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  1. Problem with product picture names. I use estonian and english. If I change picture name in one language for only one picture, then in other language all names comes to this what is for first picture. The language stays right, only picture name changes. In both direction, this mean that there is no difference with language I use. In other language there will be always only one name for all pictures. Can anyone confirm ?
  2. In TB depth is like length, at least I use it like this. I have no idea why this is so. Looks like this is similar to "lift" and "elevator" thing.
  3. Height and depth are the same. Just try to imagine that in one case you start measuring from down to up and in other case vice versa.
  4. Well. This "Like us on Facebook" problem was in real life adblocker.
  5. It happened me also. But since this was test site then it ended for me with totally new install. I still have no idea what was the reason. Problem was with products pictures. All other were generated with no problems. I played with picture settings also, but this doesn't change much.
  6. "Like us on Facebook" module is not working. Text is visible, but the FB picture is not visible. Can anyone confirm ?
  7. Warning line 1255 in file modules/advancedeucompliance/advancedeucompliance.php [2] count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable Could this this error message help solve the problem ?
  8. Yes, I starts. It does something, but I have no idea what. Because the result is that nothing visible is changed. There are no new emails (I have access to this mailbox from mail client also) not in TB or not in this mailbox. But right now mail on TB are different to mails in this mailbox.
  9. With PS this syncronizes all mails from this account to the shop. I got situation when this mailbox outside PS was so big that there wasn't enough place in shop. And then the syncronize process paralyzed whole shop. So I need to go in SQL table to change settings. But with TB this syncronize doesn't do this. I have no idea what syncronization this TB does. I just played with this some days ago.
  10. Well. At least on carrier is back when ASM is disabled. I go thru all the steps to find out why there is only one carrier back and not all of them. Looks like the sun is shining again (yes, yes, it is almost midnight here) And now all looks good. So at the moment Advanced Stock Management didn't know exactly what he was supposed to do.
  11. Well, finally I removed them all. And then I set up new carrier without any limit. I gave this carrier access to all (all categories, all warehouses, all customer groups, all countries) and still NO carrier. I'm not sure anymore will I continue with TB. If this can be my mistake (whatever I'm doing wrong) or not but this is really frustrating.
  12. Same here. I even have deleted all cookies from browser memory, log off, log on. Nothing changes.
  13. It's Niara with no changes.
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