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  1. Not yet. But why is this forum if solution is to put this in github ? I try to not use ASM, but i have no idea why there must be exist possibility which is useless or if this is working then I can't use this option because I'm too stupid or I expect too much. Unfortunately I'm no so skilled to fix this. If I remember correctly then there wasn't problem in TB 1.0.4 and when 1.1 was ready I think that this is better.
  2. In general I can also found another platform too.
  3. I give up with this ASM. I just spent about hour to make an supply order and in final this thing just tripled some quantity. This need very serious work. Of course meanwhile there was error 500 also, but I was lucky to resolve this (product name was too long. I can't understand why this wasn't problem when product was created.)
  4. I noticed that with ASM there is another weird thing. This on is probably mistake. If You put products on supply order then the first row is reference. This should be product reference, but at the moment this is supply order reference. TB 1.1. Bleeding ... Now I have some items in stock and ... When You have only one combination of many, then customer can see that all combinations are available with delivery time for item which is in stock. There is no quantity visible, but delivery time is same when this item is in stock. If You choose this item of combinations which is in stock then You can see also quantity. But the biggest problem is that customer can see absolutely wrong delivery time for these items which aren't actually in stock.
  5. In every stock increasing You make new stock movement ? I mean when You order 100 items then You make 100 movement ? With supply order You can say that all items are here and rest is done after one click.
  6. Hi. Is anybody using advanced stock management and this is also working too ? I just tried with fresh install and I have no idea how this thing must work. First if I make an supply order then I must set supplier. Until this it's ok. Now when I start to put products on this order then I try to use reference and in this list there are products from different supplier. When I finally give up and put this product from different supplier and hit "Save and stay" then I got error message which tells me that almost every field must be filled. This last error is gone with TB1.1. bleeding edge. But. I still can't use reference code, I must use supplier reference. I also found out that there is SQL table product_attribute and there is row supplier_reference. This is empty and stays empty when importing products via CSV. Maybe this must be empty but in this case I can't understand why this column after all is existing.
  7. Estonian flag is wrong when installing new language. If I remember correctly this is from beginning.
  8. There is one mistake. But I'm not sure what You think of this. There can be combinations. And You can give reference for each combination. If You search (Catalog>Products) by reference then You see only reference for "primary" product. You can't find combinations when searching by reference. And this is really annoying. This was also in PS1.6 and I think there are few user who are using combinations and this can be reason why this is still exist.
  9. Right now my solution is to take out features from CSV and translate these manually. All other values from CSV seems to "act normal".
  10. I got a problem with features. If You need import products in different languages then this CSV import doesn't put features by language. It creates new feature. For example lenght in english. But in other language there will be next feature, with the same values. And the result is that in case two language you will see both feature, instead of one which supposed to be visible depends on which language you prefer. This is really annoying. Is there any solution to change this ? I'm totally newbie in PHP but with the code above I can see that there is feature id, but it is constructed of featurename and position. How can I do so, that this position is used as featureid, or is there any possibility to add this extra ?
  11. Is it possible to add extra field for backup files, where You can just put text to explain which changes are made ? If You are testing and then you do backup before changes then this is very good and quick way to remember what changes are made.
  12. I try to regenarte pictures and this error pop up. It is for product pictures (TB1.1.0 Bleeding edge). Is there any point also in this message ? So far I have no idea what this message is trying to tell me. I can only suppose that there is something with limits. Is this serious message, joke or, there are two different messages mixed somehow ?
  13. Why it should work ? This supposed to be why it shouldn't work ?
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