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Truncate Db tables from BO


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TB (as well PS) is saving allot of statistics information that increase the DB size allot. Usually I truncate those tables manually to reduce DB size. So I think we should have an option in the BO to do that process, either by truncating or deleting rows. I am talking about: connections, connectionssource, connectionspage = saves IP address, referrer, etc.... of connection guest = saves guest information (similar to GA) page_viewed = well.... you know pagenotfound = same.......

This is nice info to have but in 99% of websites are useless, plus you have GA/Piwik for all that information and more. In some cases those tables can reach 100MB-500MB (depend how many years your site in running). I had one case that I tried to backup a client DB and it ended up in 750MB, after truncating those tables the same DB was only 11MB.

Now, I am no SQL expert but I believe that smaller db will execute faster.

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