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  1. led24ee

    Module Edit or Fit

    theme is niara. module is block bestsellers
  2. led24ee

    Moved link

    There is same result when You try to change view from 12 to 24 items. But I have no idea why this is happening.
  3. I would look in SQL table named access. All rights are listed there by user ID.
  4. I would look invoice template in root/pdf directory. Invoice is created from many "pieces" and there is also "piece" invoice.total-tab.tpl
  5. You can also take a look is SEO & URL, there are rewriting rules.
  6. led24ee

    Supply orders

    I have about 20 000 + products, about 15 suppliers and there is maybe 2 or 3 seconds delay. But this ASM isn't working as expected so I don't use this. I still hope that in some day this ASM will be useful.
  7. There is problem. I just played with this test site and i put there additional (test) to translation, but this is not visible. Neither on chezh or english.
  8. I remember that there were some problems with translation. Try to update to latest version.
  9. Well, at least there is some useful info. Usually there are something like 20 file and 20 directory in root. Do You need names of these ?
  10. I love post like this. These type posting, which contains zero byte useful info are always super useful.
  11. With CSV import, if You press button import, then before this You can set price with tax or without tax. It is row 5.
  12. If there is zero answer here then this module isn't attractive. And this means that there is probably no future for this module.
  13. Well. Finally I found latest version of this module. First, there is wrong characters in zip package. When "-v2.2.2" was removed from name then I was able to install this module. After all there are only error 404 pages, whatever button You click "in stock products" or "Show all products" and finally there was 500 error. So I disabled this module at the moment. Still interested how to manage this module to work Decoded exception Source: Missing name in file vendor/smarty/smarty/libs/sysplugins/smarty_template_source.php at line 168
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