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  1. Ok. Let's try. I try to cancel Patreon.
  2. Not supporters ... Let me think .... For example You can put all patreons in supporters file.
  3. led24ee

    Price tax exc

    I'm not sure I understand Your problem. You need price with tax or price without tax ? There are Menu -> Customer -> Groups where You can choose how each group can see prices.
  4. Holy moses, it is working now. I upgraded it long time ago (week or smtg) but I didn't do the reset. Now after reset this token looks much better. Thank You.
  5. If I run this in browser (copy and paste) then everything works. Actual jobs will be done and also cronjobs module shows when was the last time of run and shortly everything looks like one big happy family. Now I have in this same server with this same cPanel one PS 1.6.11.x If I try this cPanel cron with this PS (PS gives another token) then it also works. But in this PS token, there aren't symbols like dot or slash or $. And this is the reason why I believe that cPanel cron is very "selectiv" about this token symbols.
  6. Now I have tried cron with cPanel 80.0.23 but there is always only one result: Invalid token. I have found zero info how to deal with this error. And this is with cPanel only. So this token must contain some symbols not allowed for cPanel. How can I change this token ? Or is there any other solution ? (Plan B for me : change your hosting company)
  7. I don't have this version anymore. But if I remember correctly then my host did also something, this was with PS and TB 1.0. And I tried to ban some IP's with htaccess.
  8. It still is very slow. I experienced something similar when server was misconfigured with .htacces file.
  9. I have only execution time. Actually it's exactly the same time that is in TB cron task section below. This is actual copy " Cron is up and running, last executed few seconds ago (2019-07-27 23:30:09) "
  10. Everything is OK with this cron.
  11. Not local, I have host. But there is possibility ti set up cron task, limit is 5. I tried with these too, but result was not working condition.
  12. Can somebody tell me HOW to set this cron to work. So far it does nothing.
  13. About modules: tawk.to (V1.1.0), RSS feed (v2.1.0), imageMagick (v1.3.0) are not compatible and can't be installed on TB1.1, but they are by default in module list.
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