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  1. Peter

    Value of inventory

    Thank you very much people. It was a real help for me!
  2. Peter

    Value of inventory

    I will take a look at Datakick this weekend. I have to go to work for now. Have a nice day.
  3. Peter

    Value of inventory

    What is ASM? I want to use the wholesale price because that is the value i have in stock. How can i download the quantities and values at once? Thanks for the quick answers.
  4. Hi, How can I see the value of our inventory? I need this for the tax return. Thank you.
  5. Have you been able to recreate the problem/bug?
  6. Only Sendcloud but the problem is at the normal method
  7. No but if i turn the rule off, the free shipping is gone.
  8. Yes still get free shipping. It has to do with the freebie i give them at €75,- i think.
  9. Hi, When I send an order, I count per kilogram. At a certain weight the shipping costs are increased. They also receive a gift at € 75. So if they come to that € 75, - they get free shipping whatever the weight is. That is not good. The customer simply has to pay the higher shipping costs. How can I solve this? Greetings, Peter
  10. @traumflug said in Save when changing products: How can i change it to solved? The grey button, Topic Tools under the first post and at the bottom of each thread. It's actually a menu and there's Mark as solved inside. The green menu item. Are you a moderator at this forum? Because can't see it.
  11. @vanaklaser said in Save when changing products: @peter said in Save when changing products: Every time I change a product, for example the quantity, a red error appears in the upper right corner. But he just stores everything. So if I have changed something, it has also been implemented. There is nothing in the error. Only error. I use 1.0.7 Hi, I had the same problem. Dear friend @Traumflug posted the solution a phew posts above :)
  12. How can i change it to solved?
  13. Yes solved it. Thanks and you're welcome!
  14. @traumflug said in Save when changing products: Is there a green box instead of the red box if you change quantity, then not clicking Save and Stay, but into some other field? Then I can confirm this issue. Yes i can confirm that.
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