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  1. Would any one be able to enlighten me on what this does? "Facebook Like Box block v2.0.0 - by thirty bees. Displays a block for subscribing to your Facebook Page." I've enabled it and saved the facebook url and it shows me the preview of the facebook page etc.... but what exactly is is supposed to do? Does it display something some where....? Or am I missing something and need to enable something else somewhere? Thanks
  2. Just a thought, it would be really useful to be able to add products to a category - so when in a category, have an option to "click to add products to this category" - it would be really useful when trying to add a number of products to a page. Would this be possible if any way?
  3. I did - but I did try turning off the one-page option and still had the same problem. That said..... after having a break from the coding for a day, it just "started working" - not sure why or how, but clicking "save" (as I expected to have to do) just started working... So all is well.... and everything works.... So I'm happy....
  4. I downloaded the entire emails folder (which incidentally was NOT the one in the themes folder as there was not a 'mails' folder inside the themes folder...) , used http://scratchpad.io, copied and pasted the HTML in to the live preview, made the required changes, then uploaded the emails folder (i took a backup first...!) This then kicked the email templates in.
  5. Just wondering if any one had any ideas on this one? I'm still scratching my head on this. Checkout works perfectly if you are signed in, yet guests are asked to sign in to view the payment options. I've rechecked all the settings and paypal is available to guest users in the back end - but not sure why its no longer allowing guests to complete checkout.
  6. Hi Thanks for this. I have now found and modified the emails as required :) Thanks for the info on this one.
  7. So - yesterday we tested the site extensively and 'checkout as payment was working'. Today, were now not able to check out and view payment options as guest even though guest checkout is enable and i've made 100% sure that in Modules and Services >> Payment, Paypal is enabled for 'visitor, guest and customer' yet when trying to complete checkout as a guest, we still get this error: "Please sign in to see payment methods." Any ideas?
  8. @ipeary Hi. I can get free shipping to apply.... but I also need to add a courier which has an additional charge, but TB keeps advertising it as free..... is this something you could help with?
  9. Is there a way to mass update the the products list? For example, when opening a store, If you know you have 5 of everything, or a selection of products, Is there a way to mass update the quantity? Or as a feature request, would it be possible to have a +/- option next to the quantity field on the products table?
  10. @colorful-ant Not 100% sure exactly what you mean or where to do this...? I may have, but not realised it. Another new one now that I am getting shipping to show up - my 'non-free delivery options are coming up as 'free shipping' even though they are set to "not free" and have prices listed under the shipping option... Any ideas on that?
  11. I tried that - It didnt work. I can only get shipping to enable if i enable 'Europe"... And I cant figure out why.
  12. @colorful-ant Hi - Yes I did..... but what I have just done as a last ditch effort was to enable all the zones under "localization" and then my shipping methods are now available. I've disabled all the zones one by one until I found that some how my zones arr linked in with "Europe".... So if I enable Europe.... my carriers are available. However, I would like to narrow this down to just the UK....
  13. Hi. I too am having a nightmare getting shipping to enable. So far, this is what i've done. I've added a new zone (United Kingdom). Ive created a free shipping option and assigned it to the zone "United kingdom" and given it a price range from £0.00 - £9.99. I've tested this as a guest and also as a logged in test user and and every time I get to the check out page, I get the error "The product selection cannot be delivered by the available carrier(s). Please amend your cart." I've tried this with the 5 step ordering process and also the single step ordering process and have the same result on both options. On the test item I have made, the carrier options are set to none based on "If no carrier is selected then all the carriers will be available for customers orders." Yet still I am unable to make any shipping method available. Any pointers?
  14. @colorful-ant Thanks for this. I've tried this in the theme that were using and it doesnt seem to make a difference. The "Information" link is still there and links you to: /index.php?idcmscategory=1&controller=cms Ive tried the usual tricks of clearing the cache and the more drastic one of restarting the httpd service, but the link is still there.... Any ideas? Ray
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