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  1. In templates files you can do: {if $page_name=='product'} blabla {else} otherblabla {/if}
  2. Hello. I don't know about those errors because I just edited custom CSS and template files of Niara theme. But I wanted to write that there is this modded community theme too, that you could want to see to start your modifications: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/4011-community-theme-modded/ There are some mods in the forum too, like '3 step checkout' thread, or search with product images. These are not modules, but changes you have to do. Good luck!
  3. In addition, I learned yesterday that the path of categories that shows upper left in products' page has to do with 'default category'. If I choose as default category the last one, the whole path shows, like 'start' 'cameras' 'digital' 'this_camera'. If I set another as default, it showed only 'start' 'camera' 'this_camera'. You can find default categories in the same Backoffice page.
  4. What about server user? Is it the same that before upgrading? Can you log in via ssh? You can try creating a folder there, or just 'touch filetest' to try creating a new file.
  5. Hi! I realized that with our changes the real address is never showed, except if you need to use different addresses. I change the template to make the address and city show with the name of the address Now the dropdown shows "My address: street 1341 (city)" of each address. in theme/niara/order-address.tpl I changed what is in between <option> and </option> <option value="{$address.id_address|intval}"{if $address.id_address == $cart->id_address_delivery} selected="selected"{/if}> {$address.alias|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}: {$address.address1|escape:'html':'UTF-8'} ({$address.city|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}) </option> Bye!
  6. Hello. If you do have to do it with combinations, you can create the combinations from CSV importing. With libreoffice Calc (or excel, for the case), you can write 1.1 1.2 1.3, select all and then drag down until 20 (it adds 0.1 in each row). Then you have to add :0. :1, for the position. I send you a file. In weight you can add the same amount for each step, and the price makes jumps too. combinations-length.csv
  7. Wartin

    Checkout broken

    What version are you using? Maybe it's fixed in 1.1.x. It's called bleeding edge but most of us are using that version.
  8. Did you import those using CSV? When working with combinations, there is a REF number that is not products', but the combination reference number. In order to make it work, you have to chose a different number for EACH combination, like TSHIRTWHITE and TSHIRTBLACK.
  9. I had that problem too. There are some templates that are not in /es/ directory. I had to copy some files as someone said there. Good luck
  10. Well, you could try this, it worked :) Go to /theme/niara/order-address.tpl (or your themes' tpl) where the checkbox is and add data-toggle and data-target like this: <input type="checkbox" name="same" data-toggle="collapse" data-target="#addresses" id="addressesAreEquals" value="1"{if $cart->id_address_invoice == $cart->id_address_delivery || $addresses|@count == 1} checked="checked"{/if}> Now go to the div class="row" (it was line number 58 here) and change it to: <div id="addresses" class="row collapse"> Now the addresses start collapsed, but if you *unselect* "use the same address..." it magically appears. Too much work for a Sunday :) Have a nice day, buen fin de semana ;)
  11. Hello, I had that same issue. Check mod security in cPanel if it's a shared hosting. https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/4115-403-forbidden-when-translating-email-templates/?do=findComment&comment=36270
  12. This could be a good one! As if it's marked, is not needed to show both addresses below. If you want to try, when you check the box there is an javascript event. There you could write this 'display:none' to that <div class="row"> where the addresses are. You will have to put it an ID, as if you click again you have to toggle display to unset.
  13. Hi, I'm still trying to change these buttons. Do you see the same browser button in Niara? I saw others themes that show a nice button with custom text. Thanks!
  14. Oh, I see, it must be the advertising I suppose it appears in the admin of the module. There are two functions that call somewhere else, to facebook and a banner. Bye!
  15. You can try to see if there is a niara folder inside /themes. If there is, maybe you can rename it to niara-off and upload a full brand new /themes/niara directory from the thirtybees zip full instalation package, using FTP. If you don't have a backup, before trying anything else, just pack the whole TB instalation in a zip and download it.
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