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Creating a new delivery option





I just changed to TB and I'm trying to make everything work on my site......

BTW, my first impression of TB is just GREAT ! Thanks for this good work - finally something lighter and faster than PS.... 🙂

But, I have a problem, when I want to create a new delivery option, I can select any country..... it is just blocked 😞

Here a picture (sorry it is in french, but I'm sure, you know where this is 😉 )



It is impossible to add some numbers or to select a Zone/country.... I had an older delivery option, where "france" is selected but where I can't change anything else too...

This (the older one) delivery option is shown on the delivery page, when an order is made, but any new option I create, doesn't show 😞


Any idea, where I make a mistake ?


Thanks a lot,



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