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  1. So its a core bug and it should be tracked in Github so it won't be forgotten. Did you check it with Default or Niara theme? and on what TB version are you working?
  2. Are you talking about customized product or some 3rd party module that adds custom fields?
  3. What kind of custom fields values?
  4. I am not familiar with Mollie module, but all the payment modules I am aware of don't really use the next available order number when using redirect method to payment gateways, they just send the cart id and expect to get it back when being redirected back to TB. and only than using the cart id with validateOrder function to create an order in the system. thats the proper way for creating an order from payment module. cart id is unique for a specific cart & customer so I don't really know how its possible to mix orders with carts unless the payment module is sending the wrong cart id or processing an order based on wrong cart id.
  5. I don't think there should be a limit of 128 chars for user agent. But you can truncate the user agent to 128 chars like this: substr($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'], 0, 128). Anyway I don't think that this kind of information is valuable to you because you probably use GA or other tools to collect this data.
  6. Go to modules -> positions and play with the block cart position (up or down) inside displayTop section
  7. I would first try to disable friendly urls and see if it works. And if it does I suggest to setup the same url patterns like you had before.
  8. No, the one that shows when you hover the icon.
  9. Yes, you are right. I don't see the remove button in the cart popup. I can't tell if its meant to be like that in this theme or just forgotten. Maybe @lesley can answer.
  10. What you describe looks like a caching problem. Try to disable all cache and check if it helps
  11. To see the console log in Firefox just press "CTRL + SHIFT + J"
  12. Did you see the javascript console?
  13. Hi, Your approach is wrong....to place a function inside config.inc.php file is bad idea. But even if you want to go that way product-list.tpl has $products variable and inside there a foreach loop that include `product-list-item.tpl` each time with $product variable. So you should put your code inside product-list-item.tpl A better approach will be to create a simple module with a unique hook and exec that hook inside the tpl file. {hook h="my_unique_hook" mod="my_module_name" product=$product}
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