a test site and on instakking Stripe module (Latest version) id refuses to show up on the checkout page! I've checked under Modules-> payment and all options are enabled Baz
  6. Hi Just wondering if the TB Stripe module is compatible with Prestashop or can it only be used in a ThirtyBees installation? Cheers Baz
  7. Hi Just wondering if the TB Stripe module is compatible with Prestashop or can it only be used in a ThirtyBees installation? Cheers Baz
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