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  1. Yeah, that's true with the download. 😕 Have you tried contacting them directly? Interesting with WooCommerce. It's supposed to run well for larger shops, too, at least according to their 'success stories'. Lots of larger merchants use WooCommerce. How did it fare independently of performance, ie plugins, management, etc.?
  2. You may want to try this module: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/47173-module-list-of-customer-out-of-stock-registrations/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-3277907
  3. Working again. Bizarre how DHL doesn't have anybody maintaining / monitoring their systems (I guess) over the weekend. The system was down since Saturday at least.
  4. Their tech support is unaware of any issues and they also said they're not aware that they retired WSDL. Will post back once resolved / if there's more information.
  5. Anscheinend ja: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/error-when-creating-dhl-labels/
  6. Bekomme heute diese Fehlermeldung mit dem DHL-Modul vom Shop. Hat sonst jemand Probleme? SOAP-ERROR: Parsing WSDL: Couldn't load from 'https://cig.dhl.de/cig-wsdls/com/dpdhl/wsdl/geschaeftskundenversand-api/2.2/geschaeftskundenversand-api-2.2.wsdl' : failed to load external entity "https://cig.dhl.de/cig-wsdls/com/dpdhl/wsdl/geschaeftskundenversand-api/2.2/geschaeftskundenversand-api-2.2.wsdl"
  7. Yes, they also told me they stopped supporting tb. I asked about their Amazon module.
  8. Picking up on this old thread. I'd like to redirect from https://www.store.com/de/category/super-product to https://www.store.com/de/category/product I found this tool https://donatstudios.com/RewriteRule_Generator that suggests this: # 301 --- https://www.store.com/de/category/super-product => https://www.store.com/de/category/product RewriteRule ^de/category/super\-product$ /de/category/product? [L,R=301] Perhaps helpful for others!
  9. @datakickSee above for a potential bug fix. @DolfijnThank you! 🙂
  10. Do you have the address in Settings>Shop addresses? I don't remember whether that affects the invoice but it might be.
  11. Look at the modules: Theme Editor and Megamenu.
  12. Ich verwende ein Modul und habe sowohl EN als DE hinterlegt: Basis price (Module) v1.7.22.16 - von Simon Agostini https://addons.prestashop.com/en/sizes-units/5756-basicprice-unit-price.html
  13. Hast Du bei den Übersetzungen geschaut? Müsste eigentlich dort irgendwo sein.
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