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blockcategories menu structure - too large DOM tree


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On my clients webshop we have a large block categories menu-structure,

it's very usefull for the visitors, but according to Google Pagespeed insight we have

too many Dom elements ( 4.258 elements )

Off course i can set the configuration to only show 1 or 2 levels deep, but for the visitors

it's more easy to keep it like this.


What i like to see, is that this categorie menustructure get loaded by AJAX scripting,

the best would be at first visit : load the head-menustructure and sublevel 1

after opening sublevel 1, already load the sublevels 2 so there will not be any delay when

the visitor opens sublevel 2, because of the ajax script loading.

When open sublevel 2,. the ajax script has to load sublevel 3 in forehand etc..

( Also it would be nice, if the sublevels which are loaded by ajax, uses a Cache file for

these sub-levels, so there isn't a MySQL query needed. )


I want this for improvement for the SEO results.

I can't find any module which do what i describe above, but maybe it can be

a nice suggestion for improvement of the Thirty Bees core ?


If somebody has already a good solution for what i describe above, please let me know....


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