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  1. Yeah, totally off topic, mate. I don't know if you applied for a 2checkout account and got an active 2checkout account yet or if your module is configured correctly. Please start a separate thread so that this can be discussed there.
  2. I personally have a good experience with 2checkout paymeny system, via a different platform tho (osCommerce, for which I wrote the payment module myself), but as long as you have an up to date 2checkout module to use on any platform it should work well. That said, USA based businesses have the biggest availability of payment processing options and thus the lowest fees, but UK should have many too I suppose. I don't have many reasonable payment processing options where I operate from.
  3. @AndyC, totally agree with @datakick - leaving the site to pay can actually be a good thing. I know I never lost a single sale because of that (using both Paypal IPN modules and 2checkout INS module which has a Paypal option as well). As for jQuery, I like what PS is doing lately, as @musicmaster mentioned, jQuery migrate is useful. As a side note, I also much prefer Twig (used by OpenCart for a while and by PS 1.7+) over Smarty. And if TB already started breaking backward PS 1.6 compatibility with the new 1.1.x branch by uprading smarty without implementing a backward compatibility layer, would have probably been better to switch to Twig IMHO. P.S. You can design the external payment pages to look very similar to your website as if the customer is still on your site. sorta.
  4. As long as I am less ill, I will do my best to to test this. Really happy that you are working on this! :)
  5. doclucas


    @Traumflug You may want to check this out: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/164979/uk-postcode-regex-comprehensive
  6. @ajensen27 said in Can anyone from TB team contact us?: especially a one page checkout that isn't outdated like the current one and a modern theme. AFAIK, TB code base is far superior and more stable than PS 1.6 even now. Aren't there some excellent OPC modules available, like this one and this one? And also a massive selection of PS 1.6 themes that you can use on TB? @bonus said in Can anyone from TB team contact us?: Right you are! These people dare to call Prestashop a scam, but over the months I haven't seen much of a difference... No idea who and when PS was called a "scam", and I don't know how TB is the same scam. Care to elaborate? I apologise if this sounds a bit offensive, but I have just wasted too much time on this project, so I reckon that I am entitled to express my opinion (albeit anonymously). I think anyone is entitled to express an opinion and I don't think it should be done anonymously. There is nothing to be afraid of, It's not China here. People were saying very critical things on these forums and are still active members. Can we still rely on Thirty Bees a year from now? Good question.
  7. @datakick said in Database error while Editing Product: I suggest you follow this recommendation Rolando is a legend! :)
  8. There are several topics discussing similar issue here, may help with this: https://www.google.com/search?q=%22Not+all+files+were+successfully+uploaded+on+your+server%22+site:www.prestashop.com
  9. Who's this? Your alter ego? :rollingonthefloorlaughing: I said it saddens me because you keep asking for community help to bring more developers to support TB and when we do that developers finally show willingness as in this post: https://forum.thirtybees.com/post/20631 You seem to be doing nothing about it. They said they contacted you in several ways, even through these forum posts. I even tagged you myself so you won't miss it: https://forum.thirtybees.com/post/20634
  10. doclucas

    Adding images

    @AndyC Please post last 100 lines of your error log right after it happens. Please also post mysql query results of 1) SHOW GLOBAL STATUS LIKE '%connect%'; 2) SHOW GLOBAL VARIABLES LIKE '%connect%';
  11. Turn off caching and you will see them much more often. :light_bulb: Especially if you turn on debug mode as well... By the way, regarding the claims you mentioned, one possible reason you don't see errors/warnings is because the developer suppressed some of them with the @ operator. Not the most professional way to write code (to put it mildly). Good read: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1868874/does-php-run-faster-without-warnings/1869185 I really like this comment (by a real pro):
  12. To fix this, open /modules/crossselling/crossselling.php Change: AND product_shop.active = 1 '.(Group::isFeatureActive() ? $sql_groups_where : '').' To: AND product_shop.active = 1 AND p.visibility IN ("both", "catalog") '.(Group::isFeatureActive() ? $sql_groups_where : '').' Make sure you clear cache in the BO performance page, then test. Hope this helps. :)
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