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  1. It seems that it's more of a problem that addresses that shouldn't be accepted, are.
  2. Finally yesterday I had time to do the upgrade from 10.1 to 10.4.8 and so far I haven't noticed any problems. CWP seems happy, TB seems happy. If I do come across any issues I'll be sure to report here. I followed the directions here, in case anyone else running CentOS 7 wants to make the same upgrade.
  3. That would be fantastic! One less thing to worry about. I'll report it as a bug to Jonny. I looked into it with the Niara theme and it only supports icon-remove and not icon-cancel so it would seem that themes designed for use with TB should also support icon-remove, even if icon-cancel is also declared. Hopefully Jonny will add it to Panda for TB.
  4. I have reproduced it as follows: I created a brand new test store, fresh install of 1.1.0, ran core updater to 1.1.x Bleeding Edge. Installed Chex 0.6.2 trial version. Did not make any changes to Chex or use any custom CSS. Standard Niara theme No modules added besides Chex. No customization done to TB or Niara. Basic settings like enabling SSL and disabling sales taxes. Deleted existing zones and created a new zone for United States. Made sure the United States country & states are properly set to the United States Zone. (This emulates the way I set up my other store.) Created three carriers. First two (Economy and Registered) are for up to 2000g. Third (Express) is for up to 8000g Created test item with weight of 767g (same weight as my item had in the previous store). 1 item or 2 items in the cart should allow all three carriers but 3 items or more should allow only the Express Mail carrier. Once I had things set up I ran the same sort of test as I did before, and here are the results (may need to select 1080p for clear video): I will PM you the site access details so you can have a look and try things out yourself. You're more than welcome to make any changes to the site and generally use it for testing purposes, it is not a site that I have any need for beyond testing this particular problem, and I have a backup of it anyway.
  5. When you first install TB 1.1.0 and then go to Preferences -> Core Updater, if you select "Bleeding Edge" it defaults to version 1.0.x and not to the installed version of 1.1.x. (Once you have done an update once it defaults to the version it has updated at least once.) If you're a little tired and don't notice this (like I was a short time ago...) and go ahead with the update it will completely bork your store. It deletes the Niara theme but doesn't enable any other theme and of course this results in endless 500 errors when trying to access the front end. Even trying to enable the old community theme once this has happened doesn't seem to work. Recovering the store to 1.1.x might fix it but once a shop is that badly screwed up it's hard to trust that it's going to be okay again. Thankfully it was just a new shop for dev/testing so I just wiped it and started over. Anyway, the default should be the currently installed version, or if that is impossible then don't default to anything. Displaying an older version as the default in the updater doesn't seem like good UX to me. Even better, if a store is a new install of 1.1.0 don't provide the downgrade option to 1.0.x at all. If someone really needs 1.0.x they're likely much better off starting with 1.0.8 and upgrading from there. If it can't be removed, some sort of warning & confirmation about the disaster about to be unleashed would be good.
  6. The issue is that most of the English speaking world is in the US and the US uses states. If you're in Canada (provinces), UK (counties), Japan (prefectures), etc then things have to be manually changed. The bigger issue IMO is if you ship globally and want to use different terms for different countries. It'd be great if the label updated automatically depending on the country chosen but generally it's just managed by having "language choices" the user can make. English (UK), English (US), English (Canada), etc and then having the appropriate translations as needed.
  7. I've been doing some more tests & checks before reporting the checkout issue to Jonny (Panda theme creator). I'll use "cart dropdown" to mean the cart contents summary that can be viewed by hovering over the basket icon typically located in the top-right corner of the screen. I'll use "checkout page" to mean the cart contents displayed on the checkout page. This is what I have found: Thirty Bees Niara "cart dropdown": Does not seem to allow deleting items from the cart. Thirty Bees Niara "checkout page": Uses a small trashcan to delete cart items, class name is 'icon-trash' Panda theme v1.5 "cart dropdown": Uses a small x to delete cart items, class name is 'icon-cancel' Panda theme v1.5 "checkout page": Uses a small x to delete cart items, class name is 'icon-cancel icon-small' Chex module with Panda theme v1.5 "cart dropdown": Uses a small x to delete cart items, class name is 'icon-cancel' (seems to be the Panda theme "cart dropdown") Chex module with Panda theme v1.5 "checkout page": Uses a small x to delete cart items, class name is 'icon-remove' I guess the problem now is that I have reached the limit of my knowledge in this area. I have not been able to find if there is an official list of classes that should be supported by each theme, and honestly I don't even have a full understanding of how this is supposed to work. I'm getting quite a crash course in the basics of web development (which is good) but it's frustrating to not be able to debug these issues myself. However I did use grep on the chex directory and found that icon-remove exists in two javascript files. I edited those files and replaced icon-remove with icon-cancel and after doing this the checkout renders correctly on Panda and the X icon deletes the cart item as expected. I don't know if both icon-remove and icon-cancel should be supported by Panda (Panda bug) or if Chex should use icon-cancel and not icon-remove. If you can point me in the right direction with this I can report the bug to @Jonny if necessary.
