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  1. Hi @datakick first of all your module is just great, as all your job. I think I wrote you once on email about such behaviour on your site and I just noticed it on the module’s demo. It’s about the zoom when selecting input field on safari (iPhone). I don’t know if it is same on android devices. But it really is not providing best ux, if I have to zoom out every time when I select an input field, and It would be great to fix it. Here are some screenshots: Other thing I noticed is when I enter not complete email address, there is no error message or anything informing me that I should enter complete email to continue. i am attaching screenshot of that also. Edit: It would be great if the phone number input fields for example, bring the large numeric keypad on mobile, instead the normal (letter) keyboard.
  2. If the module is capable to blacklist customers I will buy it 🙂 For example: If customer is added to a blacklist and some of customer’s details like phone number, name, address etc. match in new order, the module sends warning email to the merchant.
  3. Actually I can’t answer why is there up arrow and $ sign, but it is working for me like that. You could try it in your file and if something goes wrong just remove the line. You could check if the old url is redirecting on: www.redirect-checker.org for example i just found next example in the ps forum: RedirectMatch 301 old_url1 new_url1 RedirectMatch 301 old_url2 new_url2 RedirectMatch 301 old_url3 new_url3 If mine doesn’t do the job, try with the above.
  4. The way I’m redirecting in the htaccess file is: redirectMatch 301 ^/oldcategory/oldproduct$ /newcategory/newproduct/ The redirect is placed at the beginning of the htaccess file. It is working fine for me. Nothing additional, just the redirects.
  5. I was just going to tell you how to regenerate your htaccesss file, but it looks your site is working fine now. I’m happy you solved it. Could you please tell us what the issue was?
  6. You should try traumflug’s advice, I don’t know what he exactly means, but for me whatever link i try to follow on your site it redirects me to same page ... and it only works with _ not with - Check the previous setting he mentioned with the ssl setting. You should try to regenerate your htaccess file and just add the redirects in the new generated file. I just get it, the page I open is obviously your 404 page ... So definitely don’t follow anything I say, just traumflug’s advice 😉
  7. The correct url is: https://naildots.com/items/fourth_of_july_nail_decals not http://naildots.com/items/fourth-of-july-nail-decals with _ not - At least it opens for me like that ...
  8. Why is the main URL redirecting me to https://naildots.com/items/ maybe you did something wrong with the redirects? Could you post one example redirect link. Old and the redirected url, so someone could help you?
  9. I don’t get it. If I’m selling to German market from other eu country, who is responsible for the tax and who should comply with the law? Is it the shipping company or me as importer (manufacturer)?
  10. Check this link if it could help you: https://thirtybees.com/blog/elasticsearch-module-beta/
  11. @DRMasterChief here are my recent changes which solved my issues with mobile indexing. It’s for my ps 1.5 shop but I think the directory structure is not much different. If it is, you may change it accordingly.
  12. Oh, he may be mean, if: log in, add products to the cart and log out. And next time when he logs in his account, the cart is empty. Is it correct @Pilou ? Or when you log in, add products to the cart and close the browser, then visit the site again? Is it same if you fill your cart as a guest?
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