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Quick check on integrating payment and ISBN modules



Dear All,

I am building a bookshop and hope to launch it in April. I started developing the cart using Prestashop 1.7 but gave up. After a bit of research, I have decided to bite the bullet and use Thirty Bees. It seems great. I am planning to purchase three Prestashop modules. Before doing so, I would like to check if anyone has any better options.

I am based in Malaysia and plan to use Adyen as a payment gateway. The cheapest/easiest option is to buy this module:


I also have the job of cataloguing 35,000 books which isn't going to be easy. I plan on using this to help me:


I will also purchase a theme. Before I buy these modules, may I ask if anyone:

  • Has any reason to believe these modules won't work on TB

  • Has any better solutions

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


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I don't know anything about the payment module.

I do know about books and uploading them. I have a couple of questions. First, do you have the books in a database already or are you starting from scratch? Looking at that module it seems that you will have to manually update each product with the ISBN in the back office to populate the information.

Will you be selling new or used books and are you selling on any of the big venues as well?

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Thanks so much for replying and your help. I will begin with the payment module. The Elasticsearch module looks impressive and very quick. I have built my own server so hosting it should not be a problem. Thanks for the suggestion.


Any help on how to go about cataloguing the books would be appreciated. I will be starting from scratch. To begin with, all of the books will be used.

We don't plan to sell on the big venues to begin with as we are based in Malaysia. I guess it would be nice to have that functionality in the future.

I am a bit new to e-commerce so trying to get my head around how to adapt Thirty Bees for books. I have changed the manufacturer to publisher and wondering whether to use tags for the author.

I would appreciate any suggestions you may have.

Thanks again.



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If you are starting from scratch I would recommend having a database with your inventory and uploading to ThirtyBees using the csv import. There are several book databases available, BookTrakker.com is probably one of the best but has a monthly subscription fee. Bibliopolis.com has a product called Bookhound that can be purchased outright. Abebooks.com has a free product called HomeBase. Or if you, like me, are a glutton for punishment you can build your own using MS Access or FilemakerPro :)

As far as adapting 30bz, I use the product name for the title and all the other bibliographic items, author, publisher, date etc are features. The short description lists all the bibliographic information and basic condition of the book and DJ. The long description has the expanded condition. You can see how it plays out in the front office at LJsBooks.com. I tried using layered navigation but with the number of different authors, publishers and all it just didn't work. I disabled the add to cart buttons on the products featured on the home page and on the category pages because I want people to read the condition description before they purchase the book.

I hope that helps, if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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