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  1. netamismb


    May I ask which are the pages excluded from caching? I have added only the quick order, not sure if this is enough.
  2. netamismb


    I am using LiteSpeed and for some user I get the 500 error message. It's strange that this is not happen for all, I notice that is mostly happen on mobile. is someone experience the same behavior? I am Using Prestashop LiteSpeed module.
  3. Have a shared version, I am using Thirtybees 1.2 with Niara theme. When debug is mode is enabled it doesn't show any error, when save https://www.rock4u.eu/oficina4u/index.php?controller=AdminModules&configure=eucookieconsent&tab_module=front_office_features&module_name=eucookieconsent&token=fa4e03b7b504778645f8fcb814b679a7 is just saying This page is unavailable. And is not happen for all the modeles, for example Top Menu is working fine.
  4. He hecho esta pregunta en el foro en inglés. Instalé el módulo de pago Paycomet, porque lo recomienda mi banco. He utilizado el módulo prestashop1.6, pero el método de pago no se muestra en la página de pago.https://github.com/PAYCOMET/prestashop/releases ¿Alguien está usando la integración de Paycomet con Thirtybees?
  5. For several module: Block CMS Info, EU Cookie Consent I cannot save the configuration, I get a 404 page not found when saving. Any idea why this happen? is there any access missing? I believe this happen after I changed the hosting.
  6. Thank you, will try to uninstall the advanced EU OPC and see if is working. I am using EU Cookie Consent v1.0.2 - by thirty bees.
  7. Please, can somebody advise what is needed to have the payment method shown on the checkout page.
  8. I am trying to install the Paycomet payment module - because is recommended by my bank. Have used the prestashop1.6 module, but the payment method is not displayed in the checkout page. https://github.com/PAYCOMET/prestashop/releases I believe is because the method 'hookDisplayPaymentEU' is missing. Is it a simple way to patch the module to make it work on thirstybees?
  9. Looking to add Stripe as a payment method as well. When using it, the customer have to create an account to use Stripe? And how is the overall experience with it?
  10. Looking to add Stripe as a payment method as well. When using it, the customer have to create an account to use Stripe? And how is the overall experience with it?
  11. Resolved, I delete the cache folder and after that translation were in place. Strange thing, as I updates many modules and only this module had the cache issue.
  12. On blockcontact, For the labels "Contact" and "Call us now:" the translation are not apply. I add the tpl and es file used for this module and a screenshot. Any ideas how to translate these labels? Website: www.rock4u.eu nav.tpl es.php
  13. netamismb

    TB Project Plan

    I would suggest 2 management tool: - use Projects in gitthub - pro - lots of automation, having all bugs, features in same place, an example https://github.com/users/projectmb/projects/2 - https://quire.io/ - is free, have many features incloded Kanban board, lists, timeline and a user can choose the view he like, github integration, gmail integration and so on. I would happy to help with project management if needed.
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