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  1. Thanks for helping me solve this offiline @wakabayashi The radio buttons are now shown as below
  2. I'm pretty sure that markup is out of the box with TB. That site is running panda theme, however, my main site runs Warehouse. Both have the same markup. I found an old prestashop forum post that shows the same markup as well. Do you know how to resolve the desktop issue either way? With CSS or other? I've been spinning my wheels on it for 2 days and can't figure it out.
  3. Sure. It's a dev site so I had to take it out of maintenance mode first. You can take a look here now. https://devfreshjan2022.twighockeycompany.com/office/rogue-b-hockey-stick#/23-age_group-senior You'll see that the radio selectors correctly show what is picked in navy blue on mobile devices. However on desktop or laptops with higher resolution, it does not show the navy blue coloring and I cannot figure out why.
  4. Hey all, I'm working to restyle my radio buttons on my product attributes to look more like buttons. You can see a sample below. Ignore the actual radio button showing, I can hide that easily later once I fix this issue. I've used css to style them correctly so when I select the label button, it selects the radio correctly. It does not, however keep the active color style applied after it's checked (In this case the button checked should be dark gray), nor does it apply the style on page load for default checked radio options. It only applies the dark gray I desire, when actually clicking the label button. I'm sure it's to do with the "Checked" class that TB inserts when a radio is selected. You can see below. I'm no JS expert but I believe it is required to solve this issue. Can anyone give me a quick fix/answer on how to apply style to the checked label button always? <fieldset class="attribute_fieldset"> <label class="attribute_label">Hand&nbsp;</label> <div class="attribute_list"> <ul class="attribute_radio_list"> <li> <div class="radio" id="uniform-26"><span class="checked"><input type="radio" class="attribute_radio" name="group_7" id="26" value="26" checked="checked"></span></div> <label for="26" class="radio_label">Right </label> </li> <li> <div class="radio" id="uniform-27"><span><input type="radio" class="attribute_radio" name="group_7" id="27" value="27"></span></div> <label for="27" class="radio_label">Left </label> </li> </ul> </div> <!-- end attribute_list --> </fieldset> I appreciate the help
  5. Thanks. I don't see any modules out there that are doing it exactly like I was hoping. However, I think I've figured out how to modify the radio buttons with CSS to get the appearance I'm seeking.
  6. I don't want radio buttons or dropdowns. Wanting to get something similar to what amazon does (Shown below) where attributes appear as buttons and disable if it's not an option base on other selections. Is this possible with TB? Ever seen a module that does this perhaps? I appreciate the help
  7. I'm trying to make sure I have my accounting correct for the fiscal year but am missing a big piece. I can easily find order amounts, ordered product amounts, and ordered product quantities returned and refunded. I cannot find where the order transaction amount is reduced for these returns and refunds, nor can I see how much the value is of the returned or refunded ordered products. Is this stored in the database anywhere? I appreciate the help.
  8. Just an update to this thread. After some time, all of the sudden it is working. I have no idea what I did or if something happened but it appears to be working now.
  9. I've tried this a couple times in the last couple days as I spin up dev instances. When I do a fresh 1.3 setup via Softaculous and I don't change any settings, the out of the box search function doesn't work at all. It throws a message about the request never completing. I tried throwing the Panda theme on it to see if that would resolve it and it did not. Thus, I'm pretty sure this is not theme related. I've done this many times before and never witnessed this. Is anyone else seeing this or am I just doing something crazy all of the sudden?
  10. #reinsurance_block { background: url(../blockreinsurance/img/bg_reinsurance_block.gif) repeat-x 0 0 #c3c7cb; } Look for a module called "reinsurance block" is probably the culprit. Likely something that installed with your theme.
  11. It really comes down to the fact that search engines are very sophisticated nowadays. Just changing keywords and meta descriptions doesn't do much by itself. In fact, I'm pretty sure google barely looks at them anymore. It really comes down to the content on each page and how often other people are visiting, taking action, and staying on each of your pages. So with that in mind, you can marginally increase your position by doing all of the the things in the previous post, but there is no magic bullet until people start finding and interacting with your pages.
  12. Just an update if anyone is following. It appears to be a theme issue. Mine (Warehouse) being less compatible with TB since the 1.3 update. Now to figure out how to fix it.
  13. I'm going to keep investigating. What core file would be driving this OOB? I'd like to compare between my two sites.
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