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  1. Hi everybody, just for info, I would like to know which php versions, thirtybees supports, please? Thanks !!
  2. There is a module in the shop for the Instagram feed. Otherwise you will find it on: https://thirtytools.com/fr/publicite-marketing/16-logik-instagram-feeds-for-16.html
  3. @chandra said in [MODULE] Chat with your customers via WhatsApp: @One-Man Hi, is the demo working still? I can't seem to get to it. Does the chat window appear like regular chat such as tawk or livezilla? New link demo : https://thirtytools.com/dev/tbees/
  4. Avec ce module, vous donnez la possibilité à vos clients de vous faire une offre d'achat pour chaque produit de votre boutique. Simple à installer, il ce configure selon vos besoins et vous pouvez sélectionner quels produits ne seront pas soumis aux offres. With this module, you give your customers the opportunity to make an offer for each product in your store. Simple to install, it configures it according to your needs and you can select which products will not be submitted to the offers. LOGIK NEGOTIATE PRODUCT PRICE
  5. @snowycat Thank you for the feedback, Actually, I've got a fake name, but the one I just corrected, you should fall on my personal whattsapp .... cordially
  6. @rubben1985 The first thing and I want to apologize, I just realized that I myself put myself a false no such. This is why the module does not work. Indeed, the politics of whattsapp does not allow to communicate without no. Voila, now things are clearer, you can test the module again. Normally, you should fall on my personal no. Sincerely
  7. @rubben1985 I think you have misjudged or misunderstood the operation of this module. Listed back office: enter your Whattsapp Mobile Phone Number Front office: the customer opens the dial window, connects his mobile whattsapp with Qr code and communicates to you .... If you find this kind of module useless or boring, I remove it from the thirtybees shop ..... Friendship Simple question. How can you get my module while in my account thirtybees, no purchase of my module was indicated?
  8. @rubben1985 And what is the problem? I do not understand your request
  9. @rubben1985 When you put your name, do not put the + sign, put the country code and then the no. example: +412374565 = false / 412374565 = corect
  10. @rubben1985 said in [MODULE] Chat with your customers via WhatsApp: I tried with my phone and i tells me: number it doesnt exist (when whatsapp is open). So it is only valid if I already have the number. Hello, yes, you must already have a no or whattsapp account for it to work. It's like any platform, if you do not have an account it does not work. Sincerely
  11. @wakabayashi Yes, thank you google translate That is corrected
  12. @vincentdenkspel We're working on it .... it's under way Thank you for the feedback
  13. Chattez avec tes clients via WhatsApp, l'application de messagerie la plus populaire. Module essentiel pour ta boutique, qui te permet de créer des relations plus fortes avec tes clients en les guidant sur leurs achats en temps réel. Chat with your customers via WhatsApp, the most popular email application. Essential module for your shop, which allows you to create stronger relationships with your customers by guiding them on their purchases in real time. MODULE LINK FRONT-OFFICE DEMO
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