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  1. yaniv14

    New install on ipage.com servers

    Did you try localhost
  2. Did you try to ask the module creator or the transformer theme creator to provide support for all the needed modification? Maybe they will be kind enough to help you, and save you the trouble of doing it. Maybe @lesley can try to talk to either one of them.
  3. Hi @Raymond, I am using a module from Presto-Changeo to deal with allow of combinations. Its working perfect for me, but in my case I don't need price increase/decrease per combination so I am not sure about all capabilities of this module. This is the module: https://www.presto-changeo.com/prestashop-attribute-modules/34-113-prestashop-attribute-wizard-pro-module.html#/25-prestashop_version-all_versions You can see it on my site: https://www.lens.co.il/1-day-acuvue-moist The front office is without any cache and working really fast, I am using bleeding edge version here.
  4. yaniv14

    How to add custom code in <header></header>to CMS page?

    Hi, I think the easier way for you will be to edit header.tpl file from your theme. just before the closing </head> tag you can add. {if $page_name == 'cms'} {literal} ... the script you received from google .... {/literal} {/if} gtag_report_convertion is probably a function that comes with the google code. so you should call (run/fire) that function on your desire click event (like clicking a url or a button). you can see samples here: https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/6331304?hl=en the 'on_click' part you will have to put in the content of the page (in the cms page editor). Good luck
  5. Can you share a link to your site
  6. yaniv14

    Control where Sub-categories are displayed

    tb_configuration table is used for general purpose. many core settings and modules use that table when they need to save single value without the need to create new tables. Configuration::updateValue('value_name', 'value_data'); is used to store data in that table. Configuration::get('value_name') is used to fetch data from that table.
  7. yaniv14

    Control where Sub-categories are displayed

    its in "tb_configuration" table, it's called "PS_SET_DISPLAY_SUBCATEGORIES"
  8. yaniv14

    Editing Products

    @datakick while I was checking something regarding this topic I've noticed that "admin.js" and "tools.js" and both loaded with versioning "?v='._PS_VERSION_" (classes/controller/AdminController => setMedia()). Now that we are working with git updater, I think it will be wise to remove versioning or even better to add git latest commit as versioning. git log -n 1 --format="%h" what do you think?
  9. The problem is that the 2nd <p> is being escaped (its probably the value itself). this is how it looks in the html. <p class="pro_list_manufacturer">&lt;p&gt;PC149Y&lt;/p&gt; - Port &amp; Company</p>
  10. yaniv14

    Custom payment method validation error

    My guess is that you have to manually pick this commit: https://github.com/thirtybees/custompayments/commit/69681528df138a9fc96d3b72c246da28993d0afc because I don't think its part of the latest version.
  11. yaniv14

    Problems uploading image files (part v)

    I know they are using Nginx. But did they configured nginx rules for Prestashop? If not, you can point them to this link
  12. yaniv14

    Problems uploading image files (part v)

    You site is using Nginx as a web server, so all rewrite rules should go in the nginx server block and not in htaccess file which created by Thirtybees. If you are on a shared hosing than you should ask your hosting company to configure it for you.
  13. I am no regex expert, but shouldn't it be:
  14. yaniv14

    Paypal module doesn't work

    The reaason that Lesley code didn't work is because your server is running on Nginx and not on Apache. Htaccess is an override for Apache webserver.
  15. yaniv14

    module positions

    I can't seem to reproduce your bug. I ran multiple test with dragging and saving like you mentioned and everything was fine on all tests.