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  1. What about my suggestion to display all fields in the shopping cart? That would still work excellent with your main idea behind the Chex, and it would bring great benefits.
  2. Great idea - fixing any potential error in the shopping cart is worth its weight in gold. Additionally, if @datakick had the option to add a possibility to display all fields in the shopping cart, as I mentioned in point 1 of my comment, it would be perfect.
  3. Dear Friends, I created an account specifically to say that I love Chex's layout and would love to implement it in my store. I am missing two features, though, so I thought I would ask more experienced colleagues if perhaps you know if such features are planned or is there any chance to implement it on your side in your store by modifying the module code? 1. Showing all fields to enter the delivery address at once, without the need to enter the e-mail address at the beginning. I've seen a few A/B tests done in the shopping cart and in my experience showing all the fields usually have a much better impact on the conversion rate. In our case our customers are not the youngest ones and for sure showing all the fields would be much clearer for them :) 2. As far as I noticed, the module currently saves the delivery address entered on the user's side, but every time you go to the shopping cart it requires you to enter the e-mail address again. Would it be possible to save the provided e-mail address in the browser as it is usually done? Once again, I'm convinced that this would certainly have a positive impact on the conversion rate, the flow would be smooth as butter and customers would just love Chex, the same way as we merchants do. Cheers!
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