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  1. x97wehner

    Issue with product display order

    First off, I'm aware of how category product position works within the app. Filter by product category, then drag to correct position. I'm having an issue with one category that won't display correctly on my site no matter how I sort it within the category. I've checked the category_product table on the database and it seems to have everything in the correct order there, yet the site shows it in a strange order. Any ideas what else might be driving this error and how to fix?
  2. x97wehner

    [Free Module]Revws - Product Reviews

    Appreciate the effort, but your pre-release doesn't seem to have it available either.
  3. x97wehner

    [Free Module]Revws - Product Reviews

    I don't have that option. I just downloaded it from your site this morning. See photo below.
  4. x97wehner

    [Free Module]Revws - Product Reviews

    Sorry for the chunk of questions. I don't see an option to place the average below the product name. Is this a setting in the updated module I'm missing?
  5. x97wehner

    [Free Module]Revws - Product Reviews

    Nevermind. Found it. It's hidden well
  6. x97wehner

    [Free Module]Revws - Product Reviews

    Probably a dumb question, but where is the option to import reviews from the default product comments module? I can't find it anymore in the menus.
  7. x97wehner

    [Free Module]Revws - Product Reviews

    Really........ I'll have to investigate this today I think. Thanks again!
  8. x97wehner

    [Free Module]Revws - Product Reviews

    Great work.
  9. The Panda and Warehouse themes are the best ones out there if you know how to do a little configuration and css. They are super flexible and can easily be changed to accommodate your changing tastes for the appearance of the site. And, yes, as you've discovered, they come with their own modules that fit into their design templates. The challenge with them is that if you're not comfortable doing those things and would rather have the type of theme where you just install it and it's ready, you will hate them because little comes pre-configured the way you'll will want it.
  10. x97wehner

    Issue with 1.08 and Warehouse theme

    @datakick Likely. I had to restore the home directory to get it back to what it was. As long as I don't save or update those modules it's still clinging to life and not reformatting the CSS
  11. x97wehner

    Issue with 1.08 and Warehouse theme

    After update to 1.08, my css multi-line text boxes from warehouse modules no longer work. They are input in format: .header-container.inline-header.alt-cart { box-shadow: 0px 0px 5px #000000 !important; } After clicking save button, they are reformatted to: .header-container.inline-header.alt-cart {\r\n box-shadow: 0px 0px 5px #000000 !important;\r\n} Also, when I attempt to use their content creator module, I get 500 errors on save. I did not get either error in 1.07. Warehouse theme has not changed.
  12. I did some searching and found this. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/combinaisons-customization/20451-products-by-attributes.html It seems to be what I'm looking for. Anyone using/used it in the past? With TB?
  13. I'm trying to show my same product in separate colors on the category page. So, essentially, there would be three products showing, black, white, and grey, on the category page without creating separate products. Is there a quick way to modify code to do this or a module that works?
  14. x97wehner

    Gift Card module translation not saving

    @vzex Thanks. Yeah, I'm scrapping it as well
  15. Awesome. Great work everyone involved!