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Dont use server colocation


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This morning one of three colocated servers had a total meltdown. Server in Germany me on Cyprus. Not good. To quickly get online again I wanted to use another server also colocated. I have backups with dropbox of the three shops. But when I try to restore on the new server, dropbox or the extension say that restore failed because another server is used. The server is new, the domain is the same but the IP is different. the error message say I should use the "ignore sign option" but I cant find any info. Anyone know what it is.?

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If you don't have anything else to do then unpack a backup and install it on a new server. I promise that time will fly away. Anyway, the shop is up again even if it seem that the new IP is a little shaky yet in the DNS around the world. But is will hopefully be OK tomorrow

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