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Template maganer - product-wide Images not showing


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Hello guys,
It's my first topic so I'm not sure if this should be here or "Theme help" thread.

The issue: I want to use product-wide template for some products but it was disabled by default on fresh install, so I enabled it but still wasn't working until I reseted the module. Then, I tested the demo product that was showed in the 1.1.0 preview "Honey" but got this page as result.

Big images are "there" somewhere broken, they display on click.
But why is it not showing the selected image?

- thirty bees 1.1.0 fresh local install (xampp)
- PHP version 7.4.9
- cleared cache
- regenerated images

I'll appreciate any help and hints, thanks!


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1 hour ago, SLiCK_303 said:

try updating to 1.1.x bleeding edge, via the Core Updater, see if that helps...

Also have another xampp install where I updated to bleeding edge, different table prefix and user database.
There I just reset parameters of Template Manager (despite being enabled, didn't show the template option tab in edit product page).

Sadly, same result when I choose "product-wide" as template

Thanks for your reply.

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