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  1. Which module version are you using? Are you getting some JavaScript issues? Still using old module or the latest?
  2. It could also be a timing issue in the old module version. If the price was not totally available, or caching issue. But you can also upgrade the module to 1.7.21 the last tested version with 1.6. Prestashop
  3. Hello, I am the developer of the module. Does 1.0.7 base on the Prestashop 1.7 ? If so the module was adapted to handle the new handling. It does not use JavaScript anymore for the calculation. It now uses special hooks which must be integrated into the template on the places the price shall be displayed. So please try to upgrade the module to the latest version 1.7.22 and make the hook adaptions described in the modules readme. Hope this helps. Regards
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