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  1. Ahhh, only one thing, there is only the stable and bleeder option, In case I choose to bleed? 1.0.x?
  2. Thank you very much!!! I'll see it now !!!
  3. I understand, I have a store with the theme installed, I will create a test domain and I will install and see what is active in the other. It will be a lot of work, but I believe that tb team is not very interested in solving this problem urgently.
  4. I'm trying to install the theme "warehouse", it installs almost normal. But the modules that should be installed do not install and those that should be removed are not removed. I could even do this manually but I do not know which modules I should remove.
  5. Anima


    It worked!!! I actually put the first key I made. Many thanks to both!
  6. Anima


    I just created another key, still not working v1.0.2
  7. Anima


    I do not think I'm forgetting anything ... The solution is becoming another problem hahahhaa
  8. Anima


    Use warehouse theme, does it have any connection with the error?
  9. Anima


    Not being enabled, it always gets "unknown"
  10. Anima


    Is returning error in example Confimmation "Unknown"
  11. Anima


    Hello everyone, @mdekker Today I received more than 50 emails in the store with random domain and .ru, I'm getting worried, I would block anything .ru. Can someone guide me? and there's still more
  12. Anima

    Erro CronJobs

    Then there must be some error in the updates, I did not update anything beyond the paypal outside the automatic update tb, I do not know how this updated module came to stop in the store Thanks a lot for the help!
  13. Anima

    Erro CronJobs

    I will get the latest version in github, because when I was trying to update it was giving error
  14. Anima

    Erro CronJobs

    v2.1.1 remove and re-install the error disappeared, but I can no longer add tasks, they simply do not stay after save
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