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  1. netamismb

    get rid of language selector

    Never mind, solved it. Was a stupid mistake, when I imported localization the languages for different European countries was setup by default enable. Disable them back resolved the issue.
  2. netamismb

    get rid of language selector

    Hi, After I imported Spanish localisation package, the links get an /es/ at the end. So instead of www.mysite.eu now I have www/mysite.eu/es/ . Can you please advise how I can get rid of the /es/ part and go back to the original urls www.mysite,eu?The website has only one language.
  3. netamismb


    There is a free module posted on prestashop forum by arteinfo: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/811046-prestashop-free-gdpr-compliance-rgpd-2016679/?_fromLogin=1 which is working fine with thirty bees.
  4. netamismb

    Product customization module

    @led24ee yes it is, but is very basic. The customer is only able to upload a photo, or a text and cannot see how his photo appear on the product. Also the owner to cannot see the photo/placement of the text (or the fonts and size) or photo or at least to have the possibility to accept only specific dimension for photos.
  5. netamismb

    Product customization module

    Sorry for late answer,I didn't get the notification. I want the customer to upload his image and to be printed on a t-shirt, or bag or mug. Something like: https://simedio.fr/apps/zakeke?pid=549286117410. I saw a similar module on Prestashop site and also on https://www.zakeke.com but I would prefer to buy it from a Thirty bees developer.
  6. netamismb

    Product customization module

    I would need a module to be able to customize product. Any ideas? The customization that already exist is a bit to simplistic.
  7. netamismb

    Different domain for each language

    thank you for recommendation, most probably I would stick at one domain.
  8. netamismb

    Different domain for each language

    thank you!
  9. netamismb

    Different domain for each language

    using https://addons.prestashop.com/en/seo-natural-search-engine-optimization/22097-one-domain-by-language.html
  10. netamismb

    Different domain for each language

    I would want to have a separate domain for each language. I know there is a paid for prestashop, is there any module for thirty bees? I've contact the prestashop module developer but I didn't get any answer.
  11. netamismb

    After migration the theme no longer working.

    [solved] issues solved, the Disable non thirty bees modules and Disable all overrides were enabled.
  12. After migrate from prestashop to Thirtybees 1.0.1 the theme is no longer working ( default bootstrap theme with css modified). There is no category, no products displayed, just the logo. If I try to install community-theme-default, I get "Bad configuration file ".
  13. netamismb

    Upgrade to v 1.0.2

    I am currently in process to migrate from prestashop 1.6 to thirtybees. After migration I use the module tbupdate to update from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2. Something is strange as i get way to more files to be backup: Analyzing the situation...Shop deactivated. Now downloading... (this can take a while) Download complete. Now extracting... File extraction complete. Now backing up files. Backup files in progress. 1438080 files left. Backup files in progress. 1437680 files left. Backup files in progress. 1437280 files left. Backup files in progress. 1436880 files left.