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Updating prices and stock via export SQL + CSV import


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Hello. I read in forums that it is possible to keep prices and stock updated via CSV import.

The ERP's DB with the prices is very old and cannot make queries, so I export a listing, and after some bash magic I have a .csv prepared for import in TB, with real shop ID numbers (I use reference numbers to compare)

With the same IDs as the shop, I choose 'Force ID numbers'. I can update, it works fine. But:

I've figured out that if Description is empty, it deletes the old description. If the name is empty, it fails with 'name cannot be emtpy'.

I would expect it to update the field if it has a value, and make nothing if it hasn't any, but not to empty it. Is it possible? It would make preparation of the import CSV much easier, as it would be done just with ID, price and stock columns.


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