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  1. U sure it is condition label ? There is also label when product is new. And this is situation when this product is recently entered in shop.
  2. I don't understand what's wrong with people. There's tons of material in internet. Almost every software contains user manual and You ask " point me in the direction of somewhere I can read about this ?"
  3. This info is in database. That's why database are invented. Way different is thing when You need put data from one base to another. And if prefix is also changed then it depend what sql manager is in use. In some cases You need to restore old base and then you can copy from on base to another. But it isn't catastrophic until you have all this data.
  4. Ok. Now there is something like week to found out is this really working. I mean after week should be clear how to get this version. By update or by clean install.
  5. Do You have any CAPTCHA module ?
  6. You are using domain, but You don't have any control of this ? I don't know details (looks like someone stole this domain), but if so then this looks quite stupid, because You have given all possibilities to blackmail. If You still have access to SQL then first of all copy all tables. Installing a new shop is not so hard, but lost all data is very annoying. After database copying can think, maybe it is worth to try with some other domain. But then again, I don't know details.
  7. There isn't any specific reason. Simply this attitude alone will never make this project bigger. In the real world, however, deadlines make sense. And if it is known that there will be a delay, it will be announced earlier, not a month later when it is clear already.
  8. This can be hard but there is SQL table xx_configuration, where you can find info about URL. But there is also risk that You can lost any access. If You don't have any other possibility then You can try to modify this. But best solution is to get again control of this domain.
  9. So You don't have any access ? No ftp. No SQL ? No anything ?
  10. That's the point. There is need for this possibility. So why not add this to TB ?
  11. Hi, This combination thing is little bit "square". You can do almost all, but without additional module there is no possibility to change product package dimensions. (Yes this isn't quick, but I have done this with CSV) Also stock keeping is very stupid. You can see overall quantity, but when You need to see how many each item you have, you must look separately. For example if You sell things which only difference is length, then you can change price and weight, but not length for every combination. Other solution is sell everything separately. But for client this is pointless. Because for this item but shorter or longer he/she need search again. I hope there will be possibility when You can add/merge (whatever word) products so that every product has its own ID, but there is also possibility to group them. So You can have stock for every item and client can make choice between items without need to search again (dropdown or radiobutton, like combination at the moment). If this is possible already then someone can teach me or at least give a hint.
  12. I haven't much experience. So when I try something it will take long time. But, I can try.
  13. Thanks. I will try. Well. I finally got it work.
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