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  1. Yes. It's to do with your tax rules. It's been a few years since I messed with it, but it works correctly on our store.
  2. Stripe can transfer daily as well. It's an account setting with them. Stripe works very well.
  3. Just looking for an easy change to mix things up. Anyone have a free back office theme module/template creator?
  4. There is roadmap in one of the main feeds this year. I think the timelines were a release per quarter or two per year, something like that.
  5. @datakick I was able to have that same user verify that the Samsung device was inserting a trailing space after the email. When he removed it, the checkout worked fine. Can an update be made to programmatically remove this trailing space, or just to ignore it so the script fires?
  6. I cannot as I don't have a Samsung device either. According to @Mike1 it is likely trailing spaces causing the issue. Can we autostrip/ignore trailing spaces from the email to eliminate that issue first?
  7. I have discovered a bug with Chex, @datakick. I don't believe i have any modifications to the checkout that would be causing issue. The issue is this: I have had multiple customers over past few months not able to complete checkout when trying to execute from their Samsung mobile phone. I watched a friend try yesterday and he faced the same issue. He was using the large Samsung phone with rounded screen edges. The problem shows when the user enters their email address. It doesn't seem to run the script to search the DB and sort of just sits there. Then when they click to confirm order, it shows that shipping information is incomplete. Can you please take a look. The frequency this is happening is very concerning to us as there is a large Samsung customer base in the U.S.
  8. I bought a module that allows this from the prestashop store. Works pretty well
  9. I'm sure it's theme specific to an extent, but you should be able to adjust your buttons easily with CSS. I've got my review button on the product page modified and working using: #product .btn-primary { color: #fff !important; background-color: #006080; border: 1px solid #006080 !important; } I don't have the "Be the first...." done as a button however as it would involve more adjustments to code for when you have a review, and then multiple reviews and the context changes.
  10. I have a separate module that handles the shipping discount issue with gift cards. Also on the PS store.
  11. I use the Knowband one on the PS marketplace. It works well. They had to tweak a couple things for TB after I bought. I modified the CSS to fit my theme. Works well now.
  12. Add a default way to have a guest customer create an account at or after checkout just by clicking a checkbox. Similar to what many large retailers do now.
  13. Looking forward to seeing where you guys can take this platform @Smile & @datakick!
  14. If you just install the new version it will overwrite and keep your settings.
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