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  1. joel

    Missing logo on invoices..... :(

    Hello, Only way I've found to solve this issue, was to enter manually the location of the picture/logo.... Maybe not the best solution, but it works 🙂 But I still don't know why this happened..... But if someone wants to close this . please do so 🙂
  2. Hello, All worked fine after changing from PS to TB, but I has some issues with the invoices ID, is wasn't any numbers anymore and also the order ID was different from the invoice ID. I made some changes in the order.php to get my normal numbers back instead of the wierd GFHTFTFT references.... Also I made a fake order on my shop and went on the database and changed the id oder/reference, so that the next oder and invoices have the same numbers again... ( in the beggining I had like order number 255 and the invoice for it was 256, what was quite confusing....). Now, I have all the correct numbers everywhere, but the logo on the invoice is missing..... 😞 I uploaded it again : no changes I checked the value in ps_configuration > ps_logo_invoice and on my ftp server under /img and everything is there and it appears if I open the adress in my browser, but again nothing on the invoice 😞 Does anyone have an idea, from where this can come from ? I search and read a lot online, before posting any questions here, but for the moment, I couldn't find any help anywhere 😞 Thansk in advance and have a nice day, Joel
  3. joel

    No logo image in invoice PDF

    Hello, What exactly did you do ? As I've a similar problem, where no logo appears on my invoices ..... they did in the beggining, but not anymore 😞 Thanks 🙂
  4. Hello, I just changed to TB and I'm trying to make everything work on my site...... BTW, my first impression of TB is just GREAT ! Thanks for this good work - finally something lighter and faster than PS.... 🙂 But, I have a problem, when I want to create a new delivery option, I can select any country..... it is just blocked 😞 Here a picture (sorry it is in french, but I'm sure, you know where this is 😉 ) It is impossible to add some numbers or to select a Zone/country.... I had an older delivery option, where "france" is selected but where I can't change anything else too... This (the older one) delivery option is shown on the delivery page, when an order is made, but any new option I create, doesn't show 😞 Any idea, where I make a mistake ? Thanks a lot, Joel
  5. joel

    Creating a new delivery option

    Hey again, I actually found a solution - this can be closed / deleted....
  6. joel

    Loyalty points

    wow that's a fast answer 🙂 Will have a look ! thanks 😉
  7. joel

    Loyalty points

    Hi, Is this still up to date ? can't open the link :( I'm looking for a similar modeule, where I could add reward points to a customer ;) Thanks, Joel