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  1. netamismb

    TB Project Plan

    I would suggest 2 management tool: - use Projects in gitthub - pro - lots of automation, having all bugs, features in same place, an example https://github.com/users/projectmb/projects/2 - https://quire.io/ - is free, have many features incloded Kanban board, lists, timeline and a user can choose the view he like, github integration, gmail integration and so on. I would happy to help with project management if needed.
  2. Check if the mysql user has SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, DROP, ALTER rights.
  3. Try re-upload the files again, happened to me several times that not all the files were uploaded. And also check the folders, files rights.
  4. I am using TB module Customer loyalty and rewards
  5. Trying to install the project without demonstration data, I get: An error occurred during installation... You can use the links on the left column to go back to the previous steps, or restart the installation process by clicking here. Table 'thirtybees_test.tb_attribute' doesn't exist
  6. I tried to install a new thirtybees project on local machine (windows 10 with WSL2) using current version from master branch, but i get errror Create settings.inc file Create database tables Create default shop and languages Populate database tables Configure shop information Install demonstration data An error occurred during installation... You can use the links on the left column to go back to the previous steps, or restart the installation process by clicking here. Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method Attribute::hydrate() in /mnt/d/localdevelopment/thirtybees/install-dev/classes/xmlLoader.php:526 Stack trace: #0 /mnt/d/localdevelopment/thirtybees/install-dev/classes/xmlLoader.php(362): InstallXmlLoader->createEntity('attribute', '12_oz', 'Attribute', Array, Array) #1 /mnt/d/localdevelopment/thirtybees/install-dev/models/install.php(889): InstallXmlLoader->populateEntity('attribute') #2 /mnt/d/localdevelopment/thirtybees/install-dev/controllers/http/process.php(268): InstallModelInstall->installFixtures(Array, Array) #3 /mnt/d/localdevelopment/thirtybees/install-dev/controllers/http/process.php(104): InstallControllerHttpProcess->processInstallFixtures() #4 /mnt/d/localdevelopment/thirtybees/install-dev/classes/controllerHttp.php(207): InstallControllerHttpProcess->process() #5 /mnt/d/localdevelopment/thirtybees/install-dev/trystart.php(34): InstallControllerHttp::execute() #6 /mnt/d/localdevelopment/thirtybees/install-dev/index.php(56): require_once('/mnt/d/localdev any hints what goes wrong? The error occurs to install demonstration data, would be safe to just delete the install-dev folder and add manually some data?
  7. netamismb


    thank you all very much for hints. will give it a try and come back with feedback
  8. netamismb


    I am looking to move from Apache to LiteSpeed + LS Cache to improve the site performance. Is anybody using it, do I need any other module or setup?
  9. What's the downside to keep the same version even if is discontinued? Will get PHP 8.0 soon and the TB will not be compatible with it. But PHP 7.x will still be available for next years, so i would say I prefer to stay with TB for the next years and will see what will be on the market in the future.
  10. Hi, Have notice that the cache folder inside Niara theme has >10.000 file and >2.5GB - why is this happen?
  11. I reckon I use to have this problem and at that time I have checked: Check shipping location and ranges if they are correct setup Check “out-of-range” behavior is set to apply the cost of the highest defined range, otherwise the carrier is disabled. Check if the products has the advanced stock management functionality enabled. In case that is really needed Associate a carrier with a warehouse: Stock > Warehouse > Associate a product with a warehouse: Catalog > Product > Warehouse Hope will help.
  12. Nice theme! I like the rightbar - i think is very useful for desktop users. May I ask which theme is it? Just a small observation, on copyright the year is not updated.
  13. Hmm, why did you change direct in the tpl file? I believe is better to go in admin/module/blockcontactinfo -> Configure
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