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Blog: TB Module vs Panda Theme Module


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My website launch is finally getting closer and I'm starting to look at blog content to put on the site. Inevitably that means considering which blog module to use, too.

I've ended up going with Jonny's Panda theme because of how easily customizable it is, especially how I can easily optimize it for mobile with things like different logos for mobile use. This is in no way meant to be an attack on the included Niara theme. I like Niara, a lot, but I don't have time to learn how to hand craft it for mobile use right now.

This brings me to the blog module. Thirty Bees has a blog module. Panda comes with a blog module. I know very little about these two different modules or which would be better to use. I assume that if I start with one of them that migrating to the other will be a giant pain in the ass so I'd like to get it right from the start.

So... Which one should I use? Does it even matter that much? Are there any big pluses and minuses to either option?

If anyone out there has tried both I would really love to hear your experiences.

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Just a little bump in the hopes that someone has experience with this and is willing to share which way they went and perhaps why.

I guess if no one has experiences either way I'll probably go with the Panda module as it seems likely to be fully integrated with the theme.

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