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  1. x97wehner

    Translations not saving

    bleeding edge
  2. x97wehner

    Translations not saving

    I'm referring to the UI within thirtybees back office. If I make adjustments to translations there, they do not save to a translations file as they should on a regular basis. For instance, if I pick @datakick's revws module, and attempt to modify core translations, via the UI, they will not save. @lesley, yes, I'm aware. I've been able to open the translation files via ftp and attempt to do some of them, but I don't have the GUID's for each field to do them all. If I modify the actual file, via ftp, the translations take fine. It seems to be some issue in saving the file edits from the back office.
  3. x97wehner

    Translations not saving

    If I try and make a translation change of any sort, it doesn't work. Sometimes it shows in the translation mod UI, and sometimes not. I haven't found a pattern there. The only constant is that after clearing cache and reloading the affected web site pages, the translations are not taking. I check the translation file on the backend and it doesn't have my modifications included either. Anyone else having the same behavior?
  4. x97wehner

    TB Customer Referral Program module not working

    Cha-ching! Got it working on my end. Thanks for the guidance
  5. x97wehner

    TB Customer Referral Program module not working

    You are correct on this error. Thanks. However, the module doesn't seem to be working fully still. It's creating an email, creating a voucher, and sending the referred customer a email with the code. It's not doing anything for the referring customer's account however. No voucher is created or email sent to the referrer notifying them. Isn't that supposed to happen as well?
  6. x97wehner

    TB Customer Referral Program module not working

    Updated the module and now getting this error.
  7. x97wehner

    Website swap over

    I'm not aware of any specific tooling to do it. Generally, the template you use will have capability to export customizations so that you can easily import to another environment. Assuming you have a current live site running, you'd probably want to manually make the other changes to ensure it matches your development site on the subdomain.
  8. x97wehner

    Voucher Totals

    Could be. The text is usually driven by your theme. I was having challenges modifying some yesterday though on the latest version of TB. Had to update the actual translation file from the server. The backend wasn't working
  9. x97wehner

    TB Customer Referral Program module not working

    Well, I can see that it creates a voucher for the invited party when they create an account. It does now however notify the sponsor/referrer that they're referral earned them a voucher in any way, nor does it create a voucher for the referrer. The invited party is never notified that they now have a voucher, nor is it set to highlight so that they can see it. Are you getting different behavior than that?
  10. x97wehner

    TB Customer Referral Program module not working

    Bump ... No one else having this issue?
  11. x97wehner

    Mailchimp module issue '503 service unavailable'

    Just turned it back on today and all seems to be working correctly again. Must have been something on their side.
  12. x97wehner

    Voucher Totals

    To get rid of the tax included part, you can just go to Localization >>Translations and modify your theme's default language there. For the tax issue, it appears that you can probably just change the tax setting on your voucher and it will probably resolve itself.
  13. x97wehner

    Help me develop killer One Page Checkout module

    Tested out and looks to work pretty well. Doesn't work with my payment module, 2checkout, though so can't implement. Also would be nice if tax was hidden when null instead of taking up screen space.
  14. x97wehner

    What is in the progress?

    If you're not waiting for any one specific feature, go ahead and migrate it today. I did well over a year ago and have had minimal issue. The bleeding edge release is worth updating to after you do the install.
  15. This is is the TB customer referral module. Just testing this out and can't get it to work correctly. Does it not work on 1.08? It collects and sends an email to a referred person, but when they create an account from the link, nothing else happens. No emails are sent about it, no vouchers are created. Am I missing something or is this just broken?