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stripe and 3d secure



Hi Bees please let me know if you have tested payments by debit cards and 3d secure option on module side.

In my case, my Visa electron support 3d secure, but I did not enabled it on bank side. I have just on 3d secure on module stripe.

Now when I have made a test order I have no data on stripe website in the dashboard. I see new payment but I don’t see type card and email.

Source details

ID: src1AVxxxxxvUj1TztFdxWEEWlhe Type: threedsecure Flow: redirect Status: consumed Usage: singleuse Date: 2017/05/25 21:02:43

Redirect details

Status: succeeded

3DSecure details

Authenticated: true

Card: src_1AVxxxxxvUj1TztFdxWEEWlhe

in no 3d secure I had:


Origin: France CVC check: Passed

ID: card_1ANLGxxxxxxxxxhN8XN Name: xxxxxxx@hotmail.fr Number: ···· 0058 Fingerprint: szxxxxxxxxx26thF Expires: 3 / 2020 Type: MasterCard credit card


Customer: cus_Axxxxxxx9fHD — xxxxxxxl@hotmail.fr

Do you have the same results?

2. In presta “official” module I saw option 3d off 3d on 3d if it is enabled on card e.g by default 3d secure is enabled on Maestro debit cards.

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  1. Other thing is the status for accepted payments.

On module, BO>modules>stripe I have selected status: Payment accepted status for OK payments.

but in BO>orders tab I see new order with status: Credit Card

but when I will click on single order the status is OK :Payment accepted

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  1. Thing is that with 3d secure stripe do not send emaila and customer details to stripe, so on Stripe dashboard >payments you do not see emails and other details. Without 3d secure emails are visible.

There is same things with other payments like iDeal

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