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Order in Back-office : PENDING but customer get an order confirmation ?



I use the iDeal module from https://www.ideal-checkout.nl/ for The Rabobank Omnikassa version 2

When the customer is forwarded to the payment gateway, and do nothing there, the customer gets an order confirmation in his email ? I see in the scripts that the status "PENDING" is id=1000 In the Admin is see that nothing happens with this ; no checkbox is selected in the Admin, but still the customer gets an order confirmation in his mail, like the order was paid. After leaving the payment gateway, the customer gets an email that the order was cancelled.

It's strange : before i thought it's something in the module, but when the customer goes into the payment gateway, he gets the order confirmation email ( when he didn't finish any payment ! ) and when i look in the backoffice at the same time, the order status is "awaiting payment"

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I contacted the module builders :

They think this code (from their script) causes the problem :

validateOrder does make a validation which is "Paid" and later it is changed by their script to "Pending"

At first they told me the function validateOrder had to be changed in the core-files from TB to solve this problem ! ? After letting them know that i can't imagine that, they think they have to re-write their code...

Part of the code :

public function execPayment($cart) { // Save order in backend $iOrderState = 1000; // Awaiting payment $this->validateOrder($cart->id, $iOrderState, $cart->getOrderTotal(true, 3), $this->displayName, 'Betaling wordt gestart', array(), false, false, $cart->secure_key); $iOrderId = $this->currentOrder; $oOrder = new Order($iOrderId);

For myself i don't anything "strange" which can cause the problem ?

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