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  1. Actually no. The order_return_state is not the correct email that goes out when a return is approved. That's the issue. I can't find the email in in the available templates to translate. I think it should be called return slip or something similar.
  2. Thanks, but was referring to @datakick's question as to which way is best for a TB dev to resolve it.
  3. I don't have a good answer for how it should be. But I know that I've had multiple customers not be able to submit the contact-us form over the past couple days because of this error, so it certainly needs a timely resolution. Thanks.
  4. No other warehouse users having the same issue or anyone that might know how to fix?
  5. Note: I rolled back to stable 1.1 and the issue is gone. Tested in a vanilla OOB and my live site. Seems to be something in one of the subsequent patches in the bleeding edge versioning that is causing the issue.
  6. in debug mode I get this error: "Property CustomerMessage->user_agent length (129) must be between 0 and 128 in file classes/ObjectModel.php at line 1058" - Not sure how to fix. Please help
  7. Getting a 500 error when customer tries to submit the contact-us page. Console shows these two errors: Unable to get property 'SavePersonalAndPaymentData' of undefined or null reference Autoformfill_ContentScript.js (1,20660) HTTP500: SERVER ERROR - The server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request. POST - <domain>/contact-us Can someone advise how to possibly resolve this? Not had this come up prior.
  8. @datakick Think I found a bug. When new customer creates an order, they do not select the opt in or newsletter boxes. After order is processed, in back office, both opt-in and newsletter boxes are checked. Tested while creating account and using guest checkout.
  9. I can't find the order return email in the available email list to do a translation. Can someone provide guidance on where it's located so I can do this? Thanks
  10. @datakick In the cart summary tile, if you can add an option to hide the "Total (Tax excl.)" line, it would be appreciated. Not really needed in the US and just adds clutter. If you can at least give it a dedicated class, I can hide it with CSS. Thanks.
  11. I noticed the mobile/small screen display had some issues with longer text. Here is a little bit of CSS you may want to use if you're experiencing the same issues. (Please don't judge my coding ability, it works. ;-)) @media screen and (max-width: 445px) { .chex-option .chex-check { flex-direction: unset; } .chex-shipping-option .chex-check { float: right; width: inherit; } .chex-shipping-option.chex-option { display: flow-root; } .chex-shipping-option .chex-option-logo { margin-bottom: 3px; } .chex-option-delay { float: left; } .chex-option-price { float: right; } #basic .chex-section-collapsed-content , #shipping .chex-section-collapsed-content{ padding: 15px 20px; } #layer_cart .button-container .btn { width: -webkit-fill-available; text-align: center;} } @media screen and (max-width: 350px) { .chex-cart-item-quantity-price { display: block; } }
  12. Looks to be working. Thanks! Look forward to the other updates around carrier arrangement and field arrangement.
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