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  1. Mine does not work correct either. I thought it was perhaps something I did, but if you're having the same issue, it seems not.
  2. It was Thanksgiving here in the U.S. thursday. As I'm getting back to work, I just wanted to let you all know know how thankful I am for this community in helping to keep TB a top notch store front tool. Especially to all they folks writing code on the backend and responding to all of us business level admins to assist. I and my business really appreciate it.
  3. As stated above, the issue exists in Niara as well. I realized that this is still a theme and your statement is likely true, but if packaged with TB OOB, it should work right and it does not. I tried a vanilla install of TB as well with Niara and it doesn't work. I get the same issues mentioned above. They recur in the Warehouse theme.
  4. I just discovered this same issue on my end as well tonight while trying to configure sales for black friday. I'm using the latest BE release and the warehouse theme, but getting exactly the same issues as mentioned above.
  5. @datakick I've noticed that request emails that go to yahoo, gmail, most exchange addresses, and even my own domain always strip out the product image and stars, making the email look pretty terrible. See below. I realize that those companies do a lot of auto stripping by default, but do you, or does anyone else, know a way we can slide through better image formatting so they show up at least part of the time?
  6. Every time I do a BE update, I still face this issue and have to manually upload a stored copy of this file to get it working again. Shouldn't have to do this.
  7. Perhaps a future enhancement. A way to dynamically display a message to a customer based on their shipment country. i.e. A message advising of duty and tax potential at time of delivery for applicable countries.
  8. Perfect thanks. Wanted to get this before the holiday purchasing season really kicks in.
  9. @datakick Was this rolled into the latest BE release then or are we still testing?
  10. I had a similar issue a while back. This feed resolved it for me. Perhaps it will for you as well.
  11. Installed and ran today. I only do business in two countries, US and CAN. Used geoscreenshot.com to test in in both countries and in both, it set the correct currency based on location so I'd say it works.
  12. I was wondering the thing on this yesterday. I've got basically the same setup on mine currently.
  13. I use the generator pretty regularly and haven't had any issue. Running bleeding edge release currently.
  14. Mine ended up being a combo of the issue that was resolved with the recent bleeding edge update, as well as the server, and then caching. Had to test it on a new PC with a new browser and new internet connection to verify it was all working after the update. It is, just had to get it all cleared.
  15. I see the same behavior in the Warehouse theme
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