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  1. 30knees

    Mobile template

    You could try the community theme or Niara. Also, take a look here:
  2. Sind es Inseln oder gehören sie zu einer bestimmten PLZ-Gruppe? Hängt es ggf mit Deinem Versandmodul oder -einstellungen zusammen?
  3. The shop adds a text about the sale of goods being tax exempt according to 259B General Tax Code for EU B2B sales. This is based on French law and needs to be adapted to the country of origin. I don't find where to translate this under "translations". Does anybody know?
  4. It looks great! Would you mind sharing your experiences with using Amazon SES or any other service?
  5. If a newsletter module permitted you to specify the outgoing server, I guess. I contacted @Eolia about this feature for his newsletter module but unfortunately he's not replying.
  6. Hi, Are there any decent alternatives to SendinBlue and MailChimp for newsletters / mass emails? The only requirement we have is: - Bi-directional sync of newsletter subscriptions between the service and the shop. We can't send mass emails from our normal email server. Thanks!
  7. Could someone point me in the direction of where to translate the tab name? It is 'Reviews' for me in my target language and I've translated all 'Reviews' entry under Translations>Installed module translations>My language to the target language. Thank you! Edit: Translations somehow simply didn't get saved. All good now. 🙂
  8. I'd like to donate to thirtybees but only see monthly options at https://forum.thirtybees.com/support-thirty-bees/ Would it be possible to have a one-time donation option?
  9. Indeed, I think that resolves it. Nice job and thank you!
  10. I'm not sure. We have the status "paid" that follows "awaiting payment" and in "paid" the option "set the order as paid" is ticked. Or did you mean something else?
  11. I wonder whether this is the same problem:
  12. It happens again and again. Is anybody interested in taking this as a job? I'd like the results to flow back to the community. It sounds like this is a similar issue:
  13. Just an update that it's also happened with Sofort payments via Mollie in case others are experiencing the same issue.
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