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  1. Hi, About this slider option. This slider is available only built-in possibilities like price or weight. But this i really annoying that You can't use this with other possibilities. So if you offer some items by length, then it is really good to use slider. At the moment you can use "click" type solution, but this is also annoying because filter runs automatically after every click and if there is many items then it is better to leave then scroll every time back and find another option. So is there option to put button "Run" or "Do" or something similar, then You can click on all possibilities and when you are done THEN filter is running ?
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  3. That's the best answer for many question so far.
  4. Thanks. Now You can also see why there isn't much users.
  5. You don't really understand ? There is one question and it's about future. More than year. And there is ZERO useful answer to this short question. Because "wait and You will see" is not really an answer.
  6. There's module, Order IP Address Verification. Results are visible on SQL database for every cart. This table stays even if You delete cart.
  7. Can You give example of modern function ? Years ago there was at least talk about advanced stock management. Is there any result ?
  8. There isn't easy way. I have asked such functionality many years before TB. Zero possibility so far. I'm not code writer, but from answer I understand that for this functionality there is need for too many things to modify. And nobody will do it, because most shops can live without this.
  9. I still don't get it very well. In TB there is also possibility for "related products" where You can directly "bound" the base plate "or plates" for specific ubolt. No need to search anything. But maybe my english is not good enough to understand.
  10. How is this different from combinations ?
  11. For missing images You can try Consistency Check.
  12. I have similar problems and I need to close not only tab but whole browser. There is too much data in temp catalog. Many people never close tab or browser (doesn't matter what they use, mobile, PC, laptop, etc) and then all this data is stored and this just takes huge amount of memory and does nothing useful. Some users have more tabs and apps open than they have hair. But I have no idea is this related at the moment.
  13. There is need for custom or extra field for transport. I have offered possibility for transport "I'll specify later" but I can't enter price, because there isn't price. If I put "free" then I can't explain to customer that this free isn't actually free. Or maybe there is possibility that I haven't find yet ?
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