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  1. In total I have 3 stores running on thirtybees. One of them will automatically send a confirmation email to the customer regardless of the set status and the assigned email, but the other 2 do not. What can be the problem? Which part of the code automatically sends this email? All stores have the same settings including used modules but 1 works 2 not. SMTP email setup is fine, because all other emails go fine except for order_conf. He just ignores it. Mail alert module working good, email to merchant is delivered ok, but to customer not.
  2. 0 Hellou, I need put regex ^.gold|Gold|GOLD. in product.tpl (thirtybees 1.0.8) and check if product name consist gold or Gold or GOLD. If product name consist in product name for example Anchor blue Gold then I need create product flag. Is there possible? I try it, but function is not working correctly. {if (preg_match('^.*gold|gold|GOLD.*', {$product->name|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}))} <span class="new-box"> <span class="zlato-label">GOLD 24K</span> {elseif(preg_match('^.*rosegold|Rosegold|ROSEGOLD.*', {$product->name|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}))} <span class="new-box"> <span class="zlato-label">Rose GOLD 24K</span> {else} <span class="new-box"> <span class="new-label">Nothing</span> {/if}
  3. Database is good, I checked with other, but still without cross-selling. If I add new product is impossible to add and see cross selling product. If I add cross-selling product to old product there is no problem.
  4. Ok, it look like it's something wrong with database.
  5. When I put product to cross-selling in product editor, some of this product have cross selling product in product page shown, but in some products is there only tittle without product. Page don't give me any problem or error. Can you help me and told me where can be a problem with? Because I try everything and everything it seems like good but some product have cross-selling some of my product no. Thank you
  6. Modules page in administration don't working too, give me 500 with this: none def5020054f720799a55373220d32438d5255b56ee8c20c0fa96ab6e2394022175eb480c1f068ba994d0d8c1add0e4 [...] Admin edit: truncated this long thing.
  7. Hi, after few days I have in performance error 500. Everything is working correctly, but performance in setting give me error 500. I don't do anything with system core only with my theme.
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