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  1. Hola. Quisiera saber si pudieron traducir los botones que hay para subir archivos, tanto en el formulario de contacto como en la Personalización de productos. Estoy usando Niara, se ve así (toque'el css para q por lo menos el botón que dice 'Browse...' aparezca centrado verticalmente. Saludos y gracias.
  2. Hello. Maybe you can add those events in Preferences -> Custom Code -> JS? as the code needs to be loaded in every page, it could work...
  3. Hello. I'm trying to change the text that appears in buttons to browse for files, for example in Customization files and in Contact form. It says 'Browse...' and 'no file selected'. In translations I see those strings, and they are translated. I centered the button using CSS, because it didn't fit the square before that. I'm using Niara. Thanks!
  4. Hello. I'm using Niara Theme, TB version 1.1.x. When I place an order I receive the email, but in the details there is nothing. Looking inside order_conf.html and .txt it says it's supposed to show {products} and {products_txt}. But this is email's source, txt part: CANTIDAD PRECIO TOTAL =20 = =20 PRODUCTOS=20 In html's part of the source: =09=09=09=09<tr> =09=09=09=09=09<td colspan=3D"5" sty= le=3D"border:1px solid #D6D4D4;text-align:center;color:#777;padding:7px 0">= =09=09=09=09=09=09&nbsp;&nbsp;=20 =09=09=09=09=09</td> =09=09=09=09</t= r> =09=09=09=09<tr> =09=09=09=09=09<td colspan=3D"5" style=3D"border:1p= x solid #D6D4D4;text-align:center;color:#777;padding:7px 0"> =09=09=09=09= =09=09&nbsp;&nbsp; =09=09=09=09=09</td> =09=09=09=09</tr> Any Ideas? Thank you in advance.
  5. Lo sospeché... Podés buscar algún tema que haga lo que vos querés. Hay una cantidad importante, aunque no son gratis. En teoría todos los temas y módulos de Prestashop 1.6 funcionan en ThirtyBees. Por el tema del covid19 hay un sitio que está ofreciendo módulos y temas gratis para PS 1.6. En gral algunos problemas tienen para instalar, pero puede ser que alguno te sirva, te paso el enlace: https://module-presta.com/ Saludos!
  6. I think that you can assign another category using prestools, if you are using it. Just select 'category' as editable, and then use mass editor to add the new category (after creating it from backoffice). If you don't write anything and press search you will edit every product in the database.
  7. I'm not sure how to do it, because "Price tax excluded or Price tax included " seems a little ambiguous. There is Wholesale price too. Maybe it has something to do with tax ID, but those are the different Taxes you can create from product's page. In my case I have prices with taxes. I tried to use 0 in 'Tax ID', and that's 0% tax, then the price with tax is the same as without... I'm still trying to give the price with tax included and let it calculate the price without tax.
  8. oops, thanks for the fast reply, led24ee. As I have one testsite... I was uploading the file to the other site *ashamed* For others reference, I'll write how to do it, I found a lot of forums talking about this particular task. 1) upload images to someplace in the server. You can do it with FTP, SCP, whatever you use. You can use the directory 'upload' in your store's root directory. 2) in the CSV (I found it easier to use Libreoffice's .ods format*), column "Image URLs (x, y, z)" you have to put the URL to the image, for example https://mysite/upload/mynewpicture.jpg 3) In the backoffice go to admin -> Advance parameters -> CSV import. There choose 'Products', and upload the file. If you want to, you can copy the .ODS (or CSV) file to your /admin<letters-and-numbers>/import directory and choose to see the files (Choose from history/FTP button) 4) In the next step you can see if there is match between your file and what TB expects. If everything is OK, you can Import. You can download a test file from the same backoffice page. But here's mine, I edited the first row because some columns were read as several (for example image urls (x,y,z) were 4 columns, as it uses ',') Product ID;Active (0/1);Name *;Categories (x, y, z);Price tax excluded or Price tax included;Tax rules ID;Wholesale price;On sale (0/1);Discount amount;Discount percent;Discount from (yyyy-mm-dd);Discount to (yyyy-mm-dd);Reference #;Supplier reference #;Supplier;Manufacturer;EAN13;UPC;Ecotax;Width;Height;Depth;Weight;Quantity;Minimal quantity;Visibility;Additional shipping cost;Unity;Unit price;Short description;Description;Tags (x, y, z);Meta title;Meta keywords;Meta description;URL rewritten;Text when in stock;Text when backorder allowed;Available for order (0 = No, 1 = Yes);Product available date;Product creation date;Show price (0 = No 1 = Yes) ;Image URLs (x, y, z);Delete existing images (0 = No 1 = Yes) ;Feature(Name:Value:Position);Available online only (0 = No 1=Yes);Condition;Customizable (0 = No 1=yes);Uploadable files (0 = No 1=Yes);Text fields (0 = No 1=Yes);Out of stock;ID / Name of shop;Advanced stock management;Depends On Stock;Warehouse *Important: Libreoffice tries to make the URL clickable, be sure that the URL is just plain text If you have subcategories you have to write in the 4th column, for example: Root; Coffe and tea; Coffe in order to make them appear in those category pages. If you are trying to use CVS import to update prices or change some value, you have to check 'Force all ID numbers', and you should write, in the first column, the ID number of each product you want to overwrite. Well, good luck ;)
  9. Hello. I'm trying to import from CSV products with their images. I don't know how to do it. I tried uploading files to the server and referencing them in the CSV (not really that format, but .ods). I tried local references and full URL value, with the same result (in en: error copying image: da.jpg) : Some errors were detected. Please check the details: Error durante la copia de la imagen: tienda/baterias.jpg What am I missing? Thanks!
  10. Sure, Veganline already did it: I think it uses the same method you posted in your link About AJAX, ajax uses javascript. See here: https://www.w3schools.com/xml/ajax_intro.asp
  11. Hola! Me parece que no vas a poder hacerlo fácilmente. Tendrías que buscar qué parte del archivo del theme q estás usando muestra esto (es product.tpl): <div id="attributes"> <fieldset class="attribute_fieldset form-group"> <label class="attribute_label">Color&nbsp;</label> <div class="attribute_list"> <ul id="color_to_pick_list"> ... Y ver cómo lo agregás al módulo que muestra los productos en la página principal. Tal vez haya algún módulo que muestre los atributos en la página principal, pero no conozco. Saludos!
  12. It's not the same, but you could modify product's template to change where custom fields appear. But yes, you will need to save (there is a thread in the forum on autosaving, but I didn't try it) boa sorte :)
  13. You can add Personalized fields. There are image and text types of personalized attributes under Catalog->Products. Oh, those are for the customers to fill...
  14. It's really annoying, several times it un-translates some of the strings. Specially NEW and REDUCED PRICE (the whole product-list-item just becamed blank). In a new TB there are 0 non translated strings (Spanish). After using TB for a couple of weeks I have like 250 in front office and 490 in modules. FEATURE REQUEST: it would be really nice to import from a file but just non-translated strings.
  15. Hello, I tried this in just installed TB in Android and iOS. 1) create a product with one file and one text custom fields 2) go to product's page, upload a file, write some text 3) click on Save. What's expected: the same page with attributes saved What happen: just a white page
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