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Attribute Name on product list




I want to display the attribute name of the combination on product list.

So, in config.inc.php, i created this function :

function name_combination($id_product_attribute){
    $combination = new Combination($id_product_attribute);
     $nomcombination = $combination->getAttributesName(Context::getContext()->langage->id);
     return $nomcombination;

And in product-list.tpl :


But it always return an empty array....:/

Thank for your help

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Your approach is wrong....to place a function inside config.inc.php file is bad idea.

But even if you want to go that way product-list.tpl has $products variable and inside there a foreach loop that include `product-list-item.tpl` each time with $product variable.

So you should put your code inside product-list-item.tpl

A better approach will be to create a simple module with a unique hook and exec that hook inside the tpl file.

{hook h="my_unique_hook" mod="my_module_name" product=$product}


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