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Hi all, maybe i'm posting in the wrong category, but i couldn't post in the Theme compatibility one (it is not on my dropdown list to chose). Anyway, i want to suggest to whom is looking for a really nice and complete free theme for PS, this one i've found recently on PS forum ... i'm normally not using free theme, i prefer do it myself or buy a premium one, but this i think is like a star in a dark sky, really awesome. So i decided to test it with Thirty Bees, and from my first results, it is fully compatible ... that's why i post it here so anybody want to continue testing and using it can dowload the theme here: http://prestapassion.com/prestashop/easiness/download/easinessmainfiles.zip and this is the support treads on PS forum https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/598118-free-theme-easiness-free-prestashop-theme/

PS: thank to all of you Thirty Bees guys for your effort to go the way PS have lost...no need to say how much gratefull i am for that, wish you the great success you deserve!!!

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you are right, i also asked this to the developer before to download it ... the zip contain all the .psd, documentation, 5 different quickstarter themes and the theme itself, i can assure you he did really a good work, also better than a premium theme ...

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Ok it looks like I must have a write permission problem. The new theme is not on the server anywhere. I looked and all folders are set to 755 and files to 644. Do I need to do a clean TB testshop or is there some way I can fix what I have? I must have done something wrong with the initial install.

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