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Migration between ANY version(s) of thirtybees/prestashop. Mass edit of virtually any data of your shop. 100% Free. Ever. :)


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WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! The tools described below allows you to edit database directly! Please check all things 10 times and be extremely careful! Always do the backups before data change! I don't carry any responcibility for any loss of your data, it is only on your own risk!

TOOL #1 (Windows). 0. You need to have MS Office installed 1. Download package Mysql for Excel here: https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/windows/excel/ , note, you have to click the "Download" button in the bottom right corner, NOT "Go to download page"!!!

  1. After d/l complete install the package, ther run Excel. On the "Data" tab you can find the "MySQL for Excel" button, click it, ther rightbar will appear. In that bar you can establish a new connection to mysql database. Unfortunately, the screenshot i've made has the cyrillic letters, but i hope thing are clear however : alt text

  2. It is possible to open several tables, each in separate sheet, if you save the file, all data will be saved for future use. alt text

Having 2 connections setup it is possible to transfer data between thirtybees and prestashop OF ANY VERSION by simple copy-paste!

TOOL #2, TOTALLY FREE, for those, who don't like MS products

  1. Ensure you have LibreOffice/OpenOffice installed
  2. Ensure, that mysql has timezone-related tables are filled with proper data. My default mysql package under ubuntu have installed with empty timezone-related tables. In that case database driver will generate error during connection establishing. here's the shell command for fixing this issue: #mysql_tzinfo_to_sql /usr/share/zoneinfo | mysql -uroot mysql -p. Note 'mysql' word included twice in the line!
  3. Download mysql jdbc driver here https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/j/ It would be better to select the ”Platform independent” option in the dropdown list named ”Select operating system”. After d/l complete the archive have to be uncompressed into any well-known place.
  4. Launch LibreOffice, in the menu select Tools > Options > Advanced, вклthen turn on java use, then click "Class Path" button, and "Add archive" in the secondary window. Specify the path to jar file in the folder, where you've uncompressed downloaded on the step #2 package. Then Ok, Ok alt text

  5. In the LO menu select, File > New > Database, then database wizard appears. You have to select "Connect to an existing database" radiobutton, and choose it type of "MySQL" alt text Go to the next step of wizard and select JDBC radiobutton: alt text, then go to the next step

  6. This step is important. You have to concatenate the following string to the database name: ?zeroDateTimeBehavior=CONVERT_TO_NULL, otherwise you'll get errors when opening some tables. alt text

  7. Setup complete. Now you can directly edit your database in two ways: a) at LO Base, b)in the LO Calc. You have full power of LO Calc/LO base with tons of other additional features of LO. Again, you can migrate almost any data with the simple copy-paste FOR FREE, EVER! alt text

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Some people on that forum (and other as well) experience poblems with products import/export/mass edit. So, they mostly rely on 3rd-party modules for this puproses. From another hand, almost eveyone is quite familiar with excel and NOT familiar with SQL

Thus, i wrote this guide for those ones, who faced need of mass editing/export/import for repetitious products/combinations, and who don't know much about sql clauses, but use cell drag-drop operations.

As for me i use all tools.

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