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  1. There is need for custom or extra field for transport. I have offered possibility for transport "I'll specify later" but I can't enter price, because there isn't price. If I put "free" then I can't explain to customer that this free isn't actually free. Or maybe there is possibility that I haven't find yet ?
  2. There is need to add captcha also to newsletter subscription.
  3. With tax this price is already 113% and not 100%. And then 100% is 17.699115 .... (20 / 1.13). And don't worry. This mistake is very common. It is important to understand percentage calculations.
  4. There could be place for separate e-mail address for invoice. Also I have need to sell items less than 1 unit. For example I have base price for one meter, but sometimes I need to sell half meter.
  5. Well, for You this is good, but for other this is pretty useless until there is more info what was reason and how to avoid this situation.
  6. This error500 is in BO or FO or both ?
  7. I only know that google has made some changes in search results.
  8. robots.txt can be edit in Preferences -> SEO & URLs
  9. quicksearch dropdown results can have pictures. This is also from NemoPS. If client send message and to need to answer then inside TB i haven't found possibility to add pictures. I need these sometimes for better answer. When You add new client manually, then there are flelds for address. And later you need to input address for this client again. Is this some really weird thing or I'm doing something wrong ? I have situation when multiple client using the same email. And this is really PITA. Is there any possibility to identify client with email and name too ? I mean this is only for backoffice. Simplest solution is just possibility to put another field for next name. In FO this is porbably mother for all fu**ups. When making order in BO then there can be possibility to change price. At the moment you can put in price field something but system don't use this later and changes this to actual price. This change can be done with some warnings where is actual price and then some calculations based on price what You put in field. For example You can see discount in percent and in numbers, and also some math with wholesale price.
  10. I understand that this is completely separated package with contains TB. So when You run TB updater then answer is no because TB updater has no idea where this package is. But maybe I'm wrong
  11. There are many thousand traders in EU who are not selling to UK. So don't put "and" there.
  12. Ok. There is only 11 hours left in my timezone ...
  13. I tried 1.7 and ... it was concentrate of all errors from 1.6 But, this was many years ago. I have no idea how things are at the moment. And I have no idea, how much I need to pay for modules.
  14. There's nothing wrong with system. This is very stable. But there are things that are in constant change. For example when there is new version of PHP with major changes, then TB will not work. And this new PHP is coming sooner or later. Also all kind updates in modules. Now, if you have let's say 1000 client, 10 000 different item (combinations or whatever) and who knows how many modules to make your shop working then it is a lot more than PITA to make all this work on somewhere else. For me there will be also need to translate, find out what is new, there are lot of situation when the same thing is with different name, but this will take time to understand this, etc. Shortly, this migration is anyway nightmare and this will be more sickening if you need do this fast. But, If You are smart then you think about this, you make plan B and you don't count on miracle that somehow all this will be working itself or there is configuration that lasts forever. At the moment there is something like 18 months when nobody knows how or where this project is going. So if You need that your shop is working then you move to someplace else. Yes, maybe You can fix all things in Your shop, but this doesn't mean that all can do this. Bad thing is that if someone already makes decision to move on some other software, then it will be hard to convince to move back. But hey, only 3 more days to wait, or to be honest to the end of this week.
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