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  1. Found the reason. Some files was missing. I have no idea why. Just copy via ftp from local machine to server was solution.
  2. Fresh install PHP 8.2.20 TB 1.5.1, community theme gives error 500 Decryption gives little bit more : SmartyException Unable to load template 'file:helpers/tree/shop_tree_header.tpl' in file vendor/smarty/smarty/libs/sysplugins/smarty_internal_template.php at line 196 Any ideas how to fix or what can be cause ?
  3. Well, this version is working . Thank You
  4. Code works until "else if." if I replace these lines what should be changed then first one works. EDIT : It works so also with google analytics enabled. So for me it looks like there is something wrong with this code. Unfortunately my skills aren't enough to fix it.
  5. Well, this was never translatable (if this is correct word) but I need to show price for one item. And under products section "Price" there is place for this unit (piece, meter, pack, etc) but there isn't possibility to translate this. This is also reason why I asked this many year ago. But at the moment this isn't working anymore.
  6. This translation is not working. Or at least there is no visible change. There is also no error. Is this related to TB version or PHP version ? Earlier was TB 1.1 and PHP 7.3 ow it is TB1.5.1 and PHP 8.3.19
  7. LED24.EE https://www.led24.ee
  8. Still nothing ? Maybe it is faster install once again and this time write somewhere down password and user.
  9. I have no idea what's the point of this, but You can do thing like this with customer group. So they can't see anything. When customer creates account then it's default in group "Customer" and You can set that this group can't see anything. Then You can move this customer to another group which have different access. At least I hope this can work. Of course, first You need to make this another group where You can move customer. This will work with not products, but categories.
  10. I don't understand why is there need to create user via MyAdmin ? This is some kind of joke or what's the point of this ? And maybe I'm wrong but there is no actual password in database, there is checksum which is combined from password. Password is only the name of this cell or row. For me it looks like dentistry through the butthole.
  11. If I look my log files then I see about 1000 request per day where someone is trying to insert something in database. Some day more, some day less. I even banned some IP ranges based on country. There was also pretty quiet time when some years ago OHV server farm burn out. There are groups in FB where constantly can read about "help my shop is hacked" or something similar. If this hasn't happened to You, be happy.
  12. This is weird. Update is done already, but there is still need for update. Even versions are visible.
  13. Then I need some help. I'm unable to work out how to do this.
  14. New installation is working. Previous one still not working as expected. So I'm pretty sure this timeout error is somehow related to database.
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