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  1. yaniv14

    ! I can not --> Add new address <-- for customer

    Check that you don't have duplicated customers with the same email address lower and capital. like: MyEmail@example.com and myemail@example.com if you do find any kind of duplicates make sure you remove them all
  2. yaniv14

    Core updater vs thirtybees updater

    Thank you for clarifying
  3. yaniv14

    Core updater vs thirtybees updater

    @TraumflugBut isn't the old updater is the only one that support db upgrades? let say you want to upgrade from v1.0.2 to current version, you will need to use the old updater?
  4. yaniv14

    Issue cloning Block Banner

    Make sure you are updating the module class to support the new name. class BlockBanner extends Module and in the construct. $this->name = 'blockbanner'; and this variables: const IMAGE = 'BLOCKBANNER_IMG'; const LINK = 'BLOCKBANNER_LINK'; const DESCRIPTION = 'BLOCKBANNER_DESC';
  5. yaniv14

    New instalation Admin backend doesn't work

    Do you use Uppercase letters in your shop folder/url?
  6. yaniv14

    CSV product import - Error copying image

    @Traumflug I think its the example files that shows comma as a seperator
  7. yaniv14

    A mail problem

    It looks like your IP has been blocked or marked as spam. Try the recommendation you got about removing your ip from the black list. Also you should setup a reverse dns in digital ocean, so your IP address will have a valid domain. And after that you should setup mx records and spf records that matches your ip/domain.
  8. yaniv14

    A mail problem

    Are you able to send emails from command line, like: "sendmail youremail@com" -> enter -> "some text" -> ctrl+d?
  9. yaniv14

    A mail problem

    So from what I understand you are sending mails from your server with phpmail. DO won't block your ports unless you have some spams or something worst coming out from your server, and they will probably inform you about it. MX records should be set from your domain name server (where you point you NS), so setting MX in DO will only work if you have your domain NS pointing to DO. Did you try something simple like restarting postfix or checking that its active? sudo systemctl status postfix, sudo systemctl enable postfix, sudo systemctl restart postfix You can also try to reconfigure postfix: sudo dpkg-reconfigure postfix
  10. yaniv14

    A mail problem

    If you are using smtp to send mails, you should check that smtp port are not blocked by firewall. If you are using php mail to send mails, you should check postfix configuration. In both cases you check mail.log file /var/log
  11. My guess is that you added left and/or right column to contact us page or it was always there and you recently added modules to those hooks. Go to Preferences -> Themes -> Advanced settings -> Uncheck left and right column on "Contact us"
  12. @musicmaster in my case its installed
  13. Hi @lesley and @Traumflug, I can confirm that the same error happens to me. I was trying 2 days ago to upgrade one of my shops from tb 1.0.4 to 1.0.7 and got the same error "unzip". Unfortunately I didn't have time to debug it or find the cause of that. I hope i will have time to get back to it after the weekend. I tried it locally on Ubuntu 18.04 + nginx, tried with php5.6, php7, php7.1. all failed. I dont have any limitation in php.ini and no issue with writing permission either. I will try again as soon as I'll have time and keep you posted in case you couldn't reproduce it.
  14. try enabling the modules that got turned off, one by one and see which module is causing the error. and without providing php error log data it will be very hard to help you.