  8. Thank you for your reply and for considering my suggestions. 13 hours ago, datakick said: This is already there - see the video above. It uses 'icon icon-remove' class -- maybe your theme does not have these classes defined I will report this as a bug to @Jonny on the Panda support forums. Using Chrome's Inspect feature I can see that the x should be there, and when I revert to the Niara theme it does appear. I think that as you said it isn't implemented in Panda. Hopefully they will be willing to add support for it. 13 hours ago, datakick said: I can't reproduce this. This works ok for me. You can have a look at this video (it also shows the remove icon) I reverted to Niara and uninstalled all the Panda-related modules, as well as the custom shipping modules I use. I still have the same problem, and used a screen recorder to try and show what is happening. Excuse the poorly done recording, it's my first time doing this: It wouldn't surprise me to find it's still something I'm doing wrong, I just can't figure out what it might be. If you would be willing to take a look at my site I'd be more than happy to provide back office access and/or shell access as needed.
  9. I would highly value the ability to create an optimized mobile experience for customers. Every year the percentage of traffic & sales from mobile phones increases but mobile site design still seems to take a back seat to desktop design in many cases. This is happening in the US now but in many places sales from mobile phones already exceed sales from desktops, and the gap is growing. I would also really appreciate being able to quickly & easily set standards for item types that are used across the site. Standard button design, standard button border color, etc. Then have the ability to override those standards for specific key items.
  10. Oops, and I found one more potential bug: When the cart is edited and the quantity of items is increased to the point that the currently selected shipping carrier is no longer available (cart is too heavy), the selected shipping carrier is removed when "Done" is clicked. That's exactly what should happen, as described above as well. The problem is that when the currently selected shipping carrier is removed, no shipping carrier is selected at all. When this happens a message appears in the cart summary (Shipping line) that says, "No carrier available". However there is a carrier (or many carriers) available, it just wasn't automatically selected by the cart when the other carriers were removed. So I suggest that after a cart update is done if there is no carrier selected that the first carrier in the list of available carriers should be auto-selected by the cart to avoid the "No carrier available" message. Starts with this: Then when I increase the quantity (and therefore weight) to make Economy Airmail disappear, this happens:
  11. I may have found a couple of bugs. Testing Chex 0.6.1 on TB 1.1.0 "bleeding edge" with Panda 1.5.0. I have disabled uninstalled my custom shipping modules to make sure they are not the cause of these issues. This may be related to the Panda theme, but when I change item quantities on the Chex checkout screen the total cart quantity shown on the shopping basket in the top-right of the screen does not update. Likewise the total cart value displayed next to the shopping basket in the top right corner of the screen does not update. When I increase the quantities of items in the cart if the weight exceeds the maximum for a given shipping carrier that carrier is removed when I click on "Done". Perfect, this is what is supposed to happen. Unfortunately when I decrease the quantity of items to the point that those other carriers should now be usable they do not reappear. Actually the first time I decrease the quantity (and therefore the total weight) and click on "Done" the carrier options do not appear even if the total cart weight should allow them. However if I change the quantity a second time to a different quantity (either higher or lower) that should allow those carriers then they reappear. And two (hopefully somewhat minor) feature requests: When the cart contents are displayed on the top of the checkout usually the name of each item in the cart can be displayed in full as there is lots of space. However when the cart is shown on the left side or the right side there isn't enough space and item names are often cut off, making it difficult for customers to tell exactly which items are in the shopping cart. As an example, I sell an item called a "Shimano 13 Biomaster SW 8000HG Saltwater Spinning Reel" and a different item called a "Shimano 13 Biomaster SW 8000PG Saltwater Spinning Reel" but in the cart both are shown as "Shimano 13 Biomaster SW 800...". It would be fantastic if hovering over the item name caused a tooltip to appear displaying the full product name. The small cart list in Panda does this and it's great: Also as can be seen in the small Panda cart list above, there is a little x to remove the item from the cart. Right now with Chex a customer has to decrease the quantity to 0 and then click "Done" to remove the item from the cart. While I would sooner that customers never take items out of their carts, they are going to do this sometimes and having a little x mark or a mini trashcan icon to make this a bit more intuitive for customers would be a nice touch, IMO.
  12. Oh, and thank you for all the html IDs as well, that let me easily do this with a little CSS:
  13. THANK YOU SO MUCH! That worked perfectly and now when selecting countries the correct carriers pop up, with only the ones allowed for the current cart value showing. This is awesome, I can't tell you how happy I am right now!
  14. This is fantastic! I will keep testing the module as my site development progresses. So far it looks great! Earlier in the week I sent via PM my custom shipping carrier module that causes the country/shipping selection lag. Looking at the new version of Chex the same issue exists. Any idea about what I can do to work around this? Thank you so much for the new version!
  15. There's a bug in v1.5.0 of the Panda theme that can result in badly formatted category pages on mobile devices. I reported the bug to ST Themes and they were very quick to fix it. I suggest anyone else here also implement the same fix, it is described in the ST Themes' Panda forum here.
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