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  1. How about making an override to FrontController and handle this with PHP code. Its less recommended for performance because htaccess/web server comes first, but at least you wont miss anything. Just parse the url to get the product id and use 301 redirect to new product page. You can give it a month or two until google stop using the old urls and remove the override after to regain full performance.
  2. yaniv14

    translations do not work

    This probably happens because of server security. Turn off mod_security module on your server and if its still not working ask your server hosting company to check the specific url
  3. yaniv14

    Remove out of stock products from price-drop page

    Just check if this function getPricesDrop is being overrided in the override file. If so, than just implant your modified sql there
  4. yaniv14

    Remove out of stock products from price-drop page

    You sql addon looks fine and I believe it should work. Check if you have an override for classes/Product.php in your override folder. and also try to delete "cache/class_index.php" file.
  5. I think the easiest way will be to hook into actionEmailSendBefore and add your attachments. In case your 2 files are the same for all customers than why don't you just put the files on your server and add a link to them in the email body.
  6. yaniv14

    Webservice issues - still

    The reason I asked about the api key is because on the csv file you attached some of the response where 401 (unauthorized)
  7. yaniv14

    Webservice issues - still

    I am not familiar with Prestashop 1.7 so I can't tell if its different than 1.6
  8. yaniv14

    Webservice issues - still

    The people from Parcelforce need to tell you if they are not getting any reply from your web service or they are getting bad/wrong xml format. Are they using the correct Api Key / Token?
  9. yaniv14

    Webservice issues - still

    Based on your access log it looks that everything is fine on your side and the problem is on Parcelforce side. as you can see your webserver response with 200 (which mean OK) and the numbers you are referring to are the total bytes returned in the response.
  10. yaniv14

    SPAM returns with url in last name

    The module added a new selection under "Preferences"
  11. yaniv14

    SPAM returns with url in last name

    You can use the core updater module to upgrade latest fixes that are not build in a new version yet. It called Bleeding edge.
  12. yaniv14

    Font Size

    You will need to extend tinymce editor configuration. There is a really old tutorial that might be still similar to what tb have today, but I am not sure because I didn't check it. https://mypresta.eu/en/art/prestashop-16/extended-rich-text-editor.html
  13. yaniv14

    500 error. This must be wrong

    Are you using different php version for the new shop? if so, make sure you have all php required extensions installed for the used php version.
  14. yaniv14

    500 error. This must be wrong

    I doubt if that error is the cause of the 500 error. can you enable tb debug mode? edit file config/defines.inc.php and change this define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', false); to define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true); and reload the page and see if you get some other error.
  15. yaniv14

    500 error. This must be wrong

    When you change to the new folder/shop, nothing works or you just have an issue with 1 module? I am looking at earlier posts and don't understand the exact error you have. If you want to look for hard coded strings inside files you can use grep command. like: grep -rn "jv74.se/httpdocs" /home/jv74/public_html I am not expert in mysql and I think that if you want to lookup inside your database you will need to dump it first and than run grep. like: mysqldump --compact --skip-extended-insert -u your_db_username -pyour_db_user_password db_name | grep "jv74.se/httpdocs" "-pyour_db_user_password" => the "p" is for password and your real password should be with no space.