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  1. This did help and I already find out what was wrong in my case. And yes, You need manually enter tracking code to order. My problem was this @ sign.
  2. Well. Finally. But I have strong feeling that this can cause error in some other place. Shortly, file AdminOrdersController.php contain puiblic function - postprocess And there is place where the content of this (followup) is constructed. There is line 613 where is $_order, but this must be $_orders. Because in my system there isn't table with name order, but orders. I replaces this one and at the moment the result is exactly what I need. Client can have email with link that opens right page with tracking result and not a blank page where You must insert tracking number. This is TB1.0.x - bleeding edge. I hope this will help somebody. EDIT. I think that there is no need to modify anything. There wasn't @ symbol (See colorful-ant reply) and after I put this symbol then I didn't wait long enough for system to compile new files with changes. So if You put @ then you need empty cache and wait little bit.
  3. This @ should be do all the "magic", but in real life it does nothing. Client email still ends exactly at the point where tracking number begin.
  4. Well. The link in email (which is sent to customer) contains almost all necessary information. Almost. And I couldn't find place where can I edit this. In translation page this link is called (followup), so this link is constructed in somewhere. And I could not fin this place. When I can modify what is inside this (followup) then I think all is OK.
  5. I have some working modules for shipping. Now I need to edit email which is sent to customer and I need that there is link with tracking code to webpage. Webpage address is in database. Tracking code is also in database. Which file I need to modify that client can get correct link to this webpage. At the moment client get only webpage with all additional (for example in the end is "&trackingcode="), but not tracking code itself in this link. How can I complete this link ?
  6. TB is good. it is working, But ... There is 1,5 year with no new release. But I can't even imagine how many someone are already making modifications to his/her version. With new release they must remember all what they have done, because there is possibility that most of this must be done again after upgrade. And finally there is no point to upgrade bc it's simpler to install new version and start all over. And this is really frustrating. But maybe I'm wrong.
  7. You really think that your browser shows all these pictures at once ?
  8. Well, there is possibility to make rule for specific category. You need to dig deeper. Price rules (from menu) -> Cart rules -> Add new -> Conditions -> Product selection - > Add rule concerning ... Or Price rules (from menu) -> catalog price rules -> Add new -> add new condition ... Some items what You need are on bottom, maybe these are hard to find.
  9. Is there also info about review request. I mean when customer buys 10 items then it is 1 email for item or one email for order ? How are customer selected ? Maybe someone don't need this, how can I unselect ?
  10. So this selling process will take another year ? Or what's the point ?
  11. Yes it is. It contain both time (year) and distance ( 9 460 500 000 000 km) so it is pretty good thing. But if there is something specific for patience measuring then enlighten me. And sorry for offtopic.
  12. Soon ? Your patience can already be measured in light years ...
  13. led24ee

    Can't add to cart

    Just curiosity. What are you doing ? As rare as I get here, you still have something broken in the store. However, check that all carriers can deliver the products. If you use ASM, you must check that all products are "binded" to the warehouse.
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