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  1. You are right, I have tested and the async is there when the "Move Java Script to the end" is off. Have raised issue #1233.
  2. Well, they are not. All the js are on the bottom of the source page, after the footer. Anyway I can test why they are not there? the only module that is not TB native installed is Free GDPR compliance [RGPD 2016/679] v1.0.7 - by Arte e Informatica
  3. Indeed, that line is there. Was my lack of knowledge, I was expected to see the words in the source page
  4. I have installed TB Paypal v 5.4.3 and on the I have <script type="text/javascript" src="https://www.paypalobjects.com/api/checkout.js"></script> @datakick can you please advise where to add the async and defer keywords ?
  5. how have you done that? is it just download the zip https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Raleway#license and add that folder somewhere and change the link in the header.tpl?
  6. Solved - the issue was that under Payment was not mark the checkbox for the carrier .
  7. I have installed TB PayPal module v 5.4.3 and setup, but is not showing in the frontend. I get the message There is no payment method. Ar the TLS V1.2 SUPPORT section I get "TLS v1.2 is not supported. Please upgrade your server." but checked with https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=www.rock4u.eu and I get Protocols TLS 1.3 No TLS 1.2 Yes TLS 1.1 No TLS 1.0 No SSL 3 No SSL 2 No
  8. have tried debug and get the 404 from server, is in the image attached That was when I have installed PS Paypal.
  9. Manage to get rid of error 500 and installed TB Paypal, but on frontend site is not showing, i get no payment method available.
  10. Trying to install TB PayPal module, but I get error 500 on the backend side.
  11. Yes, i have installed 3.10.2 which was working just fine until 2 days ago, when started to throw the error message. And now I have updated and installed 3.14.2 but is getting the same error.
  12. I need help with PS Paypal module , suddenly I get the message "things don't appear to be working at the moment". I have reached the PS developers and received a new version - which for me is still not working (but solve the issue for others), and I don't know if is because is installed on TB or is module issue? Any other alternative module that can be used instead? Is TB Paypal module working fine? When I have tested the customer have to fill again all the data, which is not very user friendly . Is the only payment module i have installed, so i am now in the situation that nobody can buy from the shop 😞
  13. I am the only with PayPal stopped working? I am still struggling to found out what is happen, but had no clue where to start.... Any help is much appreciate.
  14. I am usin Prestashop Paypal module and was working fine until today, when I get the message "things don't appear to be working at the moment". Is anybody else experience this ? Any clue where to start?
  15. I can see your website, just the image are not showing. You might need to regenerate the images.
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