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  1. dynambee

    Let's talk about email service providers

    Well I was going to go with servercow's hosted mailcow but the migration didn't end up happening. Last weekend (planned time) they had some issues connecting to the server that were my fault. I rectified that so the migration could happen either last Sunday or this weekend but despite sending a few emails asking for an update I have heard nothing at all back from them. Considering that much of the reason for not hosting my own email is to have support from someone else in case things go wrong the lack of response from servercow has been very concerning. I've therefore abandoned the idea of going with servercow and will instead be migrating to OpenSRS. There is no push email but I can live with that if it means having stability & support at a reasonable price. I wanted to support servercow with my business (open source etc) but I can't risk the lack of support. I just signed up with OpenSRS and made the $95 deposit (it gets added as a credit to your account) and am now starting the migration. I should have most of my domains migrated over in the next few days and can then nuke the VULTR instance that contains my current mailcow server. Will be sorry to see it go.
  2. dynambee

    Elastic Search module

    The general way that ES is secured is by only allowing connections from localhost and not opening the firewall port to the outside world. In larger multi-server installations the ES server(s) resides on the local network and is not exposed to the outside world at all, all access comes from the web server. It is in the documentation, and I have been telling you from the beginning that the module is only known to be compatible with 5.4 and 6.0. Why you have ignored every one of my comment replies I do not know. @Factor even posted a link to the documentation in the thread you started about ES. The documentation says, "Therefore, at the moment of writing, you will need a version of Elasticsearch that is: Version 5.4 or higher, including 6.0". At the time that the module (and documentation) was written 6.0 was the latest version of ES.
  3. dynambee

    Elastic Search module

    That is very good to hear. Thank you. I don't have any problem with that. ES 5.4 is absolutely fine for index & search of any website up to 100s of thousands of products, and probably well beyond that. ES is capable of indexing & quickly searching vast amounts of data. I'm making changes to my automation systems right now but once that is done (should be this week) I will be able to set up a decent sized test system to better check the performance and issues of the current module on 1.0.8 bleeding edge. It is difficult to properly test something like ES with only a small handful of products.
  4. dynambee

    Elastic Search module

    No, one of the good things about the ES module was that it supported proper faceted navigation, and in a way that worked extremely quickly. I should have a better test site available for the ES module soon, one with a few thousand products on it. As far as I know the ES module worked fine with early versions of TB, there was much testing done. Later versions of TB have made changes that have caused incompatibilities with the module. Part of the agreement when the module was funded & created was that it would be supported by the TB team along with other TB-created modules. It seems very unreasonable to renege on this the very first time problems are reported.
  5. dynambee

    Elastic Search module

    When mdekker created the ES module a lot of time was spent to make it better than the modules that were already out there for PS. Each of the PS modules that existed at that time did some things well and other things poorly. The goal was to make the TB ES module the best of all worlds, one that did each aspect of ES functionality in the best, fastest way possible. It took a lot of time, effort, and money to get the project to the point that it is at now. It would be a real shame to abandon such an advanced, high performance module at this point. As far as the users who have been having trouble with it, there seem to be two. One is me, who has been testing and troubleshooting various aspects of the module, and the other doesn't seem to be able to get his ES server installs to work. I suspect he is using incompatible versions of the ES server or that something is misconfigured with his ES installation or the server that ES is running on. He doesn't really reply to my messages asking him to use compatible versions of Elasticsearch Server so it is quite difficult to help him. As far as if the module is worth the trouble or not, I would say that it absolutely is. Once it is operating correctly it would just be a case of installing the module and turning it on. For users of something like Cloudways they don't even need to install Elasticsearch itself as it already exists on Cloudways servers. The module is very easy to install and configure and the resulting search performance is staggering.
  6. dynambee

    Search Index table getting massive

    Have you tried using a version of Elasticsearch that is *actually* supported by the module? That would be 5.4 or 6.0. I have various problems with the module but it does connect and index with ES 5.4 without trouble. I cannot currently test it with 6.0 but it was tested against both versions over the development of the module so I suspect it will work. The thing with ES is that the way ES clients & servers communicate with each other changes a bit with each version. This is normal, expected behavior. As the server versions increase new features are added and the communication protocols change. Using unsupported server versions (ie not 5.4 or 6.0) is much more likely to lead to problems such as not being able to index properly. There is a certain amount of backwards compatibility, of course, but it is always best to start with something that is known to have worked in the past. If you have used 5.4 and 6.0 and still cannot get the client to connect to the server then it is likely a server configuration issue. Firewall problems, port problems, something like that. I say this because I, personally, have tested ES 5.4 with TB 1.0.8 and 1.0.8 "bleeding edge" and it does connect and index.
  7. dynambee

    How to set zip code to alphanumeric

    Regarding turning off the state/province requirement and disabling the postal code validation, it is important to know that doing this will almost certainly result in you getting more invalid addresses from customers. People are not very careful when entering their addresses and the verification settings help avoid a lot of common errors.
  8. dynambee

    How to set zip code to alphanumeric

    Yes, because in Canada a province must be included as part of the address. You can turn this off, if you wish, in the same place as the postal code above. All settings related to the address & address format for each country are in that area.
  9. dynambee

    How to set zip code to alphanumeric

    Zip/Postal Codes are set on a per-country basis. Go to Localization -> Countries, choose the country you wish to modify, and you will see directions near the postal code field on how to set it up. You can also set it so that TB does not verify the postal code for a given country at all.
  10. dynambee

    Selectively using html and text emails - possible?

    Most emails are made up of an HTML section and a text section. Modern email clients display only the HTML section but the text section is there for legacy systems or for those who prefer to see plain unformatted text. From a passing-spam-filter perspective you should leave it at the default where both versions are included in the email.
  11. dynambee

    Selectively using html and text emails - possible?

    It's not an absolute requirement but it is a best practice. Basically one of the ways spammers used to (maybe still do) try to get around spam filters was by filling the text section of the email with non-spammy text. Sections of a book, poetry, anything that was native English and unlikely to trigger a spam filter. Of course almost all email clients default to only showing the HTML content so end users never see/saw all the "extra" stuff in the text section. So if an email is missing the text section, missing the HTML section, or if the text part of the HTML section is very different to the text section then it results in a slight boost in the spam score. It won't be an auto-spam tag or anything like that but it's still a best practice to include both HTML and text and for them to have the same content.
  12. dynambee

    Voucher Totals

    If you never want taxes calculated & displayed you can disable all tax by going to Localization --> Taxes. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and you will find the "TAX OPTIONS" section. Turn off "Enable Tax" and "Display tax in the shopping cart". This should solve all your tax display and calculation issues in one place. Of course if you need to to charge tax for some countries but not others (or some states etc) then you will need to do it on a country/state by country/state basis.
  13. dynambee

    Selectively using html and text emails - possible?

    Anything is possible if you are willing to custom code it, or pay for someone else to custom code it. However you should be aware that your email spam score will be raised slightly if you do not send matching content in both the HTML and text versions of your emails.
  14. dynambee

    Test mail not working , but contact us page works !!

    Which ports are you using?
  15. dynambee

    Let's talk about email service providers

    Actually I managed to answer my own question, it's listed on their page about managed mailcow. Up to 35 ActiveSync devices are available with more on request. That should be plenty for my needs. I'm just waiting to hear back from them to confirm payment and setup details.