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  1. I bought a module that allows this from the prestashop store. Works pretty well
  2. I'm sure it's theme specific to an extent, but you should be able to adjust your buttons easily with CSS. I've got my review button on the product page modified and working using: #product .btn-primary { color: #fff !important; background-color: #006080; border: 1px solid #006080 !important; } I don't have the "Be the first...." done as a button however as it would involve more adjustments to code for when you have a review, and then multiple reviews and the context changes.
  3. I have a separate module that handles the shipping discount issue with gift cards. Also on the PS store.
  4. I use the Knowband one on the PS marketplace. It works well. They had to tweak a couple things for TB after I bought. I modified the CSS to fit my theme. Works well now.
  5. Add a default way to have a guest customer create an account at or after checkout just by clicking a checkbox. Similar to what many large retailers do now.
  6. Looking forward to seeing where you guys can take this platform @Smile & @datakick!
  7. If you just install the new version it will overwrite and keep your settings.
  8. Yeah, I'm quite familiar with GDPR regulations. It doesn't apply to our business so we have adopted an opt-out model for that reason. We just need the software to support it. Glad to hear about the update in next release.
  9. Wondering how to make the newsletter box default to checked in the Chex module at checkout. I'm not in a GDPR country so need this to function this way. Can someone advise how to make this happen? maybe @datakick
  10. Hi Ron, That error is populating because authorization to replace and send transactional emails is not setup correctly. I actually still have this error showing in my module as well since I only use Sendinblue for marketing emails. I use A2 as well. I use the native TB emails for transactional messaging. All works just fine for me and all integrations work correctly for marketing emails, despite this message being presented.
  11. Hello @datakick, I asked this a while back but don't see that it was ever put into the module. Can you update so that the order of shipping vendors is aligned with the TB back office shipping settings as seen below? This is important for customer experience since we offer a free local pickup that most customers are not eligible for. Currently, it defaults with this free option at the top of the list and doesn't follow the settings below. If we can follow the TB back office setting, then it will display the correct carrier by default at the top of the list.
  12. Thanks. This will be address a huge need in managing different prices for different countries for many products that we have, and I would assume many others have.
  13. Trying to build a list, using Datakick, of all specific prices in system so can easily managed per country and customer type from one view. Anyone know how to do this? @datakick?
  14. Other than that, all I can advise is making sure to clear all cache in both you store, as well as your browser (Or just use another browser) to ensure that is not the issue.
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