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Setting canonical url for "duplicates"


At the moment I am using a module names Canonical Url to add canonical tags to those product pages, that are almost duplicates (e.g. same teapot in 2 different colors).

There is a builtin function for adding canonical tags, but it always just inserts the url to the current product, making the canonical tag from Canonical Url obsolete. Now I have commented out the line in FrontController that adds the canonical tag and now my SEO tools are happy :) But is there a way to add the canonical tag for "duplicates" within Thirty bees or another workaround so I don't have to modify core code :)

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Hej Gitte

Is it the Canonical URLs module from Linea Grafica that you are using, because I am considering buying it?
Are you still using it? If yes, do you still need to modify core code? And are you satisfied with the module?

Best regards,

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