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  1. @unbranched can you post all the special chars you were trying to use?
  2. What you need is a javascript event listener, probably "input" and/or "change" and then check the desire output and based on that show/hide input field/text display. of course this is not SAFE solution because its only front end manipulation. and its better to have a server side validation as well... which probably requires some controller override.
  3. btw: does "new order" is chcked in the module configuration?
  4. you have both files in your mails folder? /mails/en/new_order.html /mails/en/new_order.txt
  5. And does your payment module really trigger "validateOrder"?
  6. try to put it first in the actionValidateOrder hook. and also can you confirm that other modules on the same hook does trigger when a new order placed?
  7. Do you see the mailalerts module hooked into actionValidateOrder? Also try to disable any overrides (just for testing).
  8. check the mail logs in the backoffice, this will tell you if the mailalrets module did or did not send the mail to you. p.s. did you double check that your email is really set in the mail alerts configuration?
  9. The error probably caused because of regex expression that your php version unable to interpret. If you are on php version 7.3 or above, try to downgrade to php 7.2 just to see if the error resolved.
  10. Make sure your override is really not being used. rename or remove the file override/classes/dispatcher.php completely from the override folder, and delete file cache/class_index.php and then check again.
  11. Based on the screen shot it might be 2 things. you installed a ps 1.7 version of that module (the filename is font17.js?) the js file from the module is looking for some variable/object named prestashop.
  12. Just rename this file "override/classes/pdf/HTMLTemplateInvoice.php" to "override/classes/pdf/HTMLTemplateInvoice.php.bak" and delete file "cache/class_index.php" and you should be fine.
  13. This has got nothing to do with thirty bees. This error is caused by an override you did for classes/pdf/HTMLTemplateInvoice.php. Maybe you used to have this module "gwadvancedinvoice" that came with some lib named "QRCodeLib" and this module did the override for you and now you are not using this module anymore?
  14. yaniv14

    AWIN integration

    Adding currency code to custom code won't do the trick for you. This section only helps you if you need to add javascript code, like the script you have from AWIN. what you need to do is to add an override. your need to create a new file inside override/controllers/front folder and name that file OrderConfirmationController.php the content of the file should be something like <?php class OrderConfirmationController extends OrderConfirmationControllerCore { public function initContent() { $idCart = (int) Tools::getValue('id_cart'); $idOrder = Order::getOrderByCartId($idCart); $order = new Order($idOrder); $currency = new Currency($order->id_currency); $iso_code = $currency->iso_code; $cart_rules = $order->getCartRules(); $cart_rules_ids = []; foreach ($cart_rules as $cart_rule) { $cart_rules_ids[] = $cart_rule->id_cart_rule; } $cart_rules_ids_str = implode(',', $cart_rules_ids); Media::AddJsDef( [ 'iso_code' => $iso_code, 'cart_rules_ids' => $cart_rules_ids_str, ] ); $this->context->smarty->assign( [ 'iso_code' => $iso_code, 'cart_rules_ids' => $cart_rules_ids_str, ] ); return parent::initContent(); } } this is not tested and also cart_rules_ids is being passed as a comma separated ids, and I am not sure this is correct with AWIN because I am not familiar with it. also in order for the override to work you will need to delete "cache/class_index.php" file. hopes it gives you some direction where to start.
  15. yaniv14

    AWIN integration

    this line probably wont work: AWIN.Tracking.Sale.parts = DEFAULT: total_paid_tax_incl; you can try: AWIN.Tracking.Sale.parts = `DEFAULT: ${total_paid_tax_incl}`; also this line should not be inside {literal} tag and it should be like that. <img src="https://www.awin1.com/sread.img?tt=ns&tv=2&merchant=00000&amount={$order->total_paid_tax_incl}&cr={#isoCodeNum#}&ref={$order->id_order}&parts=DEFAULT:{$order->total_paid_tax_incl}&vc={#getOrderedCartRulesIds#}&ch=aw&testmode=0" border="0" width="0" height="0"> some variables as you can see are not available without overriding the controller so you need to create your override and add them like for currency iso code you can do something like $currency = new Currency($order->id_currency); $iso_core = $currency->iso_code;
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