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  1. So it's better to work on 1.0.3 It's good for me after comments. Thanks everybody
  2. Hello, Can anyone help me privately or even by team viewer or any method to update my market from 1.0.3 to 1.0.4 then I will update it to 1.0.5 MY market link: https://ipeary.com/imarket/en/ Thanks so much
  3. SOLVED I changed mails in theme directory and it worked successfully thanks so much
  4. Hello, I had changed all powered by Thirty bees in mails by file manager. and also in translation in back office but Mails still have "powered by thirty bees" ? where is the problem?
  5. ipeary

    Adsense ADS

    Adsense ADs code, Sorry
  6. ipeary

    Adsense ADS

    Hello, How to add Adsense add code to my market please? https://ipeary.com/imarket/en/ Thanks
  7. @Purity I mean when someone search for my market found stars under it For the market itself not products. I have good module for products. Like facebook page when you search on the Internet you found stars under it. Thanks so much
  8. How to automatically update my version, I still using 1.0.3 :(
  9. OK thanks a lot, I will try now
  10. Can you upload you header.tpl please. I know that I should change every nav alone, But I can't find <div id=“searchblocktop” Sorry bro :) Thanks for your efforts @toplakd
  11. @toplakd I replaced By it centered my logo only :/
  12. @toplakd Hello bro, Can you explain more please?
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