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  1. I guess there's no way to edit the color of the links without touching code. And also, I'd like to add specific links to the header apart from the ones there already; any help regarding that is appreciated.
  2. Thanks Andy. That worked just fine.
  3. Thanks a lot for your reply. The problem is that I know almost nothing about coding and I was thinking there would be a way to edit all that without touching 'code'. I tried what you said and I could see lines of code but where to go from there; I honestly don't know. Is there a simpler way for a non-tech savvy person like me, something like WYSIWYG? Thanks again
  4. I've been trying to configure the topmost bar of my store (the header) but I haven't been able to figure that out. How do I go about it? And the other thing is that I need help with is creating nested categories that automatically drop down once the cursor is pointing at the links.