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  1. Bumping this back to the forefront. Any SEO sitemap experts in this forum that can advise on the optimal settings for this module? Especially as some things are disabled by the TB robots.txt generator by default anyway?
  2. x97wehner

    Free UPS module

    I honestly don't remember the name. That one wasn't it though. As convenient as it sounds, all the extra rules and functionality that shipstation provides makes it worth actively not looking elsewhere. If you do find one, I would be interested to find out more info.
  3. x97wehner

    the "best" theme

    I really haven't played around much with Niara or Community once I realized some of the limitations in basic configuration. Currenty, I use Warehouse actually. It works really well, but the developer doesn't support it anymore, so I don't recommend only for that reason.
  4. x97wehner

    the "best" theme

    If you want an out of the box theme to just turn on, then Niara or Community probably are your best options. If you're wanting a lot of flexibility in design choices, but understand it will take you time to configure it correctly, then Panda is your best option.
  5. x97wehner

    Facebook Shop

    I did get the @datakick one working as an endpoint on google today. It took some config work, but it works pretty nicely.
  6. x97wehner

    Facebook Shop

    Please do privately with me at least. thanks
  7. x97wehner

    Free UPS module

    There is a module/service out there that will allow you to print USPS within the TB interface. I forget the name though. The service isn't free and doesn't work as well as ShipStation does for this, but you have to login to ShipStation separately to do your shipping. It all syncs wonderfully though.
  8. This is looking slick
  9. Hello @datakick, I was hoping to use this for my new newsletter subscribers, but I don't see it as a record type to trigger on. My newsletter subscribers list is larger than my customer list and I would like to do other actions for the subscribers. Is it possible to add it as a record type? I think the backend table is xx_subscribers for the blocknewsletter module.
  10. I'd like the customer to select their shipping country in the header, similar to what this company did https://yeti.com, and then have the site adjust to the local currency, language, and country specific pricing. Anyone know how to accomplish this or if a module exists that does this correctly?
  11. x97wehner


    Sorry to read this. Thank you for your contributions and your module development.
  12. There is a migration tool I used a couple years ago that did this very well when coming from prestashop. Its called MigrationPro. It moves all the core data pretty seamlessly.
  13. You should be able to just install a fresh version of Warehouse on TB. Then, from your old system theme modules, download the config files for your theme, menu, and homepage, and upload to the new one. This will bring everything over, except maybe if you have some images in your DB that may need to be repointed or added again. It's basically the same setup as when you start new and use one of the developer preset configurations. Only this time, you're using your own preset config files. I think he still has a YouTube video out there showing how to do it.
  14. Just found this feed. Customer merge would be a great feature add for the product.
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