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  1. In theory every theme that works in PS 1.6 should work in TB. Did you add the currency under Localization in backoffice? PS: welcome :)
  2. Pensaba que tal vez al entrar con el navegador en otro idioma elige el idioma que corresponde. Pero no uso multi idioma, no estoy seguro.
  3. Hola, Antonio! Unas preguntas, tenés la tienda con varios idiomas (en Localización -> Idiomas)? El enlace que querés poner en el Top menú es a algún producto? Saludos!
  4. Helo! After reading your comment I searched for a module. There is a free module and found a paid one too. Is this the same you used in Prestashop? https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/1011838-free-module-out-of-stock-combination-change-ps-16-ps-17/ edit: I tried that free module and it works OK in TB. Just commented some lines as a comment suggests, in order to prevent an error. Anyway, it would be a great out of the box feature.
  5. Hello! This is about combinations. Imagine you have a product with different colors. Then you have selected one as a default. But that color reach quantity 0. Then, in product's page, the 'add to cart' button is not shown anymore, but you do have more colors of the same product to sell. It would be nice that TB selected another combination (in this case color) as default, in order to not show a product without a 'add to cart' button.
  6. You could start disabling some modules, one by one, to see if this a module problem. I wrote that before watching the video. Pretty weird indeed... you can finish the sale and **then** could not enter to any other page until you delete your cookies? Is it the same with some other computer/cellphone/OS/browser?
  7. Wartin


    Can you at least enter to your matomo installation? the problem is that your visits don't get listed? In 'source code' you see the matomo code? maybe you could try removing the code in your footer and install matomo module in TB
  8. Wartin


    Hi, Andy. Does it works stand alone? I mean, directly entering to Matomo (ie: your-domain.com/matomo)
  9. Wartin

    Multiple choice

    When you start using something it's pretty normal you won't do everything that you want to do in just a couple of hours. Just be patient. I think you're not entering the product's page, that's where it will show you the combinations. I have disabled shop button in products with combinations, so the user has to click in the item and go to it's page. It's a setting in the shop.
  10. Hola. Sí, hay algunas cosas que no se pueden traducir porque no están bien las cadenas para que aparezcan en Traducción. El 'what others love most' está en el archivo /themes/niara/modules/blockbestsellers/blockbestsellers.tpl Yo lo cambié así para que diga "Lo que más aman todos": <h2><span class="tm-over">{l s='What others' mod='blockbestsellers'} <span>{l s='love' mod='blockbestsellers'}</span> {l s='most' mod='blockbestsellers'}</span> </h2> Luego de hacer esto, tendrás que ir a Traducciones, módulos, y buscar el módulo blockbestsellers. Ahi aparecerán las tres cadenas. El del blog posiblemente esté en este o alguno de ese directorio: /themes/niara/modules/ beesblogpopularposts/views/templates/hooks/home.tpl Si estás en una terminal de linux, podés buscar así: grep -Hr Popular Eso buscará la palabra Popular dentro de todos los directorios, recursivamente desde donde estés.
  11. Hi. I think you have to change order-address.js in your theme. I'm not sure if this is the way to go or is preferable to add custom javascript. In order to see more information like in the screenshot above you have to right click the element and then choose 'Inspect element'. Good luck!
  12. The checkbox is "use the same address" so it should hide the repeating address. But If you see, this bug also affects the opposite (check the video how marking the checkbox each time makes the opposite. It only matter what was last settting, not if was marked or unmarked) You could change that behavior changing the javascript function. Here is how to make it, in three different ways: https://www.tutorialsrack.com/articles/403/how-to-show-and-hide-div-on-checkbox-check-or-uncheck-using-jquery-or-javascript
  13. I didn't see your video, sorry. But are you using OPC? there are two different tpls, maybe it's changing to the other (with or without opc)
  14. Here it seems to be working well, if the checkbox is marked it shows two addresses, if it's not, it shows only one. No matter if I go to the third step and then go back. But i'm not using toplakd version, I made some changes for niara (i uploaded the .zip in the same thread)
  15. Wartin


    Hello, I'm not using the last version. Are you using TB's Matomo module? it adds the code before </body> and </footer>
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