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Where to arrange Top Nav Menu Categories & csv category import is wrong



Two issues: 1. I imported the category csv and it keeps displaying subcategories instead of main categories in the top navigation menu.

  1. Where do I rearrange and select the correct main categories? In PS I can do this in modules and services - blocktopmenu - configure - Top horizontal menu

When I searched for blocktopmenu and Top horizontal menu, this appears, but it isn't what I'm looking for:

"Front office Features Top horizontal menu v3.0.0 - by thirty bees Adds a new horizontal menu to the top of your e-commerce website."

The left side of the screenshot shows the main categories in the exact order I want them. The right side is marked with the wrong categories showing up after uploading the category csv and clearing cache, clearing browser cache, using three different browsers: Chrome, FF and Safari (Mac). 0_1496635142293_top nav menu - categories are wrong.jpg

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