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  1. Brian

    GitUpdater preview

    I installed this latest preview but when I click "Compare" it says request failed, see JavaScript console Also when I select updater from the preferences menu I quickly get an error that disappears but that I was able to screenshot.
  2. Brian

    Trouble installing new theme

    I am running into some trouble with the gitupdater. When I click "Compare", I get a javascript error. Request to http://discountwallcovering.com/dwdev/admin-xxx/index.php?controller=AdminGitUpdater&token=ea251b0fa7df9c94173cb9f03f06d643&action=processCompare&ajax=1 failed with status 'rejected'. controller.js:179 When I clicked on the link to the js file I got this: Parameter 'compareVersion' is empty.
  3. Brian

    Trouble installing new theme

    I will check it out but when I installed the updater it gave me a message at the top of the modules page that said many of my modules needed updating. When I clicked "Update all" at the top the screen went blank and it just said "invalid class" at the top. Also I noticed that on the TB demo the Modules page is called Modules and Services where on mine it just says Modules. Is it possible that my transitions from PS was incomplete for some reason? Should my modules have been updated when I migrated?
  4. Brian

    Trouble installing new theme

    Thanks for the responses. What about the TB updater error? Is there a fix for that as well? I did post on the developer's forum but the more I looked into it the more it seemed to be a problem with TB or just my installation.
  5. Brian

    Trouble installing new theme

    I just switched to TB1.0.8 from PS 1.6.1 and am so far vary happy with the results. I purchased the Panda theme and having some trouble installing it and I think the trouble might be with my TB installation. I followed the instructions in the install video. I noticed in the install video that in PS when you enable the theme it brings you to a screen that tells you that there are modules that need to be enabled or disabled for the theme to work. When I enable the theme in TB I don't go to that screen, and none of the Panda modules are enabled and all my previously enabled mods are still enabled. The theme then looks like a broken version of the default theme. I tried installing the TB updater mod so I could update my modules but when I tried the update all option I got a "invalid class" error. I am stuck and have no idea where to look.
  6. Thanks so much! I never would have figured that out. I must of accidently moved that with an errant click in Fillezilla.
  7. I just migrated from prestashop 1.6.16 and when I try to generate pdf delivery slips by date I get this error: Argument 1 passed to HTMLTemplateDeliverySlipCore::__construct() must be an instance of OrderInvoice, instance of OrderInvoiceCore given, called in /home/fredfred/public_html/classes/range/pdf/PDF.php on line 98 at line 34 in file classes/range/pdf/HTMLTemplateDeliverySlip.php 29. */ 30. class HTMLTemplateDeliverySlipCore extends HTMLTemplate 31. { 32. public $order; 33. 34. public function __construct(OrderInvoice $order_invoice, $smarty) 35. { 36. $this->order_invoice = $order_invoice; 37. $this->order = new Order($this->order_invoice->id_order); 38. $this->smarty = $smarty; Help?