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Looking for module developer for purchase funnel module


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The use case is as follows, the customer wants to set up a wine of the month type club. However customers will pay for the yearly package in advance (no monthly payments).

However i want to make it a bit easier to manage it from the backend, My concept is as follows.

They have a limited number of SKUs that relate to wine "packages", so one package is 1 bottle per month and another package might be 4 bottles per month.

Someone purchases a "package" and every month around shipping day (that we define in advance) the system will generate sub-orders with a configured status, this is for the staff to package and prepare for shipping/pickup.

So the individual monthly deliveries will be generated automatically for the 12 months after purchase.

As for the frontend i've found a site that pretty much nails the concept here: https://www.getvinebox.com/pages/get-started

If anyone is interested please contact me

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