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  1. The use case is as follows, the customer wants to set up a wine of the month type club. However customers will pay for the yearly package in advance (no monthly payments). However i want to make it a bit easier to manage it from the backend, My concept is as follows. They have a limited number of SKUs that relate to wine "packages", so one package is 1 bottle per month and another package might be 4 bottles per month. Someone purchases a "package" and every month around shipping day (that we define in advance) the system will generate sub-orders with a configured status, this is for the staff to package and prepare for shipping/pickup. So the individual monthly deliveries will be generated automatically for the 12 months after purchase. As for the frontend i've found a site that pretty much nails the concept here: https://www.getvinebox.com/pages/get-started If anyone is interested please contact me
  2. @baarssen Are you sure it's the theme and not the server?
  3. @datakick The update looks like it wasn't successful, so i rolled back to backup. Will investigate more later tonight perhaps
  4. Getting an error at the last step All files upgraded. Now upgrading database... [Ajax / Server Error for action upgradeDb] textStatus: "error " errorThrown:"Service Unavailable " jqXHR: " How do i confirm that the required database changes went through?
  5. How do i mark a thread as solved?
  6. No it's not a 500 error page or a blank page, it's the final step screen that shows that images might need to be resized etc page that was blank, not 500 error blank, but just an empty frame with no finish button. It still seems to have installed fine however.
  7. Anyone else getting an issue to install warehouse on TBZ 1.0.5? I get to the stage of use this theme > Modules to install > click save and get taken to a blank page. Not a 500 error page or anything, just a blank page frame. There's nothing in the error log.
  8. Please delete post. Using the proxy seems to have worked
  9. Hi i'm using the matomo addon with the analytics server. It seems to be blocked by adblockers. Is there any way around this? Would the proxy script manage this?
  10. I tried that, it just jumped to another module and gave the same error for that module. Decided to stop before i played whack a mole for modules
  11. Hi there. I attempted an update to 1.0.4 and i cannot access the modules page i receive the following error "[PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file :/home/publichtml/modules/graphvisifire/graphvisifire.php: Access level to GraphVisifire::$values must be protected (as in class ModuleGraphEngine) or weaker" Any ideas on what might be causing?
  12. haven't used them but cart2cart offers a migration service from Opencart to TBZ https://www.shopping-cart-migration.com/shopping-cart-migration-options/opencart-to-thirtybees-migration
  13. @manisch Yes once it's working it works great. No more russian spam for me. Just a bit annoying to get set up. Having to wait hours(or days) for the keys to become active and sort themselves out is annoying.
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