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  1. Twig Hockey Company https://twighockeycompany.com
  2. You'll either have to adopt a weight-based shipping price model or a dollar based price model. You can set the price for each weight tier or dollar tier according to where a second bag would fit into it.
  3. Personally, I manage my ads independently with each media tool. They all have different ad needs and campaign structures and I'm relatively familiar with them so I just do it myself and bounce around. Hubspot is the tool I'm most familiar with, but it's generally priced for larger businesses (Which I am not.)
  4. I don't believe you'll find it's that easy. The whole digital ad space changes so often that it takes a third-party software to help you build and manage the ads in the format you are inquiring about. You can use the @datakick module to get your product feeds flowing into all those services and that will give you a nice head start. From there you can either utilize each service to build your ads independently, or you can utilize a third party software that allows you to do the same in a more uniform format.
  5. If they give you the incorrect shipping address, there is not much to do except have them pay the difference, or cancel and refund and let them reorder correctly.
  6. That's unfortunate. I really hampers the customer experience not seeing that customization they are ordering during checkout. Thank you for the response.
  7. @datakick, making sure you see as I expect you can advise the quickest. Is there a way to get that customized product data to show in chex below the product in cart, similar to what it is doing above?
  8. Hello, @datakick or @haylau or anyone else, I've become aware that the chex module does not appear to show customized product data in the cart as nearly all other great carts do. Is there an easy way to do this? I'm referring to the screenshot of giftcard information below from the regular tb One page checkout.
  9. I don't believe there is any custom sort method.
  10. One more question for you @datakick. I've updated to PHP 8.3 now and all is functioning correctly. When I review error logs though, I have many deprecation warnings around controllers::$admin_webpath making dynamic properties. Is there an easy fix to resolve those? Here is an example of just one:
  11. Hi, I have a module with a php 8 error that I just can't figure out how to resolve. I'm sure it's very easy, but I'm struggling. Anyone know how to resolve? @datakick? This is the error: This is the code snippet causing issue: public function __get($name) { if ($name === 'module') { return $this->module = Module::getInstanceByName('rg_smartpopup'); } if ($name === 'popup') { if (!(int) $this->id_popup) { throw new PrestaShopException('The property `id_popup` is required.'); } return $this->popup = new RgSpPopup((int) $this->id_popup, (int) $this->id_lang); } return parent::__get($name); // Ensure compatibility with ObjectModelCore }
  12. Hi, I'm finally getting back to this now that the busy season is gone. I've debugged much but still running into some glaring errors I can't figure out. Could you share your working version with me? Or if you know what you did, that would be great as well.
  13. I have not noticed any issue recently. We use it heavily each day.
  14. I'd like to move off of our old prestahero simple blog module and into the Bees Blog module. Is there a way to easily move this content? Your help is appreciated.
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