What should I configure?

  • Which fields should I put the keywords, the tags we add in the products (below in the descriptions) are indexed by the search engines? Do the images have to be upped with the product name?

    Você quis dizer Existe alguma dica? algo que facilita a indexação dos produtos nos buscadores?
    Is there any tip? Something that facilitates the indexing of products in search engines?

  • Just use the meta title and meta description fields! From my experience with PS 1.5 no matter your short and long description google decides what to take from your page and it is usually nothing in common with your product description. In SEO tab when adding products there is field to add meta keywords (at least in 1.5) but I believe google doesn’t use those as ranking factor for long time already.

  • @Anima Regarding images, check out the section on “Create great alt text”.


    It’s very important to have image alt text for each of your images.


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