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  1. Preferences - General - Round mode Preferences - General - Round type Preferences - General - Numbers of decimal
  2. Try this : Translation - Installed modules - Beesblogrecentpost
  3. Why do You need to delete it at all ? Just mark not in use.
  4. This is common mistake when many people are writing about on thing. My worst case was 15+ yeas ago with some phone station manual. It takes many hours to understand that station, extension, client and port actually are exactly the same, but different people call it with different name. PS is not free from this. And since TB is based on PS then this can be here too. Maybe this will help somebody.
  5. Yes it is working. Check Your CSV file value separator. In TB You can even set the right separator. There are problems with Client and address importing and also when You try import the same thing in many languages. But products importing in one language works well.
  6. This is fixed in Bleeding Edge. (This is almost like a new version.) Some info in this and in this Hope this will help.
  7. What version are You using ? There were some version with problems.
  8. Some will also understand that nothing is eternal and will be able to determine their next steps based on it. But some are hoping that maybe this current situation will be forever.
  9. I don't understand. You really think that some things will last forever ? Some things was replaced by better items, some are deprecated. It's called evolution. And this simply exist, You like it or not.
  10. It is not easy. But at the moment yes. I need to do most listings again. I ask it because I still hope that this feature will be useful.
  11. Well, looks like I'm only who is interested of this feature. Let's hope there is somebody more. What I find out so far. This system is designed pretty bad. I'm talking about this case when You need to use ASM and product combinations. You just can't. You can't have stock quantity for combinations. You can have only products quantity. The problem is that this ASM adds all combination to related product ID, but combinations share all one ID. I have no idea how to improve this. One solution is to redesign this ASM system. Maybe it is possible to redesign combinations system so that you can put together different products, which have all its own ID. Third possibility is also. I completely didn't understand ASM. In further, this previous designer has something like zero knowledge about price, about FIFO, about weighted average. And thanks to this all the statistic based on prices is also wrong.
  12. This one section was really annoying in the beginning, this wasn't so in PS. Now I'm accustomed. I think these buttons are better to rename. Simplest can add some words like "this section"
  13. For radio-button issue you can fix this manually or You can use TB1.1 Bleeding Edge. https://github.com/thirtybees/niara/pull/12/files
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