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Contact us form is suddenly showing lots of unwanted content



It seems something I've done today has screwed up the 'Contact-us' page:

0_1540934417460_Contact Error.jpg

None of the stuff highlighted in pink should be there. Can anyone explain what has happened and how I can fix it, please?

I did take a backup first thing this morning, but I've made a lot of settings changes since then – including transplanting the top menu block into and out of the displayNav hook – and I'd quite like not to have to redo them all if possible.

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@yaniv14 Thank you! That fixed it straight away, you are a lifesaver! I'd pessimistically convinced myself that I'd need to do a restore.

I don't know how that setting even got changed. I remember glancing at that section, but I didn't think I'd clicked on anything.

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