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  1. Just updated. Seems to firing better than normal now. No new issues
  2. I've had similar happen before. Had to go find carriers in the database and switch them to active or inactive.
  3. I just let my IP set the currency, but leave the selector open in case they wish to change it, or if the IP reads incorrectly.
  4. The developer is using it in his I believe. store.datakick.com I believe is it. Ours uses it as well, twighockeycompany.com
  5. @Traumflug, I assume he's speaking about a similar format to amazon.com, walmart.com, or patagonia.com, which have separate pages. In their case, since they are multi-line retailers with thousands of different products, I see the appeal. It presents another opportunity to cross-sell. I assume they're doing it because data supports that they sell significantly more when structured that way. For companies that don't have a lot of cross-sold product opportunities, it probably doesn't make as much of an impact.
  6. Display of available coupon would be awesome.
  7. After about three years, I abandoned them a couple months back in favor of Stripe and Paypal. Fees were the same but the stripe integration allows refunds through backoffice module, which is a nice win. I used the embedded checkout, and every once in a while, a payment would process, but no order would hit my system. Users seem to like the separate paypal module setup versus the 2checkout combined one as well. Plus, the module seems to be updated more often.
  8. Currently running PHP version 7.3.12 without issue.
  9. x97wehner

    Payment Method

    The easiest is to bounce to their checkout where they can recognize if the customer uses google or apple pay in their browser. It's pretty seamless. Then if you use PayPal as well, their module operates the same way. We've never had a customer complaint.
  10. x97wehner

    Payment Method

    I just dropped 2checkout recently in favor of Stripe and PayPal. Used 2co for years, but they never updated their module and I was starting to see some data flow issues. It was worth switching for us.
  11. Mine does not work correct either. I thought it was perhaps something I did, but if you're having the same issue, it seems not.
  12. It was Thanksgiving here in the U.S. thursday. As I'm getting back to work, I just wanted to let you all know know how thankful I am for this community in helping to keep TB a top notch store front tool. Especially to all they folks writing code on the backend and responding to all of us business level admins to assist. I and my business really appreciate it.
  13. As stated above, the issue exists in Niara as well. I realized that this is still a theme and your statement is likely true, but if packaged with TB OOB, it should work right and it does not. I tried a vanilla install of TB as well with Niara and it doesn't work. I get the same issues mentioned above. They recur in the Warehouse theme.
  14. I just discovered this same issue on my end as well tonight while trying to configure sales for black friday. I'm using the latest BE release and the warehouse theme, but getting exactly the same issues as mentioned above.
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