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  1. I don't get it. For example thememaster module. I have found many of them, some are many years ago, size is different, but they are all v1.0.0. How the hell someone supposed to know which one is working ? Now there is thememaster-master.zip and TB1.3 shows me that this module install is done. And yes ... there is again Thememaster v1.0.0. not thememaster-master. Or I understand something wrong ?
  2. Well You can't make things compatible each other forever. But other side if there will be some clever solution then it is useful next time too in case some next PHP version will create similar problem. About this PHP 8. I have heard this long time and was sure there will be no problem. I try to pay more attention.
  3. Damn it. I spend almost whole night to find this out. Can You next time put this kind info with BIG LETTERS somewhere in the beginning ? Why ? Because I found Your letter almost year ago, that this issue will be fixed and I think that it is done. Also my host offers PHP 7.4 and I have no idea how long this will be. Last year was also 5.6, but now this isn't available anymore. Do You have any clue when this PHP8 version is ready ? Year ? Month ? Day ? Something else ? Thank you
  4. I'm trying to install 1.3 but (PHP 8.1) there is error message SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'xxxx_attribute' doesn't exist. Any suggestion how to force install to create this table ? I've tried more than 10 times. Always the same result. So far i tried: multiple times upload again all files via ftp (maybe there was error when uploading files to server) and then start install process again Any suggestion ?
  5. I may be incorrect, but Google pay is available by STRIPE module also.
  6. I will not even try this.
  7. I use Block Layered Navigation. There are many ways to filter. But slider is available only with prices and wight. I tried to find out how to solve this but it is not easy for me. Shortly, the problem is that database store all values as text, except length and price. Even if other values are given only with number. Slider type only works when input is number. So my guestion is how I convert this text to numbers ? For example length. I can put all values like numbers. So theoretically TB can convert these to numbers because there isn't any unit and there is no need to replace unit to something else. But I don't know how to tell this to Layered Navigation. Or maybe there is working solution already ? I use TB 1.1
  8. That's delicious
  9. U sure it is condition label ? There is also label when product is new. And this is situation when this product is recently entered in shop.
  10. I don't understand what's wrong with people. There's tons of material in internet. Almost every software contains user manual and You ask " point me in the direction of somewhere I can read about this ?"
  11. This info is in database. That's why database are invented. Way different is thing when You need put data from one base to another. And if prefix is also changed then it depend what sql manager is in use. In some cases You need to restore old base and then you can copy from on base to another. But it isn't catastrophic until you have all this data.
  12. Ok. Now there is something like week to found out is this really working. I mean after week should be clear how to get this version. By update or by clean install.
  13. Do You have any CAPTCHA module ?
  14. You are using domain, but You don't have any control of this ? I don't know details (looks like someone stole this domain), but if so then this looks quite stupid, because You have given all possibilities to blackmail. If You still have access to SQL then first of all copy all tables. Installing a new shop is not so hard, but lost all data is very annoying. After database copying can think, maybe it is worth to try with some other domain. But then again, I don't know details.
  15. There isn't any specific reason. Simply this attitude alone will never make this project bigger. In the real world, however, deadlines make sense. And if it is known that there will be a delay, it will be announced earlier, not a month later when it is clear already.
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