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  1. It looks good to me, thank you! 🙂 Will it flow into the 1.2.x version, too, or shall I update the live store to the main version?
  2. I'm still using Coingate with this fix: https://github.com/coingate/prestashop-plugin/pull/11/files See
  3. Looks like it's still working for me.
  4. Fantastic, thank you! I don't have a testing server. I'll set one up.
  5. Das klingt sehr gut, danke! Irgendwann will ich die ganzen Dienste näher vergleichen. Für uns wärem die wichtigsten Funktionen: MHD/Chargen-Management Amazon-Anbindung * Nett wären: Bestandsverwaltung via Barcode o.ä. DHL-Anbindung * Die mit * markierten Funktionen haben aber wohl alle Dienste.
  6. Just as a side note, there are also services that do things like syncing to Amazon, eg in English https://www.plentymarkets.co.uk/ or in German https://www.billbee.io/ They require a subscription, though, but offer more than just marketplace sync.
  7. I think the minimum would be: Import - orders Export - Stock quantities - order status (ie shipped) The other stuff is nice to have but not necessary, as you can do that in Amazon itself.
  8. Hi @datakick What's the difference between 'bind, 'constant', and 'interpolate' for values? I'd just like to change the order status from 1 to 2. Thanks!
  9. Hallo, wir schauen uns Dienste an, die sowohl als WaWi und als Verbindungsstück zu Amazon, DHL, usw. dienen können, zumal es immer weniger Module gibt, die PS 1.6 unterstützen. Unser jetziges Amazon-Modul bietet z.B. keinen Support mehr für PS 1.6 an. Dabei haben wir folgende Dienste entdeckt und ich wollte fragen, ob jemand hier Erfahrungen damit hat. Plentymarkets: https://www.plentymarkets.eu/produkt/ Dreamrobot: https://www.dreamrobot.de/info/ecommerce-wawi/ Billbee: https://www.billbee.io/funktionen/ Reybex: https://www.reybex.com/funktionen/
  10. First time opened in Brave it hung. In Safari it didn't. Second time in Brave it worked.
  11. 30knees

    Demo site

    Yep, gladly! Let me know when it's ready for us to do so.
  12. 30knees

    Demo site

    Exact same words here, too. 🙂
  13. Ah, that's a pity. Most modules aren't that good. I'd have thought there's quite a large market considering how Amazon domininates online shopping. Also, especially now in the EU with Amazon having expanded into a number of new countries that aren't supported by the old versions of the modules for PS 1.6, only the newer ones for PS 1.7.
  14. Do you still have this planned? I just learned from @Prestaliathat they no longer support thirtybees (and neither PS 1.6), so their module that was here https://store.thirtybees.com/shop-modules/administration/module-amazon-sync is no more.
  15. Same problem - it's the link in the BO that doesn't work. The problem is the preview URL is like this for German when I'm in the BO using English as my default language: https://www.store.com/de/German-Category/English-Product
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