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  1. 30knees

    can't update combinations quantity

    Is it with all products? Does updating other fields work?
  2. Thanks! I removed the artifact, but I still get the error. This is what I get in the network console for consequences:
  3. 30knees

    Let's talk about email service providers

    Thanks for the update. Pity with servercow. 😞 Support is important. So far I've been lucky with them - I hope it stays like that. Good luck with OpenSRS!
  4. Are there other possibilities I can look at if debug mode is disabled?
  5. Great idea! I wanted to test the voucher for review rule, but I get "Failed to load rule" when I click on it after adding it. Do you have an idea why this might be?
  6. @FactorThank you! Now it works. In the meantime I ran the core updater again. It didn't find anything to change, however. No idea what caused the temporary issue, but thanks for the nudge to check again. 🙂
  7. Ah, really? So they always need to be matched. That's not the case now with all my emails. Then, together with the other answers, it sounds like the best way would be to keep everything very simple, have a text version I then use a WYSIWIG editor to make into a lookalike html email, and use that. Thanks @dynambeeand @Factor!
  8. 30knees

    What is in the progress?

    But isn't that quite a niche thing? I'm not saying it's a bad idea, I'm only mindful of whether it would be a significant attractor.
  9. Maybe, and I could imagine this would help also to show that tb is actively being developed, we could have two demo installations on the website: bleeding edge (with latest update date) and stable.
  10. Generally, I want to use text emails only because then I only have to maintain one set of emails. However, for some emails, like @datakick's great Revws module, I would like to use HTML emails because it's easier for a customer to click on the rating right in the email. I thought I could achieve this by: having the setting "send both html and text" activated deleting the html email templates and leaving only the text email templates, except for those emails that should use HTML This didn't work because then no email was sent. Then I tried to copy the txt content into the html content (so leaving out all the html formatting), but that looked horrible because the email was interpreted as not having any line breaks, etc because of the lack of HTML. 🙂 Does anybody have an idea how to achieve what I am looking for? Otherwise I'll just copy and paste my text into a WYSIWIG email creator and use that.
  11. They show up under Customers>Shopping carts but I can't transform them to orders. Any idea where I can look to troubleshoot?
  12. Hi, I updated to the bleeding edge and now I am unable to manually create an order in the backend. Nothing happens when I click to add the selected products to the cart. Could somebody using the bleeding edge please check whether they can manually create an order? Thanks
  13. Ah, but I see that after the Revws update that shows up as a trigger (I used the wrong terminology when I wrote "record type"). Great integration!
  14. 30knees

    Let's talk about email service providers

    That's great! I don't use push, so I can't tell you, unfortunately.
  15. Those are brilliant actions! So cool, looking forward to implementing. Thank you! p.s. Would "Revws review" as a record type make sense to add (or I just didn't see it)?