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  1. "They" are my clients. And I'm not developer but some little changes must be done. And YES, This solution is working. Thank You
  2. This put only days on invoice, but they need date. Not 10 days but, due date 25-08-2020.
  3. No. You can set this different for every customer.
  4. Hi I'm from Estonia and here I need Due Date on invoice. Sometimes customer need Invoice before payment and in this case I need to put this Due Date on invoice About max_payment_days. This max_payment_days is in SQL table (customer) and is marked as INT. It is for every customer. Now i try to modify file invoice.summary-tab.tpl (root/pdf) but I don't know how to tell TB that there is need to add INT to DATETIME and then show this as date. I add if condition, that this DUE date is visible only when max_payment_days value is not 0. And this is working. But I don't know how to add this to invoice date. So far I got only errors or unwanted result. File is added. All this is from TB1.1.x At the moment Due Date result is "0" which is definitely not what I need. If i replace both values with numbers, then everything is working. So this summation is working. I'm not sure but i think that because one is DATETIME and another is INT then result is something what TB can't understand. invoice.summary-tab.tpl
  5. Hi. I need modify invoice template (actually this file is invoice.summary-tab.tpl). I need to add one extra field. This is easy. But this field must contain date which is calculated from to variables. One is invoice generated date and this is already existing value. The other on must be invoice date + max_payment_days from table "customer". Can somebody tell me how to construct this ? Thank You
  6. There was similar case. I was able to increase inodes (thanks to my host, this was real quick), webpage "born again" and after this I deleted manually via FTP cache files. This "wasn't" very long process, something 12+ hours. I have no idea how many hundred thousand files there was. But this was just one case. Do not try this urgently repeat. There can be many reason for error500 and this was just one.
  7. Some times error500 is also when there's not enough inodes. This is basically when You have too many files. Look at Your cache folder.
  8. Thanks for no help. After 4 days I found out that there was wrong Schema of URLs. Preferences -> SEO&URL's -> Route to CMS page (and "Route to CMS category"). There was also tag {id}. When this tag is removed everything works.
  9. I got a similar problem. When I create CMS category and put this in HOME category (Home is root category and created category is subcategory) then in BO everything looks good. Now I create some CMS pages and then I put these in earlier created category. Still all is good in BO. Now, when I add these to FO (Block Top Menu) then there is this created category, but when I click on this category then I see pages in HOME category instead of created category. I spend many hours to find out what is wrong, but so far no results. I use t TB1.1.0- Bleeding edge, with all updates. I also have testsite where I'm unable to reproduce this problem. I also compared both sites SQL tables and there are no differences. Any suggestions what can be cause of this ?
  10. led24ee


    I use € at the moment
  11. led24ee


    Looks like it is changed. I just checked and now it removes decimals. There is also possibility to make changes for every currency. Try this too. Maybe this will help.
  12. led24ee


    What version of TB is in use ? In my shop this works exactly what You expect.
  13. You can simply choose are these prices with taxes already or without taxes. In second option this shop will add whatever you choose the tax is and this depends many other things. But this column is the only where you can choose. All others (55 or something) can contain only values that are definitive. Point is that if you put in this CSV prices with VAT but in some reason you choose importing process prices without VAT (or vice versa) then finally you have wrong prices and then you need to wonder what the hell happens.
  14. Well there are some more thing. For example price. You can choose price with VAT and without VAT. It's column 5 if I remember correctly. So be careful before hit that GO button.
  15. Probably missing the whole address (https//www.....). There must be whole address in CSV. If you have testsite then you can test with only one row to understand how this CSV works.
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