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Advanced Stock Management and CSV



I have multiple suppliers for one product. I also use advanced stock. I also use CSV import. Because if You have 300 product and each of them can have 3 to 12 combination then it's impossible to put all this in database without automation. Now I discover that if all is OK and You need to change something in products then it's very easy to make an CSV file and import it. Unfortunately this will mess up with stock quantity. For example if You have 5 different supplier then importing an CSV where all five are present, TB also generates stock movement. If there are already 10 item, then with first supplier there is movement to add 10. Next product with the same ID and product code will make stock movement to add summary of all existing items, in actual case it adds 20. With fifth supplier you have 320 item on your stock. Is this a bug or I'm making something wrong ? Because if this isn't bug then this CSV isn't useful. There are extra stock movements in SQL table stock_mvt. If i delete these, is this solution ? Or if I delete something from SQL table it makes something worse ?

Thank You

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